Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 560

Volume 1 Chapter 560 Tyrant 2

The roar of Tyrant created a shock to everyone and caused their legs to go soft in an instant.

Just a glance from its eyes caused them to panic and wanted to run away since this monster didn't discriminate between itself against the Empire or the Revolutionary Army.

In front of Tyrant, all of them were living beings and all living beings were its food.

Even if their identity was different, there was one thing about the same time.

Each of them had a life and each of them was also very delicious inside its mouth.

Everyone who saw Tyrant in front of them had realized that it had thought of them as food rather than human beings and it was also ready to eat them.

"Aim all the guns at Tyrant!" Najenda ordered and said, "At this point, we have a common enemy!"

Tyrant, who had been resurrected at this time, would bring an unimaginable disaster to the people in the Capital of the Empire along with the people of the Revolutionary Army.

The Revolutionary Army had always been on the side of people and their purpose didn't change that was to make the life of the people in the Empire better, but the appearance of Tyrant in front of them was more threatening than Haru.

The Revolutionary Army obeyed Najenda's order and aimed their gun at Tyrant in the midair, waiting for Najenda's order to shoot it out.



Haru went to Ran who was flying in the midair and said, "Fly back to the palace and give this Teigu back to the member of Night Raid, and let them come here to help!" He gave some of the Teigu that he had kept to Ran telling them to give it back to the Night Raid's member and told them to help.

Ran nodded and flew back to the palace. He didn't care much where Haru had kept the Teigu inside his body since it was more important to defeat Tyrant.

Haru was clear that unless he was using his light magic to create a sword of light or laser then it was simply impossible to penetrate the body of Tyrant.

Incursio's defense was too high, and even after Tyrant had been resurrected, it didn't mean the precious material that was used to create an armor had been lost.

Those materials were combined with Tyrant's flesh, creating an impenetrable defense.

Haru didn't think that Tyrant had mated since he believed that there was only one creature in this world and he knew that his pleasure magic was useless. Even though he believed in the ability of his light magic along with his power cut used Extase to cut it, he didn't want to bet this monster to evolve once again.

Unlimited evolution.

Even if Haru was confident in his power, he knew he might destroy the entire Empire and he would really fail his mission if that was the case.

Haru had thought earlier about one Teigu that could kill this Teigu.


Haru knew that Murasame could kill anything as long as it bled the part of the body and he didn't believe that Tyrant could stay alive after being slashed by Murasame.

However, the only problem is whether Murasame could penetrate its body or not.

That was why he decided to invite the female members of the Night Raid to help him in this battle.

Haru would use them to defeat this monster with him, even if they didn't want to do it. He could use Cross Tail to control their bodies to defeat this monster.

However, inside his heart, he was quite reluctant to use Murasame to kill Tyrant since he wanted to taste the meat of this dragon. He was racking his brain trying to find a way to kill this dragon without damaging its body with poison.

Then before long, Akame along with everyone had arrived to help him to slay the dragon in front of him.

Akame looked at Tyrant who was flying in the sky, quietly wiping away the drool on the corner of her mouth. She thought that such a big dragon would be very good to eat.

Kurome was controlling the Death Tagool once again that had been beaten by Dr. Stylish before. Even though it had been beaten, it didn't mean that it couldn't be used again.

Under her control, Death Tagool once again gathered energy in its mouth before bombarding it with Tyrant in mid-air.


Tyrant, which was in mid-air, didn't dodge or hide, and let Death Tagool's attack bombard it.


Seeing this scene, Najenda was keen on an opportunity and ordered the soldiers to shoot out their guns at the same time.

Following Najenda's order, thousands of artillery fires struck at Tyrant, which was in mid-air.

In front of the gates of the Capital of the Empire, there was originally huge farmland that was vast and beautiful. It had been planted with a lot of things, and the people on the border of the Empire had relied on these farmlands to live.

However, the arrival of the Revolutionary Army caused this place to become the wildest battlefield.

Tyrant, which was flying in mid-air, was under siege by thousands of artillery.

A violent bombardment and explosion hit Tyrant's body. Even though Tyrant's body was very powerful, it couldn't shake off the damage that was caused by their attack.

However, Tyrant was stronger than ever and kept struggling stubbornly. It waved its wings suddenly and caused a strong wind that stopped the attack of the Revolutionary Army.

The artillery shot at Tyrant had dropped back toward the group of soldiers.

The group of soldiers whether they were from the Empire or the Revolutionary Army were in despair when they saw the artillery which was dropped back toward their location.

However, Haru was using his gravity magic to stop those artilleries before sending it back at the Tyrant.


The two people, Esdeath and Haru, were right beneath Tyrant and wanted to send the life of this dragon back to hell.

Esdeath waved one of her hands, and all the ice cavalries that she had made before had turned into a ruin. Then the energy inside the ice cavalries returned to her body.

The ice cavalry was built by Esdeath to store the excess energy inside her body and after the ice cavalry was destroyed that energy would return back to Edeath's body.

When her energy had turned back, the exhaust body had turned into fit once again and with her sword pointed upward suddenly an unimaginable force suddenly burst out from her body.

Sharp ice was rising through the sky creating a tower with a sharp point.

The underneath part of Tyrant had been damaged by the artillery which was being sent by Haru earlier.

Then, without having time to rest, that sharp tower stabbed right into the body of Tyrant.

However, Esdeath's attack wasn't over and the ice inside Tyrant's body started to spread and froze its entire body turning it into an ice sculpture.

Then before long, the weather in the Capital turned into winter and covered the Empire with both ice and snow.

Trump Card.

Under the attack of Esdeath, Tyrant was killed immediately.

The ice around the tower kept spreading around without a hint to stop.

"Ice Storm Commander-In-Chief."

Haru was in shock when he saw Esdeath's power and woke up immediately after he heard her voice.

Esdeath looked at Haru who was in shock and said, "After I have gotten back my excess power within the ice calvary, I have used it to use this attack. If I use this attack on your Empire then even you won't be able to stop me from turning this place into an Ice Age!"


Haru had a bitter expression on his face and knew that he might be too arrogant. He could see that Esdeath's power was more powerful than he had thought and even if she couldn't kill him, she could bring a disaster to everything around her surroundings.

Esdeath showed a dangerous smile and said, "This is a trick that I have specially prepared for you."

Haru felt a chill inside his body and wasn't sure whether he could resist it. Even if his astral mode could prevent him from a physical attack, he couldn't avoid an elemental attack. He was sure lucky that Esdeath didn't use this attack on him.


"Has it ended?"

Najenda murmured, watching the giant ice tower rising to the sky and the body of Tyrant was penetrated by it.

She who had estimated Esdeath's power, at this time, felt that she still underestimated Esdeath along with the potential of her Teigu.

A group of Teigu's users, Akame, along with 100,000 elite soldiers, may not be Esdeath's opponents.

Even more, the member of Night Raid also didn't have their Teigu and the strongest Teigu in the Revolutionary Army was only her Susanoo who was standing beside her.

If both Esdeath and Haru joined hands together, then, without doubt, the Revolutionary Army would be massacred in an instant.

Najenda felt despair at this moment and knew that there was only despair in front of her.



Tiny cracks came within the tower of ice.

Haru looked up and stared, then Tyrant who was being penetrated by the tower of ice in the sky had moved once again.


At the hearts of everyone, they knew that there was only one answer in front of them.

Tyrant isn't dead yet!