Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 555

Volume 1 Chapter 555 War 4

Compared to the high morale of the Empire's soldiers, the morale of the Revolutionary Army who was led by Najenda had suffered a major blow.

Even a giant monster like Dr. Stylish had been defeated by Haru, what is their odds to win this war?

Haru looked at the soldier who was cheering and felt his palm was hot. He looked at Shambhala and knew that he couldn't use it again for a while.

Using such a powerful and large portal would overload the Shambhala directly and make it unable to be used for a while.

Haru forgot that Teigu had its own limit and Shambhala which had overload couldn't be used for a while.

Haru wasn't sure whether Dr. Stylish could come back or not after he had teleported him to outer space, but when he thought about Incursio's ability.


Haru sighed and thought that Dr. Stylish would come back once again later since Incursio had an evolving ability. That Teigu would evolve continuously until the life of Dr. Stylish was saved, but that was alright since he had the confidence to end the life of that huge creature.

With the disappearance of Dr. Stylish, Haru put his attention to Esdeath.

Even though the Revolumary Army had a million soldiers, in terms of threat, they were far less than Esdeath.

"General Esdeath, are you still the general of the Empire?" Haru asked.

"Meaningless question."

Esdeath closed her eyes slightly and said, "Empire has changed, does it matter if I'm a general of the Empire? I'm not here for the Empire, but for myself." She shouted loudly and opened her eyes while looking at Haru.

"Here, there is a fight, and I, enjoy the fight!" Esdeath looked fiercely at Haru and said, "And I have also enjoyed trampling the dignity of the new Emperor." She had been standing on the ground and looked at him while crossing her arms.

"So you have decided to become my enemy?" Haru said helplessly. He had to admit that he liked Esdeath's personality a bit even though she was sadistic, cruel, and domineering, but this woman could also show a warm expression.

Haru was very interested in Esdeath and because of this, he didn't want to reach a point where there was no turning back between the two of them.

If Honest's Teigu could be used then he would use it directly, but he couldn't use it since it could only be used for once a week and the war had just happened just one day before the recovery.

Haru couldn't help but feel that his luck had been very bad lately. Once he had a battle against Esdeath, this would undoubtedly turn into a hard fight. He wasn't going to underestimate Esdeath since Esdeath also had a Trump Card which allowed her to stop time for a while.

"It was you who decided to be my enemy at the beginning!" Esdeath said coldly, her hair fluttering because of the strong wind.

The Military Music Dream Scream was still played slowly. After this Teigu was used for a while, the Revolutionary Army had no intention to continue to fight and even some of the Revolutionary Army fell directly to the ground and began to sleep.

It was a good thing since Haru didn't need to worry about the Revolutionary Army who was going to attack the wall of the Capital when he was fighting against Esdeath.

Haru looked at Esdeath and knew that their battle would be inevitable. However, he didn't intend to use all of his power until he was forced. He took out the Spectator from his zipper and placed it on his forehead.

Esdeath frowned and said, "You haven't listened to me." She had told him to use his everything during the battle, but here she saw him take out one of his Teigu on the battlefield.

"Anyway, I know that you're going to wait for me," Haru said and held a knife in his right hand.

"There is no second chance," Esdeath said while holding her sword.

"I don't need a second chance," Haru said.

They looked at each other before charging toward each other.


The Wild Hunt that came to the battlefield following Dr. Stylish saw the current situation and wanted to run away since Dr. Stylish had been exiled to outer space. The battle of Esdeath and Haru would also be certain to turn into a big scene.

That was why they had decided to run away to avoid being affected. They only wanted to have fun and they didn't have an intention to die in this battle.

However, when they wanted to run away, suddenly they were surrounded by a lot of people.

"Long time no see."

Bulat, Tatsumi, and Lubbock, who had led the Revolutionary Army, had surrounded the Wild Hunt when they wanted to run away. They knew that the situation was bad, but it wasn't that bad to the point that they would give up this war.

"To deal with Teigu's users, you must also be a Teigu's user. Right now, the gate of the Capital can't be attacked and it is exactly a time for all you, the Teigu's user to attack." Lubbock looked at them and asked, "What do you think? Do you want to go?"

The Revolutionary Army looked at them in fierce expression, staring at the Wild Hunt group ready to attack depending on their answer.

The dense encirclement wasn't something that few of them could breakthrough, but if they didn't leave, the Revolutionary Army would force them to attack the Capital joining the Revolutionary Army group to defeat the current Emperor.

They were caught in a dilemma and weren't sure how to answer for a while.


Suddenly they heard a loud sound coming from the battle between Haru and Esdeath.