Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 568

Volume 1 Chapter 568 Settle The Thing Between Two Of Them

The Dragon Feast was being held for a day and night.

There were more than 10 million people who attended the Dragon Feast together, including the soldiers of the Empire, Revolutionary Army, and a lot of ordinary people in the Capital.

Everyone tasted the meat of the ancient dragon Tyrant.

With the end of banquet, there was only a huge skeleton left in this dragon.

Haru had planned to build a huge history museum to place the skeleton of Tyrant and also recorded the history of this Dragon Feast, letting the future generation know about this matter.

Of course, the construction of the museum wouldn't be started after the condition of the Empire had been stabilized.

Haru thought that at least this country needed a few years before everyone could live without worry about eating and job in this country.

There was also another thing such as Dr. Stylish's Teigu which was inside the body of Tyrant hadn't been disgested by this dragon.

Haru, of course, took this Teigu back since it was quite useful Teigu for a doctor.

After the banquet, the soldiers of the Revolutionary Army were stationed outside of the city.

Najenda, as the representative of the Revolutionary Army, was the one who followed Haru to enter the palace.

It is no longer necessary to start a war between the two of them.

Haru is a good Emperor and very dedicated to his people, so why should they try to pull him down from the throne?

The purpose of the Revolutionary Army has been achieved and that is to make everyone in the Empire live happily in this kingdom.

Now, Najenda wanted to inquire about Haru's governing policy and the future development of the Empire. If there was nothing wrong, then she would withdraw the soldiers of the Revolutionary Army and let it join the current Empire.

Haru nodded and didn't mind. He sat down on the throw and watched Najenda join with everyone in the discussion about the Empire.

The kneeling ceremony was abolished by Haru. He was coming from the modern world and it was quite uncomfortable to see someone kneel on himself. However, his people didn't accept it since he was an Emperor. It was normal for people to display their respect for him.

In the end, he decided to change the kneeling ceremony into a salute. Everyone also agreed with it, and Haru also felt better about it.

Najenda sat down while looking at Haru who was sitting on the throne.

For the discussion about governing the country, Haru spoke directly about the thing that he knew in his original world.

It was quite a tiring decision since the matter of governing policy wasn't something that could be settled quickly.

Haru also divided the future administration of the country into five aspects.

In the first aspect, the military needs to pay attention to the quality of the soldiers and use the scientific method of military training to make them have better discipline and strength.

Haru also didn't want to have trash to become a commander because of their connection in the military.

No one mentioned that Haru also used his connection as Esdeath's wife at this moment.

The second aspect is to organize soldiers, dorm trade unions in the Empire, organize a special squad to remove the Danger Beast that is harmful to humanity, especially the people within the Empire.

In the third aspect, repairing the infrastructure of the Empire such as bridge and rides, starting from the Capital of the Empire ensuring the roads of the Empire become wide and smooth making it easy for people to transport from place to place within the Empire.

The four aspects are to encourage farming and educate the farmer on how to grow healthy crops every season.

The five aspects are education for the people in the Empire.

In addition to these five aspects, Haru also said a lot of other things, such as technology (he wants internet or at least a communication device), medical skill, medicine, transportation such as train since he felt weird for people in this world could develop missile, but couldn't create a train to make the business in the Empire became more prosperous.

However, he knew that all of these things couldn't be hurried and needed to be done slowly.

After Najenda heard the governing policy and future development of this country, she gave him directly all the soldiers of the Revolutionary Army to the Empire.

Haru's authority had become stronger once again after the Revolutionary Army had joined him.

However, after the Revolutionary Army joined him there was another problem that appeared once again.

The largest religious organization known as the Path of Peace decided to strike the Empire and started their rebellion.

Haru had forgotten that the number two person of this religion was Honest's subordinate. He didn't hesitate and ordered the army to attack them and struck them down without hesitation. His army had become stronger after the Revolutionary Army had joined and he wouldn't show mercy at the people who endangered his position.

"Let me come," Haru said. Even though a lot of people had tried to stop him, he ignored them and joined in to strike down this religion. He also wanted to escape from the paperwork since his hands were very tired. He was glad that Dr. Stylish's Teigu could be very helpful in this situation.

Another reason was that Esdeath was the one who personally led this army.

Haru and Esdeath joined together along with Jaegers, and Akame who joined them made the largest religion in this country known as The Path of Peace almost destroyed and the people who had tried to rebel him had been wiped out without a trace.

"Let's have a date," Haru said to Esdeath before they came back to the Empire.


Esdeath was silent while showing her shy reddish smile and nodded. "Good, let's go."

Haru knew that the relationship between the two of them was very good and if he asked her to marry him then she wouldn't hesitate, but to make her accept him to have another girl was a different matter and that was why he decided to bring her to date for few days to talk about a lot of things.

However, he had to admit that Esdeath was very cute at this moment.

The two of them quietly went out together without anyone noticing since someone would definitely stop them from having a secret holiday.