Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 552

Volume 1 Chapter 552 War 1

Haru had thought that the war would happen in a week or so, but he didn't expect that the army of the Revolutionary Army would arrive so soon.

However, he had prepared everything and he was also ready for the battle.

Haru was standing in front of his army on the wall that surrounded the Capital while facing a million soldiers from the Revolutionary Army. He sighed and wondered whether he really should massacre the millions of lives in front of him. Even though he had tried to steal himself, he thought that he had massacred a million people.


'As expected, it's hard.' Haru thought, but he didn't show it on his expression. He still maintained his cold expression and didn't even show fear in front of them. He was the Emperor of the Empire and needed to show his spirit in front of his soldiers to win this battle.

Haru was only a normal person a few months ago and he felt that he would change when he kept killing someone indiscriminately.

However, at the same time, he knew that he couldn't be so soft toward the enemy or else he would be the one who paid the price.

Kill or be killed.

Everyone in this war was prepared to lose their lives to win this war.

Najenda as the commander and also high ranking soldier in the Revolutionary Army stood up in front of the armies and looked at Haru. "Kasugano Haruka, give up the throne and we won't do anything to you!" She thought to use a negotiation since she also wanted to avoid a war and lost a lot of lives.

Haru frowned when he heard Najenda's words. He didn't expect that this woman wanted him to give up. It was another thing if he was the one who would give the throne to them, but it was different when he was being told so. "Don't ask something useless."

Najenda frowned and said out loud, "You're going to be like this? You're to be an ignorant king until the end?" She looked at the armies behind Haru and said, "Before Kasugano Haruka was a king, he was a bastard who was using General Esdeath's name to gain an opportunity to become an official in the Capital...."

Najenda shouted the crime that had been done by Haru to shake the heart of the army behind Haru, so she could reduce the casualties of the Revolutionary Army.

"STOP! YOU TRAITOR OF THE EMPIRE!!!" Chouri, who was the current Prime Minister of the Empire, shouted angrily and hurriedly stopped Najenda at the same time.

Although he had to admit that he didn't agree with the way of Haru to ascend to the throne and became a king since Haru had killed Honest, Little Emperor, and General Budo, he knew that Haru was a good Emperor. He had heard a lot of his policies and even though it seemed quite strange. It also made the Empire prosper while also making everyone in the Empire live happily.

Chouri was sure that Haru could become a good Emperor and also his daughter was quite close to Haru. He had been always worried about his daughter who was more interested in martial arts to not marry a man.

However, his daughter had shown an interest in Haru and he knew that there was a chance for both of them to marry each other.

"No matter how much you say, you can't change the fact that you're only a traitor of the Empire that wants to steal the current government," Chouri shouted.

The Empire is good under Haru's rule and why should the Revolutionary Army continue with this war?

Tatsumi couldn't bear it anymore and yelled back, "Kasugano, let go of everyone!"

"My sister won't follow you back," Kurome answered and looked at Tatsumi with an intent to kill. She was very happy in the past few days when she was living with her sisters, especially when both of them were eating the foods that were made by Haru. She didn't want to lose those happy days and would stop them no matter what.

The two sides couldn't find the middle line between the two of them and knew that the war was inevitable.

Najenda waved her hand and ordered the army to charge her.

Tatsumi was beside Najenda and asked, "Shouldn't we use a long-range weapon?" He was quite puzzled as to why they should fight in close range combat.

"The other side has a Teigu." Najenda didn't turn and looked at Run who was flying in the sky. "That Teigu wings have the ability to reflect on any long-range attack."

Tatsumi knew that it was a very bad situation when their group would be attacked by their own long-range attack and looked at the battle.

The frontline troops had begun to charge, one by one, the Revolutionary Army was full of momentum pushing forward toward the Capital breaking the gate forcefully.

The long-range weapon was useless, and they could only use the most primitive way to siege.

Bols held his Teigu and shot out a wave of flames that couldn't be extinguished, drawing a line of fire in a frontline battle and directly blocking the opponent's charge.

Rubicante was a very powerful Teigu for suppressing an army.

However, the number of armies of the Revolutionary Army was simply too huge to be stopped by Bols's fire alone.

Bols couldn't suppress them alone.

Kurome also supported Bols and used her Teigu to send out an army of the dead.

Light flashed, and several figures were summoned from the earth. Among these figures were humanoid and Danger Beasts. One of them was very huge and made everyone startled.

The huge figure was a giant dinosaur-like Danger Beast species.

Death Tagool.

Death Tagool stood up 10 meters high and opened its mouth wide. It gathered an enormous amount of energy in its mouth and created a large orb that was similar to a "Cerro" on Bleach or "Bijudama" in Naruto. It only took a few seconds before the orb was sent out to the army of the Revolutionary Army.


The huge energy blasted away the army that charged toward the Capital and made them disappear without a trace.

The army of the Revolutionary Army showed hesitation after they saw the power behind this monster. They didn't dare to charge since death made them afraid.

The power of Teigu was too powerful for them to fight.

The whole battle was in a quiet state after the attack of Death Tagool but in this quiet state, only the sound of the flute could be heard in everyone's ears.

The whistle of flute sounded like a cry of sadness making them felt depressed and lowering their morals.

"Military Music Dream: Scream!"