Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 563

Volume 1 Chapter 563 Tyrant 5

Haru thought that he was thinking too much and didn't expect that this beast dared to attack one of his concubines. Jokes aside. He was quite angry and moved under the head of Tyrant and gave an uppercut that he had combined using the power of gravity magic.


Tyrant felt a powerful force that broke its jaw in an instant and stunned it for a while.


Haru's strength wasn't something to be scoffed off since his body had been transformed by the reward of Group Chat.

Haru also hurriedly leaped to save Mine who was right in front of him and hugged her with his arms moving away to create a safe distance from the Tyrant.

Then in that second, Haru hurriedly leaped and caught Mine who was right in front of him in his arms escaped from Tyrant which was slammed to the ground.

Tyrant's head was a bit shaky after being punched by Haru, and it was at this moment that it had become the greatest moment for everyone to attack this dragon.

Ran seized this opportunity to shoot out a lot of feathers from his Teigu, sharp feathers moving very fast and pierced right into Tyrant's eyes.


Tyrant once again was dropped to the ground with its eyes wounded, and because of its heavy body, it created a large impact that caused the ground to tremble several times.

Seeing Tyrant which had fallen to the ground, Bols also seized this opportunity to use his Teigu and burnt Tyrant fiercely using the fire of his Teigu.

"Be careful," Haru said to Mine and went back to the battle again. He went to Sheele and borrowed her Extase to destroy the natural armor on Tyrant's body.

Chop! Chop! Chop!

Haru chopped down all the natural armor making it bleed throughout the entire body.

Tyrant's body, which was covered in Incursio armor, had been chopped down by Haru and created a huge hole in its back.


However, the tenacity and regeneration of Tyrant also wasn't something to be scoffed off either since its jaw had regenerated back. It raised the hind of its back leg and slammed it down at the people who attacked it from behind.

Kurome and Leone were caught off guard and they were flown away by it.

Haru hurriedly used a Cross Tail to create a net catching the girls before they slammed into the huge icicles around the battlefield.

Kurome and Leone, who were saved, jumped off once again and continued their attack once again.

Haru pulled back his Cross Tail and stood once again on the top of Tyrant's head. He saw that the wound that he had caused by Sheele's Extase had regenerated back at the speed that was visible to the n.a.k.e.d eye.

Haru used the Extase once again to the back of the Tyrant and prevented it from recovering in a short time.


Tyrant roared in pain and it speared its wings, waved it around causing a huge storm, then starting to leave the ground slowly wanted to return to the high altitude.


Esdeath snorted, using the Trump Card of Demon's Extract, since she wouldn't let Tyrant escape from this place.

Space and time were frozen and everything was stopped at this moment. During this moment, only Esdeath was the only person who was able to move freely.

However, this technique failed to stop Tyrant since Tyrant's tenacious vitality made it able to survive in the extreme cold and because of that, this technique couldn't stop Tyrant from flying to the sky.


The crack was formed on Esdeath's technique and Tyrant had broken the space and time which was frozen by Esdeath. It waved its wings and flew up into the sky.

Once it had entered the sky, it wouldn't be afraid to be attacked by the enemies once again, and in the sky, it was the king, and it could launch its attack freely anywhere.

Haru didn't expect Esdeath's technique was able to stop him for a second and he also knew that he couldn't let Tyrant come back to the sky. He hurriedly used his gravity magic to make Tyrant's body become heavier.


Tyrant also felt its body had become very heavy, but it kept waving its wings continuously and harder to keep flying.

Haru knew that he couldn't kill it if this continued and thought for a while thinking how to stop it flying and also stopped the war. He thought for a while and found the answer that he had been searching for.

Suddenly, the Cross Tail was launched and intertwined into a net and wrapped Tyrant's body tightly. On the other side, a large number of the thread was scattered towards the Revolutionary Army.

Haru might able to stop it from flying, but killing it and making it into food was a different matter. He thought to use the soldier of the Revolutionary Army to help him to stop this dragon from flying.

"One person grabs the thread and pulls it together!" Haru shouted at the crowd below.

Is Tyrant's strength very strong? If it really wants to fly then it might be possible for Haru to stop it since he is able to fly too, but he also wants to make the soldiers of the Revolutionary Army into his allies.

Haru had decided to make millions of soldiers into his allies in this battle.

One thread might be very easy to cut, but a group of a thread is able to pull over even the heaviest thing.

Haru used millions of threads and let a million people pull it together.

Unity is strength.

In the manga, there were a lot of quotes or actions that showed that the power of unity was invincible.

When the thread appeared in front of the Revoluarnty Army, without Najenda's order, these people were grasping one thread after another, then forcefully began to run to pull this beast down.

They didn't even use a horse to pull it, and only used their own power to pull this thread.

The net which was created by millions of threads was originally loose, but under the power of everyone, it started to tighten.

Tense and solemn atmosphere shrouded the entire battlefield.

This is a fight between the men and the dragon.

When each thread was tightened, the strength of each individual was gathered together.

The power of a million people is similar to an avalanche.

Tyrant tried to move its wings, again and again, trying to break these threads and escaped to the sky, but it had no effect.

Haru also added his gravity magic in this process making it harder.

Tyrant continued to fall down on the ground even though it continued to wave its wings to the sky.

Even though it was 100 meters high, it had strong vitality, defense, endurance, and tenacity beyond human beings, but in the face of millions of people that worked together, Tyrant's power seemed insignificant.

Finally, Tyrant wailed and then gave up struggling completely.

The earth trembled, and the smoke was permeating.

At that moment, they felt that their hearts had become one when they were working together to defeat this dragon.

Under the strength of millions of people, the net of the Cross Tail which was created by Realm-Cutting Thread of the Cross Tail started to cut down Tyrant's flesh and created a deep wound right into its bone.

Even the armor of the Incursio was cut down at this moment with the power of millions of people.

Haru was really glad that Cross Tail was very strong, but he also kept supporting it using his magic.

People kept pulling, the wound kept deeper, then Haru took out Extase which was he had borrowed from Sheele to cut down Tyrant's head.


Tyrant's head was cut from its body and it stopped moving again letting the people around become relaxed.


It was silent at this moment and everyone was marveled that they had killed the ancient dragon on the legend.

However, that silence was broken by this voice.


Haru shouted and said, "Call all the chefs in the Capital! Today, we're going to host this dragon feast together with our brave warriors who have slain this dragon together!"

As the Emperor of the Empire, the command of Haru was absolute.

With the command of Emperor Kasugano Haruka, the gate of the Capital of the Empire which had protected everyone from the Revolutionary Army was slowly opened.