Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 566

Volume 1 Chapter 566 Dragon Feast 3

Esdeath was sitting on the ground together with many people from the soldiers of the Empire and the Revolutionary Army. She listened to the soldiers talking together, while occasionally covering her mouth and chuckling.

Esdeath didn't find these people vulgar, but instead, she liked this atmosphere.

When she was stationed on the border of the west area of the Empire, she also sat down on the ground every day like this, eating with her soldiers making the bond between them was very close making it close to the worship her.

It was because Esdeath was such a General in the Empire that her soldiers weren't afraid of death.

It was also one of the reasons why Esdeath's soldiers were known as the "DEVIL" in the eyes of the Western country.

"What type of man do you like to marry, General Esdeath?"

Seeing that General Esdeath wasn't as cruel as they imagined, and also felt very approachable, the Revolutionary Army decided to ask this question boldly.

This question had just been asked, then suddenly everyone turned quiet and they looked at Esdeath one by one.

They were just curious and thought that it was a good gossip topic.

Esdeath's eyes moved, and after thinking about it for a while, she said, "I like a man who is very strong and powerful."

However, when everyone heard what kind of man General Esdeath liked, they couldn't help but think about one man.

"General Esdeath, if I can say..." The soldier of the Empire looked at his Majesty, Kasugano Haruka, who wasn't far behind Esdeath, and he knew that he should say in this situation. "His Majesty who slain the dragon, opened the gate of the city, and invited the Revolutionary Army to come to join this banquet, can be considered strong and powerful?"

Esdeath blushed instantly, bowed her head slightly avoiding their gaze, and felt a little embarrassed. She knew that Haru was very fit with the criteria of her lover and if she wanted to marry she didn't think that anyone was better than Haru, but there was one thing that made her very hesitant.

Haru is too powerful to be controlled by her, and she wants to control him.

"Yes, no one is better than the Emperor! General Esdeath should just marry his Majesty!"

The soldiers of the Empire knew that their Emperor was courting General Esdeath, and that was why they decided to become matchmakers between the two of them.

"No, I only want to slap him and lash him." Esdeath looked up and a sneer appeared in the corner of her mouth. "Your Majesty, is it interesting to eavesdropping a conversation from that place?" She had discovered Haru who was behind her.

Haru didn't even feel embarrassed and came up from behind Esdeath and said with a smile, "It's also a coincidence that I also want to lash you while also putting a collar on your neck."

Hearing the dialogue between Haru and Esdeath, the soldiers of the Empire and the Revolutionary Army looked at each other and smiled before moving away from both of them, creating another large circle in another place.

"General Esdeath." Haru looked at Esdeath once again straight into her eyes and he had to admit that this woman was very beautiful, especially under this bonfire her appearance was even more dazzling. "Before we have a bet to each other and you have lost that bet."

When Haru and Edeath were fighting, they had bet the winner of the fight would become the master between the two of them, and at that time, Haru had placed a knife on Esdeath's neck, in conclusion of that battle, Haru was in the winner of that fight.

"Although you won, you won't be able to tame me." Esdeath chuckled and turned her head looking at the bonfire, said, "I, Esdeath, have always been the strongest. If I get serious then I'll use Ice Storm Commander-In-Chief to kill you!"

Haru laughed at Esdeath's remarks. "You also need to use Ice Cavalry to store up your strength before you can use Ice Storm Commander-In-Chief, that'll take too much of time." He looked at the bonfire and sat side by side with Esdeath, and talked about Esdeath's technique. "The most troublesome thing about your power is probably the thing that you use to stop the movement of Tyrant. If I'm not wrong then it should be able to stop time for a few seconds."

Esdeath looked at Haru and raised her eyebrow. "You know that time has stopped?"

Haru nodded and said, "I can see the future for a few seconds." He didn't mind telling her about his ability since there was nothing she could do after hearing it.

Esdeath suddenly realized and said, "That is why you're very slippery!" She thought for a while and said, "Your power doesn't seem to be coming from one of the 48 Teigu in the Empire, and some of them are even stronger than Teigu, especially when you stop the artillery in the air and send it back to the dragon. If I'm not wrong then you should be able to stop the dragon without the help of the Revolutionary Army using that power...." She thought for a while and asked, "Is it gravity manipulation?"

Haru nodded and said, "Yes, well, but I have to admit that your Ice Storm Commander-In-Chief is very powerful. I might die if I'm not careful." It was true since his astral mode didn't protect him from a cold temperature, and even if he could escape his wound would be very bad.

Esdeath chuckled after hearing his answer.

Then two of them looked at the bonfire while sitting next to each other while constantly talking about the technique, ability, and weapon that they had used to each other during the battle. Of course, Haru also inserted some funny jokes making her laugh from time to time.

In the eyes of other people, both of them were similar to a couple.

The Emperor of the Emperor and General Esdeath married together... The people of the Empire were very happy if that really happened, but some people were very unhappy with how close both of them were.