Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 571

Volume 1 Chapter 571 Announcement

Haru and Esdeath had come back from their date and as expected that there were a lot of ministers looking at him with an angry expression, especially Chouri was annoyed since Haru had left him with a lot of works.

Haru didn't tell them the truth and told them that he had met an enemy on the trip since he was sure that they would get angry at him again if he told them that he went on a date with Esdeath.

After he went back to the Capital of the Empire, there were a lot of things that he needed to do such as disbanding the Night Raid group.

Akame decided to join the Jaegers and often participated in missions together with Kurome. Both sisters were very happy since both of them were on the same side and didn't need to fight each other again in the future.

Tatsumi went back to his hometown with Sayo and Ieyasu since he couldn't wait to see the change in his hometown.

Najenda joined the current Empire and held the position of general of the military.

Haru didn't care much about her origin since what he wanted was a talent and Najenda was a talent.

Both Lubbock and Bulat also started a new career in the Capital of the Empire.

The Imperial Police was led by Seryu Ubiquitous, and under her led the Imperial Police had become a very disciplined and clean organization.

The evil people, criminal, and anyone who had done bad things in the Empire had decreased and it was very rare to see them, and that was why the female member of the Night Raid was very idle and became unemployed.

Sheel who didn't have any talent besides killing and had always caused a mess because of her clumsiness.

Haru had decided to give her a very leisurely career with a good salary in the palace since he couldn't bear to let this clumsy woman go outside. He was sure that she would receive a lot of complaints from her boss if she was working under someone else. That was why he decided to let her work in the palace.

Leone had gotten a large sum of money to develop the slums in the Capital. She had said to him that she would become a millionaire and would change the situation in the slums.

Only both Mine and Chelsea, after seeing the money that had been given by Haru, seemed to be very irritable and angry. Both of them cursed Haru as a bad wolf, bored with the old and decided to throw them, then cursed him for being shameless and irresponsible.

Haru knew what they wanted, but it was hard to make them stay after what he had told Esdeath before. He wouldn't be shameless enough to bring them as a member of the Imperial harem in front of Esdeath.

After the Path of Peace was defeated, the Empire was once again stabilized.

Haru had found a Teigu in this religion, but he didn't care much since it wasn't powerful Teigu.

Haru had become the Emperor in this Empire and his authority had become very solid.

No one would rebel and everyone would recognize him as an Emperor.

Then when the Empire had steadily progressed for the better and everything had been stabilized, Haru could take a breather for a while then he also announced something to everyone.

"I'll marry General Esdeath as the Empress of the Empire!"

In the hall of the palace, Haru announced this matter to the ministers.

At this time, Esdeath who was standing as the head of the General of Military, had a blush on her face and seemed to be quite shy, but felt very happy about Haru's announcement.

Haru had promised Esdeath and it was better to do it as soon as possible.

The officials who heard this matter couldn't help but praised the decision of the Emperor since the combination of both of them was perfect in their eyes.

Only Chouri, who was the prime minister of the Empire, was full of sadness. His daughter who seemed to fall in love with the Emperor also wanted to marry the Emperor, but he knew that this matter was impossible with Esdeath as Emperor's wife. He knew that it was impossible to marry his daughter as a Queen position, and he couldn't help but sigh at this moment.



The cup was being broken by Chelsea and her expression turned very ugly. 'BASTARD! BASTARD! HOW CAN YOU MARRY ESDEATH!"

Chelsea remembered the days that she had spent with him, even though it was only a few days, but it was a very unforgettable day for her. She knew that at first their meeting wasn't good, and had a lot of disagreement, but the more she stayed with him the more she realized how good it was to be with him.

The first time she knew him was when she read about his information and when Haru jumped directly to launch an attack on the air on the Night Raid.

The second meeting was in the hot spring, at that time, Haru was in an invisible state and grabbed her chest with his hand.

The third time was more memorable since both of them had stayed together in bed having a good time together. She had to admit that the compatibility between the two of them was very good and she had thought that both of them would be together for a long time.

Chelsea was confident that Haru would choose her, but she didn't expect him to suddenly announce that he would marry Esdeath. She thought that Haru was a jerk and she felt very uncomfortable when she saw the smile on the face of both Haru and Esdeath. She thought for a while and decided to create a mess for both of them after their marriage or else she wouldn't feel better.