Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 553

Volume 1 Chapter 553 War 2

Whistle! Whistle!

In her early years, when Najenda was still General in the Empire. She had gone on an expedition together with Esdeath and she was familiar with this Teigu. She knew this voice was produced by Scream or the flute Teigu which was being used by one of the members of Three Beasts.

However, that flute was now in the hand of Haru.

When the melody of the flute sounded in the entire battlefield the army of the Revolutionary Army suddenly lost their desire for fighting, they lost their desire for a change, and their desire to build a better world. They felt very sleepy and only wanted to lay down on the ground to sleep right now.

Najenda knew that the situation was very unfavorable for the Revolutionary Army and she needed to do something. "Susanoo, use the Trump Card!"

Susanoo nodded solemnly with Najenda's order.

Susanoo was a biological Teigu and the first one shown in the form of a human being. It was fairly powerful, especially after it had used its Trump Card.

Magatama Manifestation.

Susanoo absorbs his user's life energy into the magatama on his chest to access a more powerful, armored form. While under the effects of Magatama Manifestation, his hair whitens, his horns turn black, and a disk appears on his back. It also has three new abilities such as Yata no Kagami, Ame no Murakumo, and Yasakani no Magatama.

Haru frowned when he looked at Susanoo since he knew that this Teigu was very powerful since it could almost defeat Esdeath in the story, especially Susanoo's skill which was known as Ame no Murakumo.

If he wasn't wrong it should be an ability that was able him to create a sword that could destroy the defense of Esdeath.

Susanoo, who had used its Trump Card, seemed to be several more powerful and looked at Haru's direction.

"Leave it to me!" Wave stood up and shouted while swinging his short black sword, "Grand Chariot!" His body was covered in steel black armor and leaped forward to Susanoo to stop him. He hadn't done anything earlier and this time he wanted to show his power in front of everyone.

However, it was clear that Wave had chosen the wrong opponent. When he rushed toward Susanoo, he was being blown away by Susanoo and turned into a small black spot in the sky.

Wave felt very embarrassed and didn't want to go back to the battlefield for a while.

Haru couldn't help but slap his forehead when he saw Wave's action. He knew that Wave had a lot of comedic scenes, but didn't expect them to happen right now.

Susanoo, who had thrown away Wave, charged again toward Haru who was playing with his flute. He was floating and moving very fast after this transformation.

Haru knew that Susanoo was quite difficult to deal with since it was a Teigu. If it was a human then it was possible to defeat it with the power of "Horo Horo no Mi". He looked at Susanoo and thought for a while before grabbing his Shambala and decided to teleport it to the remote island in the southeast since the existence of Susanoo was very annoying.

Their distance was very close and they were ready to start their battle, but suddenly they felt a coldness that was so cold that it penetrated into their bone marrow.

Their eyes of everyone hurriedly turned in the direction of the source of this coldness.

Thousands of soldiers were turned into an ice sculpture in an instant, but their attention was fully focussed on the figure who was floating on the sky on the top of the ice.

Her eyes were full of domineering and hostility while smiling.

Her smile scared countless people in an instant and no one dared to move.

The one who possessed such an ability was naturally the bravest and the strongest General in the former Empire, Esdeath. (Not in his current Empire).

Under her figure, there were countless ice soldiers that were made using her power and that seemed ready to participate in this battle.

Susanoo stopped his movement and hurriedly went back to the Revolutionary Army's side.

The existence of Esdeath was similar to a million armies and she could rewrite the entire battle by herself.

Susanoo knew that he must protect Najenda at this time since Esdeath was their enemy.

"General Esdeath! It's great that you're fine!" Haru tried to be as polite as possible in this situation and smiled. "I have been very worried about you all these days." He had almost forgotten about Esdeath and he really wanted to teleport Esdeath back to the remote island again.

However, he knew that the possibility was close to zero and if he really did that then Esdeath would really become his enemy. He also wasn't sure whether Esdeath was really his enemy or not and he looked at Esdeath once again and thought it would be wonderful to have her as wife at this moment.


Esdeath was silent when she looked at Haru's smile, but then she smiled and said, "You should worry about yourself." She had to admit that Haru's smile was really good.


Haru was speechless.

Esdeath looked at Haru and said in a chuckle, "This time, I won't kill you, but I will destroy your dignity, slap you, and make you submit to me." She would make him pay after using her name first.

Najenda, who heard Esdeath's words, sighed in relief since she had confirmed that Haru and Esdeath were enemies.

Haru sighed at that moment. 'Sure enough...'

Esdeath looked at Haru and asked, "I have wanted to ask you a question...."

"Finally! My fashion is here!!!"

A voice interrupted Esdeath, and then suddenly an unrecognizable Danger Beast appeared in the sky.

This Danger Beast transformed itself into the sky and turned into a beast with a height more than 100 meters and dropped from the sky.


The huge shock wave brought a lot of people to the ground.

"RAWWRRRRR!!!!" The beast didn't turn toward the Revolutionary Army but turned toward the Capital.

"Reinforcement?" Haru raised his eyebrow while looking at the creature in front of him. He recognized it immediately at one glance.

The appearance of this huge creature was similar to a Tatsumi who had combined with Incursio in the story.

Esdeath squinted her eyes and sneered. She was very unhappy when this creature interrupted her.

This creature was also looking at Esdeath since her figure was very dazzling in the middle of this battlefield since she was surrounded by soldiers who were made from ice.

"Esdeath..." Dr. Stylish's voice came from this creature. "You're here too? That's good! Last time, you couldn't see my fashion! This time, I'm going to make you see my fashion!"

Hearing this voice, Haru knew the identity of the huge creature in front of him.

Dr. Stylish.

The mad scientist who has deep research on Danger Beast, but his research had been wiped out by Esdeath before. However, this time Dr. Stylish had come back with a more stylish monster.

Haru sighed in relief since he knew that Dr. Stylish wasn't the Revolutionary Army's reinforcement and it seemed that Dr. Stylish was more interested in Esdeath than him. He was inside the wall and he didn't need to be worried about being caught up in their battle. He could let them tire themselves before ending the battle himself.

"Well, that's what I want to say, but why don't we join each other and attack this new Emperor?" Dr. Stylish looked at Haru.