Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 557

Volume 1 Chapter 557 War 6

Love is war!

Haru knew that love was a war, but this time it was entirely different.

This battle would settle the relationship between the two of them.

Honestly, Esdeath's sword proficiency was good, but it didn't possess that much of a threat toward him. The biggest threat was her terrible ice manipulation ability.

Haru knew that with his "Horo Horo no Mi", he could turn himself into an astral mode that made him unable being attacked by physical attack, but the ice ability of Esdeath was able to give him damage since even though he couldn't be attacked by a physical attack, but he could still feel the coldness of the ice and if he was careless there was a high chance of him being frozen to death or being caught in the Esdeath's time stop.

Even though he was confident in his knife proficiency, he compared Esdeath's sword proficiency. He wasn't that much better, however, his strength and speed were several times bigger than Esdeath. Lastly, he was able to see a future that gave him a high boost in the confrontation between the two of them.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Esdeath frowned since the force behind Haru's attack was very strong. She knew that she wouldn't be able to face him in terms of strength and that was why.

Haru jumped away when suddenly he felt danger.

In the spot where he was standing earlier, there was ice in the shape of a cone with a sharp point that was so sharp that he was able to stab anyone to death.

Haru kept jumping avoiding those ice cones that were made by Esdeath then twisted his body in swirled using his knife to destroy the several ice cones that wanted to trap him. He kept avoiding Esdeath's attack and looked at the condition of his knife.


Haru felt that he really needed a weapon since this knife couldn't support him anymore. He also knew that he needed to end this battle as soon as possible since he felt a bad forbearing for a while. He wasn't sure what it was, but he needed to be in a hurry.

Haru looked at Esdeath who was floating in the air kept using her ice ability a lot of times and knew that this woman wouldn't feel tired to use such an ability a lot of times. He took a deep breath before shouting, "ESDEATH, MARRY ME!!!"

Haru decided to use these words to stun Esdeath for a while before he made himself invisible using his light magic and moved toward Esdeath who was in the sky using his gravity magic.

His voice was so loud that it spread directly across the battlefield of the two armies.

Esdeath was trembling in the air and was a bit shocked when she heard Haru's words. The whole person was stunned and wasn't sure what to do for a while.

'You're proposing to me? Here? Are you an idiot?! You can ask that lat---' Esdeath hurriedly shook her head when she thought such a thing.

Those words also brought a great impact on the army of the Empire and the army of the Revolutionary Army who was about to fight.

"This kind of proposal on the battlefield, especially in the face of millions of troops... His Majesty is awesome!"

"Well, this confession in front of millions of troops will be very hard to refuse..."

Such a thought emerged in the hearts of millions of people on the Empire's side. After hearing such a marriage proposal, the army of the Empire couldn't wait to drop their weapons directly, and shouted, "Marry him! Marry him!" and a lot of things to make Esdeath accept Haru's marriage proposal.

The power of General Esdeath could determine the outcome of this war.

Najenda's face was so pale and she felt that the whole situation had turned bad. If Haru really was able to defeat Esdeath in front of the millions of armies, then the balance of the battle would be turned into favorable toward the Empire's side and the Revolutionary Army's side would lose in this battle.

Esdeath who was floating in the midair suddenly felt a strong wind on the left and subconsciously evaded to the right, but she felt a thread suddenly wrapped on her right side. She used her ice power to destroy those threads that wrapped on her right side.

Esdeath had lost the location of Haru and didn't know where he was for a while, but she could feel his presence around her.

It was just suddenly her entire body felt very heavy and before long a thread which was invisible had turned into visible and trapped her body.

Esdeath wasn't sure how her body suddenly turned heavy, but she knew that it was one of Haru's abilities. She was more and more curious about him and what his ability was.

"You lost, Esdeath."

Haru appeared behind Esdeath while placing his knife on her neck. He wasn't sure whether a thread from Cross Tail could trap her for a while.

In the end, he couldn't help but use his gravity magic in this battle to catch Esdeath, but it was alright since he had caught her.

However, he was also puzzled since after being caught, Esdeath hadn't done anything and let him catch her.

Esdeath looked at Haru while tilting her head slightly avoiding Haru's gaze. "I lost, what are you going to do?"

Her voice was very soft when she asked this question.

Haru looked at Esdeath for a while and smiled. "Of course...."

Suddenly, Haru really felt bad forbearing. He had been using his observation haki the entire time and felt that there was a danger that was aimed at him.

Haru looked toward the sky in doubt, but he didn't see anything.

However, he could feel a strange force that tried to press the whole sky.

Haru suddenly felt a dangerous feeling and wrapped his arm around Esdeath's waist, quickly run away from the spot where he had been standing as soon as possible.

It was something unknown, but he was sure that it was there and it tried to kill him and Esdeath and at the same time.

Haru took out Belvaac and threw two of the axes on this thing.

The two axes moved very fast and cut down something dropping a green liquid before it stopped by something.

Haru didn't care and fastened his speed using his light magic to create a safe distance between them.

Esdeath could see the axes that were thrown by Haru was stuck on something, but she wasn't sure what it was sure since she couldn't see it.

It was on the spot where both of them were standing earlier, there was a huge force that slammed on the ground creating an earthquake in the entire battlefield.


The ground constantly cracked and it kept expanding to the whole battlefield while a lot of the people died without knowing the cause of it.

'What is this?'

Najenda also felt fear of this mysterious occurrence and could only think about one thing.

'Is this judgment day?'