Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 562

Volume 1 Chapter 562 Tyrant 4

Everyone, whether it was Jaegers or Night Raid, as long as they were a Teigu user, charged toward Tyrant.

The Tyrant, which had a size of at least 100 meters, was very huge, and they were similar to an ant in front of it.

After being attacked by Susanoo's on the wings, Tyrant's wings were damaged and it was quite difficult for it to fly, and because of that everyone was able to launch an effective attack that was able to damage it.


Tyrant roared angrily at Haru who was standing on its head. It felt that its dignity had been trampled and it had become extremely angry and constantly tried to shake him off from the top of its head.

Haru was thinking about how to defeat it without damaging its body since he would cook it later for everyone.

"Take this!"

Wave shouted and leaped forward using his Grand Chariot whiling while holding his spear. He rushed toward Tyrant's eyes but changed his target to Tyrant's head.

"Don't...!" Haru hurriedly said when he saw Wave who wanted to attack Tyrant's head, but he was too late.

Haru's words had just come out from his mouth, however, Tyrant raised its claw and slammed Wave who was leaping toward it.

Wave, who was being slammed, was thrown away and turned into a black spot in the sky.

Haru sighed and slapped his forehead wondering whether Wave was cursed by something.

First, when Esdeath wanted to test their power, Wave was the first one to be thrown away.

The second time was during, the battle with Revolutionary Army, Wave rushed to fight Susanoo, but he was thrown away to the sky directly again.

Lastly, which just happened earlier when a group of Teigu users were working together to kill Tyrant. Wave, who wanted to show his power along with attacking Tyrant, had turned into a black spot in the sky once again, and it would take him a long time before he could come back once again.

Haru thought that Wave had very bad luck and even thought Wave was a good guy, but his luck was horrible. He sighed and decided to tell them a strategy that he had thought to stop Tyrant for a while.

"Listen to me!" Haru was in Tyrant's head and said, "Ran, you're in the sky and use your attack from the distance, using your Teigu to attack Tyrant's eyes! Mine and Bols, both of you are looking for a change and a good position to attack the Tyrant! Akame, Leone, Sheele, Kurome, the four of you rush under the cover of Seryu's Coro and attack Tyrant's back!"

Haru looked at Esdeath and said, "Esdeath, please use your ability to prevent Tyrant from flying once again!" He could see that Tyrant's damaged wings started to regenerate and it would be very hard for them to fight it when it was flying.

At first, Haru wanted to use Akame's Muraamse and used Sheele's Extase to break the defense of Tyrant, sent the Tyrant one ticket to hell with one slash using poison on Murasame, but he changed his mind.

Haru wanted to host a dragon banquet, and Tyrant in front of him would become the main dish in this banquet. Of course, Haru couldn't let this precious ingredient be ruined by the poison of Akame's Murasame.

Haru was thinking of a way to defeat it while also able making the soldier of the Revoluarny Army stop attacking the Empire since it would be impossible to do the banquet if they continued to fight after this.


Light of artillery flashed and bombarded at the body of the Tyrant causing an explosion on its body, Mine who was participating in this dragon-hunting felt danger and it increased the power of Roman Artillery. Pumpkin in her hands.


Mine was quite reckless in this fight since she also didn't want this Danger Beast to kill everyone. She was attacking from a distance and kept attacking Tyrant with her Pumpkin.


The Tyrant who was attacked by Mine, again and again, was very angry and ignored Haru who was in its head charging toward Mine who was attacking it.

Swosh! Swosh! Swosh!

Esdeath created three giant ice spikes that stabbed right into Tyrant's throat.

It was just that the ice of Esdeath couldn't stop Tyrant's movement and it was like a beast who didn't know pain feeling. It directly crushed the ice spikes on its throat and jumped toward Mine.

Mine was stunned and her body was frozen entirely knowing that it was impossible to run away. The huge shadow covered everything and she could only stand there in fear. She widened her eyes and couldn't scream watching Tyrant open its mouth to eat her.

'Can't dodge! Can't dodge! Can't dodge!....."

Mine's mind was instantly sober, trying to think of a way to run away from Tyrant's attack and every second was longer in her mind.

Tyrant's size was huge and her speed wasn't enough to evade Tyrant's huge head.

Mine couldn't escape and it was impossible to escape.

'Am I going to die?'

Mine looked at Tyrant in front of her, at this time, she was able to clearly see Tyrant's face.

'Dying by this beast?'

Mine felt very unwilling and she wanted to stay alive since she hadn't had her revenge on that shameless guy.

It was just at this moment that Mine heard this familiar annoying voice.



Mine saw this figure hug her and run away from Tyrant which was slammed into the air causing it to stay in mid-air for a while.