Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 567

Volume 1 Chapter 567 Dragon Feast 4

Mine, Chelsea, Seryu, and General of the Revolutionary Army, Najenda were unhappy looking at both Haru and Esdeath who were talking to each other happily while eating barbecue, especially Najenda.

If Haru and Esdeath were in a hostile relationship, then she could take advantage of the number to strike down the Capital at one stroke.

However, now Haru and Esdeath were likely to develop into a relationship, and it would be very difficult for them to win this war.

Esdeath's full power was comparable to a million soldiers, not to mention, that she also had a Trump Card, that could destroy a million of the army at once, causing them to die without knowing what had happened.

For Najenda, the only good news was that Haru had given back the Teigu to the female members of the Night Raid letting them have their Teigu back. If the two sides went to war once again, then she had a good chance since the Night Raid had their own Teigu.


Najenda, who was in deep thought, heard someone and turned her head. She saw Tatsumi walking together with a boy and girl together. She could see that Tatsumi was very happy at that moment.

"Boss, let me introduce you."

Tatsumi said to Najenda while pointing both of his fingers at both Sayo and Ieyasu. "Those two are my friends from the same village. The beautiful one is Sayo, and this idiot is Ieyasu."

"What do you mean by that, bastard?!" Ieyasu was annoyed.

Tatsumi had told his situation to Najenda and entrusted both Night Raid and the Revolutionary Army who was lurking in the Empire to search for both Sayo and Ieyasu, but they had never found them.

However, Najenda didn't expect to see either of them here.

"Both of them have arrived in the Capital before me." Tatsumi started to tell the story of both his friends to Najenda. "After the two of them arrived in the Capital, they happened to meet the current Emperor. His Majesty wasn't the Emperor in the past and had helped them and taught them a lot of things, then gave them money to go back built back our hometown."

"Now our village has changed and become more prosperous!"

Tatsumi shared with Najenda what Sayo and Ieyasu had told him.

Najenda's face remained the same, however, her heart was in turbulence.

In short of a period of time, Tatsumi had begun to call Haru the Emperor and had acknowledged the current Empire.

This wasn't something that Najenda wanted to see.

"Also, with the exemption of the tax, the food subsidies that had been given by the Emperor, no one will starve to death in my hometown now. If I want to enter the village, I won't need to climb the mountain like before since Sayo and Ieyasu have built a very wide road to access the village."

Tatsumi felt now the pressure on his shoulders had been eased. In the past, he felt the pressure of everyone who was living in the village was on his shoulders, but he didn't expect both Say and Ieyasu had already gone back to make a great change in their village.

On the contrary, Tatsumi had some guilt since in comparison he didn't have any contribution to his hometown.

After speaking for a while, Tatsumi took both of them to taste the barbeque from the meat of the Tyrant.

There was also another thing that Tatsumi had said to Najenda and that was about his village. When his village heard that the Revolutionary Army decided to siege the Capital of the Empire, many people in his village rushed toward the Capital of the Empire to help the Emperor defend the current government.

Tatsumi didn't want to fight against the elders in his village and if both of them were really fighting he wouldn't be able to raise his weapon against them. However, if that really happened then he was going to stand up together with the people in his village.

Watching Tatsumi's smile who was talking with his friends through the crowd, Najenda frowned, walking slowly toward the crowd, and wanted to hear what the soldiers thought about the current government.

"His Majesty is very awesome!"

"Courageous and fearless!"

"In fact, what touched me the most was when I saw the images of everyone in the Revolutionary Army pulling Tyrant from the air down together. We could work together to kill the ancient dragon-like Tyrant together. Then isn't it possible for both of us to work together to build this country together?"

"It might be easy to pull down a dragon, but it is difficult for a million soldiers to pull His Majesty from his throne... His Majesty is very powerful and there is also General Esdeath..."

"I really hate this kind of war, but I still have an old mother in my family... but if I don't participate in the Revolutionary Army, the Revolutionary Army will not send any food to my family..."

"His Majesty only attacks the rich and noble people who are evil in the Empire. People often call him a bandit, but the Revolutionary Army also immediately seized the wealth of us without discrimination in the towns. Everyone in my family is law-abiding people, and we haven't done anything bad, so why should the Revolutionary Army rob my family? What is the difference between them and bandit?"

"What? Is there such a thing?"

"Well, the situation is better now, but I feel very awful when I think about it..."

"Come here, and forget about a bad thing, let's toast!"

Such words, when they came out from the mouth of people had made the Revolutionary Army changed, they weren't the representative of people again, but a representative of darkness.

Can they give them a better life than the current Emperor?

Najenda smiled bitterly.

The war is no longer necessary and the Revolutionary Army isn't the opponent of the Emperor.

The Emperor now represents the people.

Najenda grabbed a liquor and drank it on the nearby bonfire, the soldiers next to her applauded and praised her for the heroic Revolutionary Army leader, but she was very bitter at this moment.