Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 559

Volume 1 Chapter 559 Tyrant 1

Bulat, who saw Dr. Stylish transformed once again, had confirmed his thoughts. "That isn't that pervert doctor..." He was quite hesitant at first but after seeing the reaction of the Incursio. "Incursio... Incursio has invaded the conscious of the user." He knew that this situation had turned dangerous into worse. He hurriedly raised his horse to bring him toward Najenda's side to tell her about his thoughts regarding Incursio.

Every time Incursion is being used, it is harming the user. Incursio will continuously absorb the user's vitality to recover Tyrant's consciousness and flesh inside the armor. When the flesh has absorbed the vitality of the user to certain values, Incursio will evolve once again.

It is not the armor that becomes stronger, rather it is the flesh and consciousness of Tyrant inside the Incursio that is become stronger.

Bulat had found out that the function of his body had decreased and that it was almost worn out after he had lost Incursio.

It was during the battle before he was rescued by the Revolutionary Army with his body full of injuries. The doctor who managed him had found that the outside of his body was alright, but inside it was horrible.

If it was not being treated early then Bulat was afraid that he would lose his life.

Bulat remembered the incident and had speculation about Dr. Stylish's current situation.

The Danger Beast species created by Dr. Stylish could be said to have the same wavelength as Incursio. It could be said that it had become the biggest tonic of Tyrant inside Incursio to wake up his consciousness.

Dr. Stylist couldn't fight the consciousness of Tyrant and that ancient dragon was a real, Tyrant.

"So that isn't Dr. Stylish, but Incursio itself, who is inside that dragon?" Najenda looked up at the ancient dragon that was soaring in the sky and felt that it was very unthinkable.

"I don't think that Dr. Stylish is roaring wildly like a beast since he is very smart." Brando looked at the dragon and said, "Incursio will invade the body of Dr. Stylish and once it has dominated him then Tyrant will resurrect once again in this world."

Tyrant was a Dragon-Type Danger Beast, that was noted as one of the natural disasters in the historical records of the Empire. The story of Tyrant was very famous and each of its feats had devoured a lot of life.

According to the legend, thousands of years ago, Tyrant, a Super Class Danger Beast was living in this land and just a wave of its wings could destroy an entire army.

It was because of such a dangerous species that the First Emperor gathered an army, set up a strategy, and eliminated it in one swoop. The First Emperor also used its flesh as the material of the Teigu known as Incursio.

For people thousands of years ago, besides the unification of the Empire, the greatest contribution of the First Emperor was to hunt down those Danger Beasts who endangered the life of people in this country.

Once Tyrant has undorgeone an evoluation once again then it will once again terror the entire country.

Bulat's speculation was right.

When Dr. Stylish was exiled to outer space by Haru, the armor evolved uncontrollably for the first time.

This evolution gave Dr. Stylish a chance to survive in outer space where there wasn't any oxygen. At that time, Dr. Stylish was really happy and he ignored Incursio who continued to invade the body of the Danger Beast that he had created.

Until he reached the atmosphere, the high speed that was caused by his free-falling from the outer spaced had caused high-temperature friction that almost made the body of the creature explode. However, Tyrant's flesh did a second evolution to adapt to this situation.

It was also during this evolution that Dr. Stylish lost control of the Danger Beast that he had created since its consciousness was invaded by Tyrant.

After evolution was complete, Dr. Stylish, who lost control over this beast, could do nothing to control this Danger Beast, and Tyrant was the one who controlled this ancient dragon.

Dr. Stylish, who was inside this creature, was trapped inside and slowly being digested by it.


Haru was using his light magic to make his movement faster. Even though this speed wasn't the speed of light, it was fast enough to fight against this dragon without worry while also controlling his movement without trouble.

"Sticky Fingers!"

Haru turned his knife into a chainsaw and slashed it on the body of the dragon.


Sparks splattered, that attack couldn't penetrate the thick body of this dragon and only left a white mark on the part which was cut by Haru earlier.

Haru hurriedly went back to Esdeath after his attack was useless. He couldn't help but sigh looking at his knife. He shook his head and said, "It seems that I need a new weapon to cut that thing." He suddenly thought to use Extase at this moment.

Cutter of Creation Extase.

The extase is extremely sharp and is said to be able to cut through any material, including the armor Teigu Incursio, which was supposed to be unbreakable. However, it seems that if the material offers resistance against being cut, cutting it becomes harder.

Haru had a great power after his body had transformed and thought to try it.

Esdeath snorted and said nothing to Haru who was by her side. She put her hands together and a huge ice dome appeared around Dr. Stylish, trapping him inside.

Even though the creature made by Dr. Stylish was 100 meters tall, Esdeath was able to create an ice dome that was bigger than it.

Esdeath used her ice manipulation again and created a number of sharp ice inside the dome stabbing the dragon inside the ice to death.

Haru who saw this scene thought about the iron-maiden torture in his world.


The dragon kept roaring and tried to escape, but Esdeath didn't allow it and compressed her ice dome while making spike-like ice stabbing it inside while also freezing its blood.

"You don't need to do anything." Esdeath turned toward Haru and said. Even after using such a large attack, she didn't show exhaustion and seemed that she could use that attack once again without trouble.

However, just after Esdeath said those words, a sound of ice cracking had sounded.

This creature had undergone the third evaluation, and the ice dome that was made by Esdeath was broken directly.

It had four eyes and two on each side with red blood color. Its whole body was covered in dragon scales and when its wings spread out, it had reached hundreds of meters in size.


The creature in front of them was no other than Super Class Danger Beast, the Dragon-Type, Tyrant.