Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 556

Volume 1 Chapter 556 War 5

Knife and sword met each other, clashing with each other, creating a spark between their intense confrontation.

After Haru and Esdeath fought each other, they jumped backward ready for their battle once again.

"Spectator! Illusion Sight!"

Haru used the power of Spectator and cast an illusion that brought the target to their most precious person and showed them before their eyes.

However, Esdeath, who had been cast by this illusion, didn't even blink her eyes to slay her sword at Haru.

There wasn't any hesitation on Esdeath and she sent out numerous large icicles at Haru.

Baam! Baam! Baam!

Haru used his knife to destroy the icicles that were sent by Esdeath.

Esdeath jumped backward once again and created a distance between the two of them.

"Don't use such a trick on me." Esdeath laughed and said, "In my eyes, the most important person in this world is you! And I want to knock you down, torture you, put your neck with a chain, and place a mark on your body to show that you're mine!"

The Spectator didn't work on Esdeath. No, it should be said that it was working on Esdeath, but the vision didn't change since the most important person for Esdeath was him.

It seemed quite a strange explanation, but in conclusion, Spectator didn't work on Esdeath.

Haru narrowed his eyes and was quite annoyed by Esdeath. Even though he liked her, it didn't mean that he loved being treated like this.

"Very good, Esdeath! I'll also knock you down! After that, I'll prepare a whip and candle when I catch you! You like to be Queen?! I'll make you into my slave! You're sadistic? I'll make you into a masochist! Let's fight each other now!"

Although Haru didn't know much about that kind of play. However, he could learn it later and his knowledge about masochist and sadistic play was only limited to whip, candle, rope, and some slap on the butts. He didn't have that much of hobby, but if it could change Esdeath into submissive type then he learned it.

"Very good!" Esdeath didn't show anger at Haru's provocation, but said with interest and smile, "Then, let's compete and see who can be tamed!" She jumped to the sky and created a blade of ice around her surroundings and manipulated it to attack Haru.

Haru hadn't used his power other than his knife play along with observation haki. He didn't use his light magic, gravity magic, pleasure magic, or the power of 'Horo Horo no Mi' in this battle since he wanted to keep it for a Trump Card.

Haru moved forward to escape from the blade of ice that was created by Esdeath.

However, suddenly there was another attack that was moving toward him.

Haru raised his eyebrow since this attack didn't come from Esdeath, but from someone else.

Ultrasonic waves along with aerial blades moved together with an intent to kill him.

'Wild Hunt...'

Haru frowned when he saw those two attacks and knew that those two attacks were made from the Teigu of the Wild Hunt's member.


The one who attacked him was Cosmina and Enshin.

Cosmina was a young woman with a bob-style haircut and bunny ear accessories on her head.

Enshin was a lean, muscular man with black hair styled in a triangular bob-like cut and small light-colored eyes. He was a former pirate ranging in the eastern seas until he was picked up by Syura during his travels to join Wild Hunt due to his talents of swordsmanship.

Under the threat of the Revolutionary Army, they were forced helplessly to attack the Capital and sent to attack the Teigu's user in the Capital.

However, they had decided to attack Haru when they saw Haru who was fighting against Esdeath.

Cosmina and Enshin sent out their attack at Haru together with the army of the Revolutionary Army.

It was just that neither of them realized that this attack had caused a big trouble for them and instantly offended the two strongest people in this place.


Haru dodged their attack easily without any trouble then looked at the group of people along with Cosmina and Enshin who wanted to kill him.

Esdeath frowned and said, "This is the battle between two of us, you two are going to die after disturbing our battle!" She didn't say anything else and really did what she had said earlier. She created a large block of ice dropping it right on top of people that had disturbed her battle.

Few people jumped and dodged quickly, but the majority of them couldn't escape and were crushed by a block of ice becoming mincemeat.

Haru also wasn't going to give them mercy and killing them with his knife moving very fast slashing their necks in an instant.

Enshin, who was being slashed by Haru, tried to stop the bleed on his neck, but the wound was too big. "H - Help me...." Blood continuously came out from his neck, but in the end, he died in a pitiful manner.

Haru's speed was too fast and on the battlefield, one by one people had fallen down on the ground while trying to cover their necks.

Most of them tried to struggle, but they couldn't do anything against the attack of both Esdeath and Haru.

Cosmina was crying when she saw the power of Esdeath and Haru."Don't kill me! Don't kill me! I can do anything for you! I can do anything in bed..." She didn't have time to finish her words before she was frozen by Esdeath.

Esdeath had also killed another female member of Wild Hunt who was very proficient in alchemy with her ice.

Haru was fighting against the Wild Hunt's member who was using a katana.

The man seemed confident in his swordsmanship when he was facing Haru.

However, Haru's speed and power were bigger than his. Haru destroyed the man's katana and stabbed his knife right into his head killing him instantly.

It was quite ironic when this man was killed with something that he believed was stronger than Haru.

In the end, the surprise attack of Wild Hunt and the Revolutionary Army failed in the hands of both Haru and Esdeath.

The commanders of the Revolutionary Army hurriedly stopped their attack since they didn't want their soldiers to die needlessly.

"No one will stop the fight between us!"

Esdeath looked at Haru and said, "At this moment, right here, both of us will decide who is the master and the slave!


I know that you're all impatient and want to see that this arc to over or see Haru uses a "pleasure magic" or "meteor" to end the war, but please bear with me...

When I'm making this arc, I have been thinking if I use a "meteor" or "pleasure magic" right away then Haru is going to rule this country with force and power rather than using his mind. It might be too brainless somehow...

I don't want Haru to become a killer who doesn't care about human life and it doesn't match his identity who was only a normal reincarnator a few months ago...

In some scenes, he might have killed some people, but he doesn't feel comfortable with it since his identity is harem protagonist, not a soldier or mercery who is full of blood.

He might kill, but not the innocent or the people who are forced by fate to join something that they don't want either.

It might be slow, but because of that, I've learned a lot after writing this arc.

Lastly, there might be a lot of inconsistency when I have written this story. If so just tell me.....

Oh, there is also another note below that might surprise you.....