Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 561

Volume 1 Chapter 561 Tyrant 3

Tyrant isn't dead yet!

Incursio was made by the flesh of Tyrant had a strong defense, and that flesh had lived for thousands of years without becoming rotten, decay, break down or something while it also absorbed the life force of its user continuously over thousands of years causing it once again to reborn Tyrant once again into this place.

Tyrant's tenacity, vitality, endurance, regeneration, and defense could be said to be very terrible.

Even though Esdeath had used almost all of her energy to use her Trump Card of her Teigu to kill that beast, her attack failed to kill it.

However, under Esdeath's attack, Tyrant thoroughly absorbed the Danger Beast that was created by Dr. Stylish along with Dr. Stylish, who was inside the Danger Beast.

Without the control of Dr. Stylish, this Danger Beast had lost its control, and Tyrant was the one who was in control of everything.

The newly reborn Tyrant didn't have wisdom, and on its mind, there was only an hunger that it had never felt before. It looked around and saw a group of humans below him. Drool dripped from the corner of its mouth and would have never thought there was a lot of food in front of it.

Creak! Creak!

The crackling sounds of ice continued to sound, and small cracks began to appear in Tyrant's position in the mid-air. These cracks quickly expanded and spread around.


"Creak, creak ..."

With Tyrant's roar, the entire tower of ice had completely broken entirely.

Its wings stretched to the horizon and the whole sky was covered by its figure. Tyrant's eyes were blood red and then waved its wings moving toward the densest number of the group below it.

And that was the group soldiers of the Revolutionary Army!

"SUSANOO!!!!" Najenda shouted hurriedly before everyone had become the meal of the Tyrant. She knew that she could die if she kept using Susanoo's Trump Card, but if that gave everyone a chance to live then it would be alright.

"Ame no Murakumo!"

Susanoo drained Najenda's life force and used his Trump Card immediately. He generated a very long transparent sword from energy stored in the magatama. The sword has immense power and sent that sword right into the Tyrant's wings to stop it from flying.

Tyrant wasn't afraid and let that sword's energy attack its wings. Its wings were damaged by Susanoo's attack and it fell down directly to the ground, however, it didn't show a painful expression or whatever but opened its scarlet mouth toward the surrounding Revolunary Army since its stomach had been very hungry.

Tyrant just wanted to eat to the fullest.

"Retreat! Retreat!"

Najenda hastily issued an order to retreat for the soldiers, allowing the soldiers in front to retreat without causing an unnecessary sacrifice.

Tyrant was ready to chase after them but stopped. It was being attacked suddenly.


A ray of light shot directly to the right into Tyrant's head, almost causing it to fall directly to the side.

"Hahaha, take that!" Mine shouted proudly while holding Roman Artillery Pumpkinon in her hands. She had attacked Tyrant after it wanted to chase after the soldiers of the Revolutionary Army.

After Ran had gone to the palace, he gave the female members of the Night Raid their Teigu back and told them to go to the battlefield as soon as possible since there was a crisis happening.

They were quite hesitant and thought that Haru wanted them to help him to fight the Revolutionary Army, and if that was the case, then they wouldn't agree, however, the scene on the battlefield was different from what they had imagined.

The sudden rebirth of Tyrant in this place had caused the battle to stop and everyone was working together to eliminate this disaster before it continued to evolve once again.

On the high wall of the Capital, there was Kurome, Seryu, Ran, Bols, and Wave who had just come back after being thrown away by Susanoo. There was also a female member of the Night Raid, such as Akame, Mine, Leone, Sheele, and Chelsea who had just come here.

It was the first time for the members of the Jaegers, and the female members of the Night Raid stood up together in the same battle.

"This is the battle of the Teigu users! All soldiers of the Revolutionary Army hurry up and leave!" Haru shouted toward Najenda and the Revolutionary Army.

The target of the battle had changed, both the soldier of the Empire and the Revolutionary Army needed to eliminate the disaster known as Tyrant before anything else.

"Ice Prison!"

Esdeath waved one of her hands and a pillar of ice created a very large pilar of ice that directly surrounded and trapped Tyrant inside.

Esdeath's move gave the Revolutionary Army the chance to leave the battlefield.

Haru was floating in the air and shouted to every Teigu user in front of him. "The Tyrant has been reborn once again, and we can't let it destroy this world! Let's slaughter this dragon today, and tonight we will have a dragon feast!" He knew very well that it was impossible to kill Tyrant since it could live in the Incursio for a thousand years, then reborn once again after absorbing the life force of its user.

Then he simply changed his strategy and decided not to kill it. However, he decided to make it into food directly feeding all the famine people in the Empire.

Haru would see whether Tyrant could be reborn from the shit of people. He led everyone and charged toward Tyran.

With Haru's words, Akame, Leone, Sheele, Wave, Kurome, Bols, Mine...

Many battle-type Teigu users jumped down from the wall of the Capital and launched a siege toward Tyrant.

Only Chelsea's non-combat Teigu user remained on the wall of the Capital of Empire.

Chelsea licked her lollipop gently and leaned her back against the wall, watching Haru stood on Tyrant's head then shaking her head gently.

"Don't die...."

Her voice was filled with distress and worry about seeing the battle.


In the camp of the Revolutionary Army.

Najenda once again used her life to make Susanoo use his Trump Card once again and everyone had agreed to eliminate this dragon first before else.