Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 565

Volume 1 Chapter 565 Dragon Feast 2

It was the moment where Najenda was caught in hesitation that Tatsumi saw two people on the side of the Emperor, and they stood next to each other talking to Haru.

"Sayo, Ieyasu, is that really both of you?"

Tatsumi moved his horse toward then while yelling at the name of two figures next to Haru.

During this time, Tatsumi had always wanted to find two partners who had come out of the village together.

However, he didn't have any information about them, and he also couldn't find them in the Capital. After working in the Night Raid, he hadn't come back to his village and didn't know that both Ieyasu and Sayo had returned back home to start the construction of their village.

Hearing Tatsumi's call, Sayo and Ieyasu turned their heads and saw Tatsumi with tears in his eyes.



The relationship between Sayo and Tatsumi had always been very good, when Tatsumi and Ieyasu were fighting to each other, Sayo directly punched Ieasyi, but she never did it to Tatsumi.

In the story, when Zanku used the Spectator on Tatsumi, the most important person that Tatsumi saw was Sayo.

However, Tatsumi didn't realize that his childhood friend had been eaten by someone who was unrelated to them.

They hadn't seen each other for a long time and their feelings burst out.

Tatsumi waved to Sayo and shouted, "Sayo, you don't have to move and stand there! I'll go over you!"

During that moment, he jumped from his horse and ran toward Sayo, and this speed was even faster than when he was riding his horse.

Opening his arms, he tried to embrace Sayo who was right in front of him.

Seeing the two of them were about to hold each other, Ieyasu suddenly rushed forward and hugged Tatsumi to stop him from hugging Sayo, but Tatsumi's speed was too fast and for a moment, they fell down on the ground and rolled into a ball.


It was very quiet at that moment.

Everyone was stunned and watched the scene in front of them.

Tatsumi and Ieyasu fell down together and their lips touched together.

Sayo, who saw this scene, was stunned and was surprised at this moment. She couldn't help but hug Haru at this moment when she thought both Tatsumi and Ieyasu decided to date to each other.

Haru knew that after Sayo had come back maybe she started to regain her feeling to her childhood friend, but he didn't really mind since he knew that she had misunderstood that he was the husband of Esdeath and might decide to forget about him.

However, the scene in front of her might change her mind since the friendship between the three of them had turned into love, but the one who had fallen in love was both Ieyasu and Tatsumi.

Both of them were male and their love was eternal.

Haru caressed Sayo's hair and showed comfort. He could see that the girls around were looking at him, but he decided to ignore them.




The two men who quarreled with each other ignored Sayo who was hugging someone else.

Forget it. Give them a blessing. Before meeting the right person, every man thought that he was straight...

As Tatsumi ran toward the group of people in the Empire, there were many people in the Revolutionary Army looking at each other, then under Tatsumi's lead, all of them ran over to join the Dragon Feast.

Seeing this, Najenda knew that the war was over and she could see that the will of the fight in everyone's eyes had disappeared, so she ordered the soldiers of the Revolutionary Army to attend the banquet together.

After all, the Revolutionary Army also had its own credit in slaying the Tyrant.

Haru was going to invite the millions of soldiers of the Revolutionary Army to attend the banquet, and of course, he had prepared.

Honestly, if a million soldiers really want to eat the dragon with a size of Tyrant, it won't be enough.

However, Tyrant has a strong ability to regenerate, especially with such a large body, cutting off its piece of flesh it will grow again soon.

It is endless, and all of them can eat it together.

It was because it would regenerate endlessly that Haru needed to invite all of them or else this meat wouldn't be able to be eaten until there was nothing left.

Tyrant, who has strong vitality, is still alive even if it is slain. If it is only one person who eats it then that person might die because the Tyrant might invade their bodies and make that person die, but it is different if one million people are the one who eats it.


The chef is a very curious being. When they saw the meat of the dragon, they worked together then found a way to cook the Tyrant meat into delicious food and make the will of the Tyrant on each flesh which was cooked disappear.

Millions of soldiers couldn't kill it, but in the chef's hands, this beast was helpless.

Steamed, fried, grilled, stewed...

The Dragon Feast in the hands of the chefs of the Capital in the Empire became the all-you-can-eat banquet with various dishes from the Tyrant's meat.

Regardless of whether it is a Revolutionary Army or the people of the Empire, they all form a circle, sitting on the ground, talking together, laughing from time to time.

"Hahaha, this is really fun!"

The Revolutionary Army talked to the people of the Empire. "You didn't know when the thread of the Teigu was right in front of me, I rushed up first and caught it with one hand! But I flew up then, but then all of us pulled it together killing it at the same time!"

"Good job! Come here, eat more meat, and get revenge on this dragon."

"Sigh... if I wasn't forced. I won't join the banner of resistance..."

"All of this is Honest's fault. I have heard that Honest was the one who killed the previous Emperor and Queen. The Little Emperor had become a puppet of Honest and was manipulated by him."

"When the new Emperor ascended the throne, he was too kind to kill Honest with one strike! If possible then I want to torture that fat guy by peeling his body slowly with a knife under the hot sun then feed that fat body to the animal...."

The people of the Emperor said while crying, and the people of the Revolutionary Army next to him patted his shoulder and comforted him since he was also the victim of Honest.

"Why did the Emperor kidnap the female member of the Night Raid? I head that these girls were locked up by him...."

The Revolutionary Army began to gossip and said that there were many people in the Revolutionary Army who didn't know that Night Raid was part of the Revolutionary Army, so when they were talking about those things they didn't care much about anything.

"They love each other, all of that is a rumor."

The people from the Emperor said indifferently and pointed his finger saying, "Look, the girls from the Night Raid are very close to his Majesty."

The crowd looked at the direction of that finger and saw Chelsea from the Night Raid along with Mine surrounded Haru and three of them were talking to each other in an excited manner.


Mine hugged her chest with both of her arms and said to Haru angrily, "Keep this in mind that I won't forgive you for betraying our alliance!"

"We will definitely take our revenge!" Chelsea said with serious expression to Haru.

Haru twitched his lips looking at both girls. He understood Mine, but Chelsea was different since both of them had rolled on the bed together.

Haru ignored them for a while and continued to cook since there were a lot of people around him who wanted him to eat his food.

Akame, Kurome, Seryu, Leone, and Sheele kept eating since they knew the food that was made by Haru was awesome.

Haru looked around and saw Esdeath who gathered together with the soldiers. Looking at her from his spot, he really thought that he needed to marry her, or else he would regret it in his life.

Bringing the food which he cooked, he walked toward Esdeath ready to seduce, no, settle the thing between the two of them.