Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 558

Volume 1 Chapter 558 War 7

It isn't a judgment day, but it is a stylish day!

It was Dr. Stylish who had attacked Haru earlier.

Dr. Stylish was using the ability of Incursio to turn himself which had turned into a huge creature to make himself invisible for a temporary time.

Haru didn't expect Dr. Stylish to come back very soon. Even though he had exiled Dr. Stylish to outer space, that guy could come back to the battlefield once again while also using the power of invisibility to launch a surprise attack on Haru.

Fortunately, that he had always been using his observation haki and he had spotted Dr. Stylish before his attack touched him, otherwise, he wasn't sure what was the result of that attack. Even though his body had become stronger from the prize that he had gotten from the Group Chat, he didn't want to receive the attack from the huge monster in front of him.

Haru released Esdeath and decided to fight Dr. Stylish as soon as possible since the existence of this monster was too dangerous for the Empire. Even though Dr. Stylish was in an invisible state, it didn't mean that he couldn't see him. He took his knife once again and charged toward Dr. Stylish.

Haru could see from his observation haki that Dr. Stylish's shape had changed into something different.

The layer of ice formed under her feet and Esdeath stood firmly in the air after Haru had released her. She looked at his back who started a fierce confrontation with Dr. Stylish, who had combined himself with the monster.

Esdeath waved her hand, and a number of large icicles appeared around her surroundings and shot it out toward the invisible monster who was fighting against Haru.

Those icicles surrounded the battle between Haru and the invisible monster creating a large circle making the invisible monster appear before them.

Esdeath was a genius fighter and she developed a technique that could turn an invisible opponent to turn visible before her eyes. It wasn't something difficult for her since she was only changing the direction of the light with her ice making the invisibility of Dr. Stylish disappear.

The figure of this monster shocked the entire battlefield in fear.

Creepy tentacles around its body with a pair of large wings on its back. The whole body which was originally in a humanoid form had turned into a dragon. The tall figure of more than 100 meters covered the entire sky of the Capital turning into dark giving a depressing, gloomy, and fear to everyone who was looking at the figure of this monster.


Bulat who saw this monster was shocked. "Incursio... evolved...?" He murmured in surprise when he saw Incursio who had turned into this evil dragon.

"Big Bro, what do you mean?" Tatsumi asked and similarly, he was in a state of shock since he also knew that this monster was very dangerous.

Bulat sighed and said, "Incursio is made from the flesh of Tyrant, a Super Class Danger Beast. The Tyrant's power is so great that its flesh is still alive within...."

"What?!" Tatsumi was surprised when he heard it and didn't expect the Danger Beast to be alive within the Incursio.

"There is always a limit when someone is using Incursion." Bulat was looking at the giant dragon with a frown and said, "People who aren't strong enough will die the moment they put Incursio....." His expression was a bit hard and continued. "That death was caused by the Tyrant's flesh on the armor. I have only heard it, but Tyrant who is living inside the armor is sucking the life force of the human who is wearing Incursio and continues to evolve."

Tatsumi was puzzled and asked, "Evolve? Is Incursio going to evolve?"

"Yes." Bulat nodded and said, "After changing the user, Incursio will evolve to form that is suitable for its user, and some evolution is happening because of a special situation... Lastly, each evolution of Incursio will become stronger."

"What a strong Teigu!" Tatsumi's eyes were red, watching Incursio on Dr. Stylish with a surprised expression and said, "Infinite evolution, it means that it can become strong with no limit!"

"Yes," Bulat said while looking at Dr. Stylish who had turned into a dragon which was more than a hundred meters.

Judging from the shape of the Incursio, Bulat knew that Incursio had become stronger than it was in his hands and he wasn't sure how strong that it would be since it could continue with its evolution.

However, because of that, there was an ominous premonition inside his heart and the more he thought after he lost his Teigu. The more that he thought that Teigu was really harming himself along with the people in this world.



A loud roar from Dr. Stylish's mouth shook the entire battlefield, causing everyone to close their ears in pain.

Some people fainted directly and some stronger people could only stand there silly as if they didn't know what to do. They felt that their legs felt weak and it shook constantly.

They felt that they were like prey in front of a huge predator, and the fear that came out from this predator gave them a fear that reached into the deep of their hearts. They were helpless, they could only do nothing, and could only stand while watching the dragon in front of them.

Dr. Stylish, whose form had turned into a dragon shape, was similar to the Super Class Danger Beast, Tyrant.

"Shut up!" Esdeath was annoyed by the loud voice from Dr. Stylish and forming a huge a lot of icicles on the top of Dr. Stylish.

The icicles were huge and a lot while they moved very fast, dropping right into the body of Dr. Stylish.

Haru ran away to avoid these icicles while looking at the result of that attack.


Dr. Stylish roared once again, and his wings waved, again and again, bringing strong winds to the people in his surroundings.

Haru narrowed his eyes slightly looking at the soldiers of the Revolutionary Army who had run back to avoid the wind that was produced by Dr. Stylish.

Besides the strong win, there was a lot of ruin of the icicles that were made by Esdeath which were smashing around in random place making this location a dangerous location.

Dr. Stylish kept waving his wings produced strong winds, however, that winds couldn't stop the group of huge icicles that were made by Esdeath.


Esdeath's attack met the body of Dr. Stylish, who had turned into a dragon, causing a reaction that wasn't worse than a catastrophe.

The people around tried to get away as soon as possible from this fierce confrontation.

Haru and Esdeath stood right in the middle of the storm and looked up at Dr. Stylish.

Wings were waved once again, however, the appearance of Dr. Stylish had undergone a huge change once again.

Esdeath's attack had caused Dr. Stylish to evolve once again.

This time, the evolution had changed his appearance once again into an ancient dragon that appeared on the legend.