Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 554

Volume 1 Chapter 554 War 3


Haru cursed inwardly when he heard Dr. Stylish's words. He looked at Najenda and Dr. Stylish and couldn't help but curse them directly.

In the present situation, the three forces were fighting each other outside of the city and Haru was waiting for a chance to clean up the battlefield after they were tired of fighting each other.

Truth be told, Haru had created a lot of enemies for himself. For example, Esdeath, who was very angry at him for using her name as her fake husband to get an opportunity to enter the government in the Empire. He wasn't sure about Esdeath's feelings right now, but he was sure 100% that she had regarded him as an enemy.

His other enemies were the millions of people from the Revolutionary Army on the battlefield. If he was in the opposite party, he was sure that he couldn't accept someone who suddenly stole the Empire from Honest and the Little Emperor so suddenly and that was why he wasn't that surprised when they wanted war from him, but he knew that he needed to solve this problem as soon as possible to consolidate his authority.

The last was Dr. Stylish, who he wanted to arrest before.

Najenda and Dr. Stylish had cooperated with each other to end him.

Esdeath didn't say anything and didn't express her position in this battle, but her default answer didn't really matter to Najenda and Dr. Stylish since both of them could see that Esdeath wouldn't help Haru.

"Let me destroy this wall to show you the power of fashion first!"

Dr. Stylish started to manipulate the giant creature, making it walk toward the direction of the wall to destroy it.

Kurome, who saw Dr. Stylish's creature, also manipulated her Death Tagool and condensed energy into an orb at the mouth of the Death Tagool, then shot it out toward Dr. Stylish, who was moving toward the wall of the Capital.

Dr. Stylish manipulated the huge creature and clenched the huge first slamming the orb of energy that was shot by Death Tagool

The orb which was slammed destroyed and created a huge force that caused a huge storm that decimated the soldier of the Revolutionary Army who was charging toward the wall.

This huge creature was the best masterpiece created by Dr. Stylish and it was comparable to one of the strongest Danger Beasts in the world.

Death Tagool was also a strong Danger Beast, but it couldn't be compared to the huge creature that was made by Dr. Stylish. There was still a gap of power between them.

Inside the body of the huge creature, Dr. Stylish was completely fearless in this battle and Kurome's Death Tagool didn't possess a threat toward him. He started to fight with Death Tagool, but it wouldn't take him a long time to defeat it before he destroyed the wall of the Capital.

Haru started at Dr. Stylish for a while then suddenly he moved very fast toward the battlefield. He felt that Dr. Stylish was too dangerous for the Empire and he had decided to use the power of Shambala to exile him.

Haru had used Shambala for a while and knew that there was a coordinate of teleport to outer space.

Dr. Stylish was too dangerous for everyone in this world and it was better to send him out to outer space exiled him from this planet.


A loud yell sounded on the battlefield, then a sharp arrow was shot at Haru.

Haru was wondering which idiot would scream his name when they wanted to kill him. He had his observation haki and could evade this arrow easily. He avoided this arrow and continued to move forward.

However, as the arrow passed suddenly it changed its direction and chased after Haru again.

"L'Arc Qui Ne Faut, as long as I have said your name and you're within my range, then this arrow will follow you forever until your death!"

A man holding a low bow 20 meters away from him shouted while looking at Haru directly and seemed quite proud.

Haru raised his eyebrow and made his speed faster.


It was so sudden that Haru suddenly appeared in front of the man.

The man was so surprised and wanted to take out his arrow to shoot him out again.

However, Haru didn't let him and destroyed the Bow's Teigu directly and gave him a knee attack on his chin. 'For such a long name this Teigu's ability is surprisingly plain.' He thought about when he destroyed the L'Arc Qui Ne Faut.


The man flew far away from his horse and his chin was instantly broken by Haru's knee.

Haru had been using his observation haki and realized that there was a danger in the spot where he had attacked the man with Bow's Teigu and used his Shambala to teleport back to the wall of the Capital.

Light flashed and energy blasted away from the location where he was standing earlier. A deep hole was created by the power of that energy.

That energy attack was released by Susanoo in his Magatama Manifestation form. Of course, that attack could only be used for one time and it also drew huge life energy from Najenda.

Haru realized more that his power wasn't that strong enough for him to neglect all of the people in this world after seeing Susanoo's attack.

Dr. Stylish was walking over the wall of the Capital of the Empire. Each step of this huge creature could take a dozen feet and before long he had arrived right in front of the wall. The tall body covered the sun and the huge body shadow covered everyone in the Capital, especially the soldiers on the top of the wall since their distance was very close to this huge creature.

The pressure brought by this huge creature was very powerful. On top of the war, there were many people whose legs were trembling over and couldn't stand up. Looking at Dr. Stylish in front of them, they thought that it was the end of the world.

Haru's figure disappeared once again and appeared on the top of Dr. Stylish.

"Dimensional Formation Shambhala!"

Haru's ability to use Shambhala opened a huge portal above Dr. Stylish's head.


Dr. Stylish tried to struggle, but space started to distort and a huge power caused a twist within the portal.

Haru saw the figure of Dr. Stylish, who had failed to escape from the portal and was teleported away to outer space.

The disappearance of Dr. Stylish caused a shock on the battlefield.

Haru, who had fallen from 100 meters high, landed smoothly without any problem.

The soldiers of the Empire who saw the strong momentum of Dr. Stylish had their morale declined to the extreme, but they saw the situation suddenly reversed when Haru made Dr. Stylish disappear from the battlefield their moral rose to the limit and they were in a state of excitement.

The spear on their hands was facing the sky and they shouted loudly at the same time.