Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 574

Volume 1 Chapter 574 Invitation And Reward

Esdeath didn't expect Haru to be part of a group and she had thought a lot of things that there might some mystery that she didn't understand in this world, but it seemed that it was bigger than she had thought.

Haru told Esdeath the general information of the Group Chat since he had decided to invite her since he knew that they needed a powerful member and Esdeath was the perfect candidate for that.

Esdeath was also his wife that made him able to chat with her later when he was coming back to his world.

Esdeath was stunned, but her expression turned excited the more she listened to Haru's story. "You're serious?"

"Yes, there is another world besides this world, and I'm also from another world," Haru said.

Esdeath thought for a while and asked, "If you're coming from another world then how can you know me?" She felt it weird since she knew that Haru was using her name to cheat everyone in the Capital.

"Well, how to say..." Haru thought for a while and felt that it was difficult to tell her.

"Hurry up and tell me!" Esdeath said.

"Calm down, let me explain." Yuuki sighed and said, "In another world, you're a story."

"Story?" Esdeath raised her eyebrow.

"Not just you, but also me," Haru said. He started to explain the concept of the multiverse and told her that in another world they might be a story or they might not appear in another world.

There are a lot of coincidences in this world, and in another world. There might be an intersection between worlds that cause them to appear in another world with different forms.

"So there is a story of me in another world?" Esdeath asked with curiosity.

"Yes." Haru nodded.

"So if there is no you, what will happen to me?" Esdeath asked.

"You're going to die," Haru said.

"......" Esdeath was silent when she heard it.

"Your existence is similar to a devil king or big boss of criminal in the story," Haru said.

"Who killed me?" Esdeath asked.

"Akame. She used a secret technique while also sacrificing one million soldiers of the Revolutionary Army along with several Teigu users to end your life," Haru said.

Esdeath nodded and said, "That might be possible." She looked at Haru and asked, "What about you? You have said that there is a story of you too, right?"

"Well..." Haru was a bit embarrassed to tell her that he was a harem protagonist and also had an i.n.c.e.s.tuous relationship in his story. Even though in his original world, there was some difference, but it was really hard to tell about his identity. "There is nothing special in my world, and everything is peaceful."

"Really?" Esdeath raised her eyebrow and felt that it was hard to believe for someone who was living in a peaceful world to have such strong fighting ability.

"It is because that I have joined this Group Chat that I have become stronger, but before that, I'm just a normal student and writer," Haru said. "You can also come to my world later."

Esdeath smiled and said, "That's a good idea, I want to see the world where you are born."

"It isn't only my world, but you can also visit a lot of worlds," Haru said.


Haru started to tell Esdeath the member of the Group Chat along with their worlds.

Esdeath nodded and became very interested in visiting the world where the members of the Group Chat were staying, especially Toriko's world and Haru's world. She closed her eyes and started to imagine going to Toriko's world and hunted a lot of beasts together with Haru. She couldn't help but lick her lips when she thought about the food that he could cook with those special ingredients. "What are you waiting for? Invite me!"

"Do you want to be in a hurry? If I invite you now then I need to come back in three days to my world," Haru said.

"...." Esdeath raised her eyebrow and asked, "Do you have to come back to your world?"

Haru nodded and said, "Remember what I told you before we got married?"

Esdeath realized something and asked, "So those three women that you have talked to before are in your original world?"

"Yes." Haru nodded.

"You have been away for a few months, is that alright?" Esdeath asked.

"Well, time is stopped in my own world," Haru said.

"Interesting." Esdeath thought for a while and asked, "Who is the leader of this Group Chat?"

"Me," Haru said and pointed at his finger.

"You're the creator of this group?" Esdeath asked.

Haru shook his head and said, "No, I'm not the creator. I'm not even sure who the creator is."

"Hmm... This is getting more interesting," Esdeath said with a smile. "Well...." She stood up and sat down on Haru's lap. "Stay for more days before you invite me." She wanted to spend more days with her husband first.

"Hmm..." Haru nodded with a smile.


In the few days, Haru invited Esdeath to the Group Chat and his mission in this world was officially over. He also missed his home since he had stayed quite a long time in this world, but before that, he had decided to open the lottery first since it was possible to open his reward in this world. He decided to stay in this world for the past three days since he couldn't bear to leave both Esdeath and Chelsea.

Haru opened the random gift that he had received and raised his eyebrow when he read the price that he had gotten.

[Congratulations, you have gotten "Time and Teleport application Group Chat"]


Haru read the description of this reward and felt that the luck that he felt had been lost for a while seemed to come back at him once again.