Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 569

Volume 1 Chapter 569 Esdeath 1

Haru decided to bring Esdeath to the famous hot spring inn that was famous for remedial benefit. "You're alright with the hot spring, right?"

Esdeath looked at him and asked, "Why do you think that I'm not good with hot springs?"

"Your power is ice, so I thought that you're not good with hot temperatures," Haru said.

Esdeath shook her head and said, "No, I'm alright with it."

"That's good," Haru said with a smile.


Esdeath was in silence at this moment and thought that his smile was really good and he was a perfect husband for her, but the only thing that made it the problem was that this guy was too strong for her to control. She also knew that a lot of girls were very close to him such as the female members of Night Raid, Seryu, and even a village girl that she didn't know whose was her name.

Esdeath was wondering why Haru suddenly asked him for a date, however, she was confident with her beauty and knew that he would choose her. She moved her hand and held his hand at this moment.

Haru looked at Esdeath who suddenly held his hand, but didn't say anything. He only smiled and thought to enjoy this date with her.

During their journey, they talked about a lot of things to get to know each other better such as their favorite food, favorite beverage, and even their favorite torture methods.

Haru didn't comment on anything about her method of torture, but besides that, he didn't have any complaints about this woman.

If Esdeath wasn't in war or fight then she was a very sweet woman and that gap between cold and sweet made her very cute for him.

Esdeath was also having fun since she had found a lot of unexpected side from Haru. At first, she felt strange why this guy was very cold and when she knew the truth that he was using his name to get an official position in the Empire. She couldn't help but become angry when she thought calmly. The more that she felt that Haru's nerve was very strong to be able to do that. However, for him to be strong was normal since she had decided to take him into her mate.

Along the way, they had tried a lot of food, playing around, laughing, talking, and did a lot of things before they had arrived at the hot spring hotel. Even though it was quite late, the hotel was open and they were also quite lucky since they were the only guests in this hot spring.

Haru went to the separate hot spring pool than Esdeath. He felt that it was too early for him to engage in that kind of thing with her. No, he was afraid that his little brother was being cut down by her sword if he really dared to do something perverted, but that was alright since he could relax in this place. He hadn't had time to take a break and it felt very good when he didn't need to be bothered with conversation. He entered the warm pool and the entire muscle of his body was relaxed. He put his towel on his eyes and relaxed.

It was at that moment that someone entered the pool.

Haru hurriedly took his towel away and turned surprised wat he had seen. "Esdeath? Why are you here?"

That's right, Esdeath.

Haru didn't understand why this woman was suddenly here.

"Huh? What's wrong?" Esdeath didn't show embarrassment while looking at Haru's body.

Haru had to admit that Esdeath's body was very good and he covered his little brother hurriedly since it stood up from watching her before looking away. He really wanted to see her again, but he didn't think that the price was worth it.

Esdeath chuckled looking at Haru's reaction, however, she couldn't laugh when she saw the big bugle that was hidden under the towel. Even though he tried to hide it, it was simply impossible with that size. She didn't think much afterward and also entered the pool together with him.

"Why are you here? Isn't the female bath on the side?" Haru asked with a confused expression.

"It's alright, I have told the owner to book the entire place for both of us," Esdeath said.


Haru thought too much and decided to not think too much. "It's good to spend a day in a relaxed way like this sometimes."

"That's true," Esdeath said while stretching her body. She looked at him and asked, "So do you have something that you want to tell me?"

Haru looked at her and tried hard to calm himself, but Esdeath's voice made him calm down instantly.

"Was it about our battle before? It is impossible for you to tame me, so you want something else?" Esdeath asked.

"Impossible to tame you?" Haru said while raising his eyebrow.

Esdeath seemed proud and moved closer. "Yes, it is impossible to tame me."


Haru and Esdeath looked at each other for a while. At first, it was quite tense, but the atmosphere became strange and dubious.

Haru knew that if he followed the flow then it wouldn't be impossible to kiss her and bring her to the bed, but he knew that Esdeath wanted him fully.

Esdeath closed her eyes and moved closer at his lips, but stopped when she heard his voice.

"Esdeath, there is something that I want to say to you first," Haru said.

Esdeath opened her eyes and asked, "What? You like me, right? I also like you, what's wrong?" She didn't understand what made him hesitant.

"Yes, I like you, but can you accept that I also have other women besides me?" Haru asked straight and decided to not be too wordy. He knew that he needed to ask this question since it was a very important thing.


The warm pool suddenly became cold at this moment while Esdeath looked at him with a stern expression.

Haru knew that he was f.u.c.k.i.e.d up at that moment.