Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 564

Volume 1 Chapter 564 Dragon Feast 1

Haru's action could be said to be very reckless and risky.

Opening the gate of the Capital of the Empire could allow soldiers of the Revolutionary Army to enter the Capital and invade the palace, occupying it directly.

However, Haru was still ordered to open the gate.

The gate of the city was wide open.

The people in the Revolutionary Army looked at this scene and suddenly hesitated whether to rush directly or not. Even though their intention was to take down the current Empire, this situation was different from what they had imagined. They had thought of a hard fight battle, and that was why when the current Emperor opened the gate directly, they didn't know what to do.

"Today is the Dragon Feast, everyone can participate!"

Haru looked at everyone and shouted, "Whether you're a soldier, government official, rich, poor, or you're a Revolutionary Army of the Empire, we're all the same! Today, the war is over now!"

With the command of Haru, all the soldiers and civilians in the Capital of the Empire had come out from the city and they watched the Super Class Danger Beast, Tyrant which was slain by Haru closely.

Slaying and killing such a big monster, the soldiers and civilians in the Capital of the Empire were very awed by the power of Haru and they were glad that Haru was their Emperor. Haru's actions who let everyone eat together also gained the support of everyone and thought that Haru really had a big heart.

Having such a powerful and kind Emperor was the thing that they had dreamt of in the past.

After the new Emperor ascended to the throne, he exempted the tax for a year, allowing the ordinary people who had been suppressed by Honest Prime Minister saw hope on Haru, and now they saw him slain the dragon, they knew that their country would be peaceful from anything with such a powerful Emperor.

At this time, Haru had become a good and powerful Emperor in the mind of people, especially when he had ordered the gate to be opened in front of the million soldiers of the Revolutionary Army, letting them know how awesome their Emperor was.

Before some people accepted that Haru was their Emperor, however, at this moment, everyone accepted it without hesitation. Such a man should be an Emperor, even if someone changed him, they wouldn't think that they could be better than him.


"Kurome, this thing is still alive, you can't eat it yet!" Akame said, pulling Kurome back.

Kurome, who wanted to take the meat of the Tyrant, stopped and listened to her sister.

The two sisters were foodies, and couldn't help but wanted to eat the Tyrant when they saw it right in front of them. When they saw Tyrant in the sky before they had decided to eat it, and now this dragon could be slain.

Akame could hold for a while, however, Kurome couldn't hold it and drooled when she saw the meat of the Tyrant.

"Yeah, this dragon is still alive." Kurome could see Tyrant's flesh was still growing slowly right in front of her.

If it was given a chance then it was possible for it to grow its head once again. It wouldn't be surprising if it resurrected the world and they needed to fight it again.

Kurome was using her Yatsufusa to cut down the flesh which was growing from the part of Tyrant's body. She looked at Haru and said, "Haru, please cook them!"

Akame looked at Haru and her eyes showed expectation.

Both sisters had been pampered by Haru with a lot of food, and they knew how delicious Haru's food was.

"Do I have to cook too?" Haru asked.

"YES!" Akame and Kurome answered at the same time.

"Well, I have never cooked a dragon." Haru thought for a while and said, "Bols, prepare your Teigu, we're going to have a BBQ!" He knew that he couldn't keep the flesh of Tyrant in his zipper storage and could only eat it here since it might start to regrow once again.

Haru had to admit that Tyrant's vitality and tenacity were very awesome, and the only thing to defeat it was to eat it.

Bols was surprised, but hurriedly said, "But we don't bring a seasoning." He looked at Haru and said, "It won't taste good."

"If it seasoning..."

Akame and Haru said at the same time and took out a lot of seasoning from their pockets.

"In the Night Raid, I'm in charge of food and I have always carried it around," Akame said.

"My tongue is a bit sensitive and it is hard to eat something from a bad cook," Haru said.

Haru and Akame had brought a seasoning, but Haru didn't only bring a seasoning, but also cooking utensils and a lot of things to help the cooking process.

"Where did you keep it?" Akame asked. She had always wanted to know this trick since if she had this trick then it was possible for her to be able to bring a lot of food. around.

"Secret," Haru said with a playful smile.


"Bols..." Haru said and woke Bols up.

"Yes." Bols nodded and directly activated his Teigu's ability, carefully controlling the flame.

"We need to cook this." Akame looked at Bols who used Teigu for BBQ, but she couldn't help frowning looking at the flesh of Tyrant." Tyrant's vitality is very tenacious." She had seen Kurome cutting its flesh, but it started to regrow once again. "If you're not careful then the flame of your Teigu might be used by Tyrant to evolve once again."

"Don't worry." Bols was careful using his flame and said, "Even how powerful it is, together, we will make it into delicious food."

Bols wouldn't expect that one day he would use his Teigu to grill meat, but it felt very good. It was much better than using Teigu to burn people.


Najenda looked at the gate of the city which was opened by Haru in the distance. She could see the crowd were embracing each other whether they were soldiers and civilians looking at the dragon and talking to each other with a smile.

The chef all over the Capital of the Empire had been summoned the dragon feast was going to start with the chef starting to cook the flesh of the Tyrant.

At this time, Najenda also had to admire the heart of Haru who let everyone join this Dragon Feast.

If the Revolutionary army decided to siege the city at this time then it was indeed the best opportunity since everyone was in lax and the security was very loose.

However, at the same time, even if they won this war, they would also lose the people's hearts.

This isn't something that the Revolutionary army wants to see!

'Going for an attack? Or join the banquet?'

Najenda hesitated at this moment.