Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 572

Volume 1 Chapter 572 Marriage

Haru wouldn't believe that he would get married this soon, and the first woman that he had married wasn't someone from his original world, but Esdeath who was coming from this world.

Megumi, Sora, and Utaha were too young and it might be a bit weird to ask them to get married in their teens.

'For Tsunade...'

Haru thought for a while and wasn't sure whether Tsunade wanted to get married, but he could ask her later when he had gone back to his world.

The only person who had asked him for married was Esdeath, even though he wasn't sure, but he decided to agree to it.

The only thing that he was troubled about was how to manage both worlds at the same time since the timeline between the two of them was flowing at the same time.

Haru really hoped for a reward that was able to make the time where he stayed would be slowed down making him able to stay in his original world in a more comfortable way since his home wasn't only in one world.

Haru had always wondered whether his decision was right asking Esdeath for a marriage, but when he saw Esdeath in the wedding dress.


Haru was stunned and felt that all of the doubt in his heart had disappeared.

Esdeath smiled sweetly and felt a bit shy looking at him, but she was also happy since it was one of the best days of her life.

Haru swore at that moment that he would make this woman happy for life. He held her hand and walked toward the priest for the ceremony.

Along the way, Haru could see a lot of women that he had entangled together in this world.

Mine, Chelsea, Seryu, and even Sayo looked at him at the same time.

Mine had an angry expression on her face.

Seryu had a sad expression on her face.

Sayo had a forced smile on her face.

Only Chelsea was looking at him with a weird expression.

Haru wasn't sure what Chelsea was thinking at that moment, but he didn't think much and he knew that he shouldn't be thinking about another woman in this important moment. The only woman that he was thinking should be the beautiful woman in front of him.


Haru knew that he couldn't give her all of his love, but this was the best thing he could do for her right now. Of course, he would also give her a lot of love during their first night. He could see the sweet smile on Esdeath's face and couldn't bear to kiss her, but he knew that he needed to wait.

The ceremony started and both of them started with their marriage vows before kissing each other.

After the wedding ceremony being held, Esdeath entered the palace first since she didn't want to talk too much with the guests.

Haru was the one who entertained the guests, but he also didn't stay too long since his wife had been waiting for him. He entered his room to see his beautiful bride and sighed once more thinking about how lucky he was.

Esdeath was sitting at the end of the bed, her silver-blue hair long hair reached the bed, her big blue eyes were full of affection, and there was still some nervousness on her face.

The gap between her usual state and this nervous disposition made very cute.

"Esdeath." Haru moved closer and gently raised her chin.

Esdeath didn't make a struggle but closed her eyes slowly.

Haru also knew that the war had started and knew that he needed to show why he was being called a harem protagonist. He moved his lips closer and took her lips starting with slowly teasing her moving his hand toward her h.i.p.s and waist.

Esdeath shuddered with Haru's teasing from time to time.

It didn't take them long before they started to get violent.

Haru saw Esdeath's body was shaking several times and knew that it was the time, especially when he smelled something lewd from her private place. He took off her panties and ready to take his wife to heavenly pleasure.


Esdeath looked at Haru and asked, "Is it going to be fit?"

"Yes, you don't need to worry," Haru said. He was a veteran and very good at mating.

Esdeath nodded and believed in him.

Haru gave Esdeath a gentle kiss while nibbling her lips before inserting his anaconda after looking at her firm expression inside her honey pot. He had expected that Esdeath would have a violent tendency, but he didn't expect to be this much, but he also understood Esdeath's reaction when he saw blood coming out from her private place.


Esdeath scratched Haru's back along, biting his shoulder until it bled.

Haru could only bear it for a while before moving to the location, giving her the most pleasure to change the pain into pleasure as soon as possible.

"Husband! Husband! Husband!"

Before long her m.o.a.ns started to reverberate in the entire room, Esdeath who felt an indescribable pleasure could only m.o.a.n. She was helpless and didn't expect him to be this skillful, but at the same time, she really thought that it was one of the perks of marrying him.

Haru was really glad to be able to marry Esdeath since it might be the first time for someone to be able to defend this long against him in this war of pleasure.

They kept doing their acts for hours before Esdeath was too tired to continue.

Haru didn't force her and let her sleep using his arm. He kissed her forehead and said, "Good night."

"Good night," Esdeath said before sleeping with a sweet smile.

'Cute....' Haru thought before sleeping.


In the morning, Haru had been woken by his natural alarm and also had woken up Esdeath in process.

"I'll give you food to nourish your body," Haru said.

Esdeath nodded with a smile before continuing to sleep.

Haru went to the kitchen to prepare some food that was good to replenish Esdeath's blood after she had lost it yesterday.

Then suddenly someone hugged him.

"What are you making?" Esdeath asked with a smile.

"You're alright?" Haru asked her with concern.

"Yes..." Esdeath said while moving her hand toward his anaconda.

"You're playing with fire, woman," Haru said.

"Oh, really? I'll freeze that fire," Esdeath said with a smile.

Both of them had a tacit understanding and started another war that wasn't worse than yesterday in the kitchen, however, suddenly there was a cold voice that disturbed them.

"What are you doing?"

Haru was startled when he heard this voice and turned to see Esdeath was there standing.

Two Esdeath?!

Before long, Esdeath, who was being pinned down on the table, had changed into Chelsea who looked at him with a smug smile and a bit of flush trying to gasp her breath since their fight was too fierce.


Haru knew that he had been trapped at this moment and said, "Uh... all of this is a misunderstanding..."