Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 57

Volume 1 Chapter 57 Jail

Haru and Yuri went home together. He accompanied her to the station and went back after he saw her train coming. She had said that she wanted to talk about her plan to live in his house to her parents. He only nodded and didn't really mind either way. He knew that this girl wanted to live in that house because she had a lot of memories in that house.

"I'm home," Haru had arrived in his apartment.

"Welcome home," Sora said while eating ice cream.

Haru, who saw her eating ice cream, couldn't help but ask, "Can you give me some?"

"Sure," Sora gave him her ice cream.

Haru ate her ice cream from the same spoon, "It's good." He was a bit surprised with the taste since it was usually quite normal but this time it had a different taste.

"This is a bit expensive," Sora said.

Haru felt that this girl was quite spoiled. He shook his head and decided not to overthink. He sat beside her and looked at his phone. He was curious about the new quest and had read some of the descriptions about the quest. He only knew that one person needed to go to the world of One Piece and invited one member there. He opened the group chat and saw that the group was quite rowdy since there was a mission.

Gintoki: "I'm going to become the pirate king!!"

Kuroneko: "Alright, we need to get Luffy."

Yajima: "I'm fine with it."

Tsunade: "Aren't you a bit hasty? He is very stupid."

Haru read the chat but didn't join immediately. He agreed with Tsunade but at the same time, it was quite interesting to have Luffy as their new members.

Kuroneko: "@Haru, where is he?"

Tsunade: "I'm sure he is probably with a girl."

Gintoki: "Now, that you mention it, I heard some strange voice coming from his room before when we were in your house, Tsunade."

Yajima: "Hohohoho, he is really young."

Haru twitched his lips while looking at the group chat.

"What are you looking at?" Sora who sat beside him asked a question since she saw his expression was quite interesting.

"Nothing, it's just my friend," Haru answered.

"Hmm," Sora nodded and continued to eat her ice cream while watching the television.

Haru shook his head and hurriedly replied, "Alright, I'm here, please don't talk about strange things, let's talk about the mission first."

"He is here, he is here," Kuroneko replied.

"Alright, Haruka-kun is here," Gintoki replied.

"Hmm, that's true, we need to talk about this quest first," Yajima replied.

"Who is knowledgeable about the world of One Piece?" Tsunade replied.

"Me," Kuroneko said.

"Me +1," Haru answered.

"Me +1," Gintoki told.

"Hmm, Kuroneko shouldn't do this quest since she doesn't have power and the world of One Piece is very dangerous," Yajima said. He had read One Piece from Kuroneko and had a bit of knowledge about it since she had shared it earlier with everyone.

"I agree," Kuroneko answered. She still remembered the things that happened in Konohagakure before. She was very helpless and became a burden for everyone.

"I don't think I'm very suitable to go there, I don't want to fight with someone who had devil fruit power, I also don't want to kill people if possible, the other things should be timeline and location, we're not sure which timeline and location that we will be transported in the World of One Piece," Gintoki said.

'Timeline and location, huh?' Haru thought that it was quite a problem. He knew it would be dangerous to be sent in the middle of Cake Island during the Big Mom's crazy eating.

"I don't think, I can stay alive in the world of monster," Gintoki said.

They were in the middle of a dilemma who should enter this quest.

"I'll be the one who does the quest," Haru said.

"Is that okay?" Yajima asked.

"My skill is very good at running away and hiding, I can also hypnosis someone," Haru answered.

"Hmm, your light magic and 'Sticky Fingers' from the last reward should help you to escape easily from a lot of places," Kuroneko said.

"Alright, good luck, Haru, also can you invite someone from the Straw Hat Pirate? I'm their fans, also I hope you won't die in this mission," Gintoki said and added, "Safety first."

"Thank you," Haru answered. He started to think who should be invited to the Group Chat in the world of One Piece. He thought it would be suitable to invite Luffy since there would be a lot of fun adventure later. He told them that he needed to prepare for his journey. He did a light warm up with light magic, 'Sticky Fingers', and swordsmanship to get ready for his quest.

Haru took something that he needed and kept it inside his body. He was glad that he had received a Sticky Fingers since it helped him to keep a lot of things in his body. He had read Jojo Vento Aureo and he knew there was a lot of development that could be used Sticky Fingers. He also bought a normal katana from the group chat. He wanted to buy a zanpakuto but it was too expensive. He placed his daily needs in his body and he was ready to enter the world of One Piece.

Haru took his phone and started to write, "I'm ready to go."

"Alright, good luck," Kuroneko replied.

"Good luck," Tsunade replied.

"Good luck +1," Yajima replied.

"Good luck +1," Gintoki replied.

Haru opened the quest and pressed [Accept] button on the quest.

[Quest Start!]

Haru was engulfed by light and he was teleported.


Haru opened his eyes but he felt very dizzy. He tried to hold on to something and made himself stable. He really hated this teleportation since it made him uncomfortable. He used his light magic to make himself invisible since he wasn't sure where he had been teleported. He didn't want to be killed suddenly in this place.

'Where is this?' Haru looked around and saw a lot of things in this place. He thought it must be a warehouse or something since he could see food, clothes, and a lot of things. He heard a sound coming from the outside and decided to wait in this place. He was considering whether he should hypnosis or made this person fainted when this person entered this room. He waited in the warehouse patiently until the door was opened. He saw a man wearing a militaristic-styled uniform with sunglasses.

"Hmm, let's see, what should I cook today?" The man said and closed the door. He looked at the collection of the food in this warehouse with an excited expression.

Haru knew this uniform and had an idea where he had been teleported. He didn't need to hypnosis him and decided to smash him. He opened his zipper and walked slowly while taking out his wooden sword. He was right behind him and smashed his head to make him faint.