Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 575

Volume 1 Chapter 575 Tell Us Your Story

[Congratulations! Sadist General has joined the Group Chat!]

Haru suddenly appeared in the class once again and this time he felt that he almost fell down on the ground. He twisted his chair and stabilized his balance sitting down normally without causing anomaly to everyone. He felt that he was watching a movie too much before he teleported to the quest.

"Sigh... I have thought that you'll fall down on the ground," Runa said with a sigh of relief.

Haru smiled and said, "Well, I might have been a bit sleepy last night."

"What's wrong? Are you nervous about becoming a student council member?" Runa asked.

"What do you think?" Haru asked while raising his eyebrow.

"...." Runa squinted her eyes and said, "I'm not sure, but it feels that you're making fun of me somehow."

"How come?"

Both of them chatted with each other before it was their time to join the announcement ceremony to announce their position in the student council.

Well, they're not the main characters today and only the minor characters in this ceremony.


Every student in the Hyakkaou Private Academy was very tense, curious, and wondering about their new student president council. Even though they knew from the rumor that there was someone who had won the bet of student council president's position of this school yesterday, but they hadn't seen the new student council president.

Everyone had gathered in the hall while waiting for the new members of the student councils to start their announcement.

Some people were jealous and also wanted to become the student council president, but they shut their mouths when they heard the amount of money that was used to bet the position. Well, even if they didn't have that amount of money, they were also jealous of three people who had also joined the student council.

They felt that those three people were lucky to have a close relationship with the new student council president.

Haru was sitting together with Kirari who was waiting for her entrance at the podium. He didn't care much about what everyone was thinking at this moment and was more cornered about the reaction of the members of the Group Chat after they saw the announcement that the new member had joined.

Kuroneko: "Huh? Sadist General?....."

Kuroneko: "Don't tell me that, is it Esdeath?!"


Everyone in the Group Chat was startled when they heard it since they knew how horrible Esdeath was in the story and wondered why Haru had decided to invite her. Even though they had to agree that Esdeath's power undeniable, but a matter of moral was a different matter.

Sadist General: "So this is a Group Chat? Everyone in this Group Chat also knows me?"

Tsunade: "Yes, everyone knows you."

Sadist General: "Well, that's good so that I don't need to introduce myself."

Shinobu: "No, you should! I want to make sure whether you're evil or not."

Sadist General: "It seems that you have a problem with me joining this group?"

Shinobu: "If someone has read your story then isn't it normal to think that you're a bad guy who will kill someone without blinking their eyes?"

Sadist General: "Well, that's their problem to be weak. Weak has no right to decide the matter between their life or death."

They knew very well that the weak didn't have a choice and could only be suppressed by the strong, but it was hard to accept such a thing.

The guys didn't say anything and were afraid to join the chat and knew very well that the tension between girls in this Group Chat was very intense. They were afraid that they would be killed by Esdeath and wondered why Haru had decided to invite such a woman into the Group Chat. They had thought that it would be Akame who would join their group, but they didn't expect that it would be the last boss of the story who would join them.

Haru: "C'mon everyone, Esdeath isn't bad, she is very gentle."


Everyone was speechless at this moment. They felt that Haru had their heads messed up after he had finished his quest.


If Esdeath is gentle then the cruelest people in their world would be the gentlest people in their world.

Sadist General: "Husband, it seems that I'm not welcome here."

Haru: "Well, I haven't told them the reason why I have chosen you."

"Wait! Wait! Wait!"

Everyone clamored at the same time at this moment when they saw how Esdeath had called Haru in the Group Chat.

Yajima: "Husband? What is this Husband?"

Tsunade: "Haru, explain!"


Every male in this Group Chat also realized that this harem protagonist had done it once again.

Haru didn't hide anything and wrote his reply to the Group Chat.

Haru: "Let me introduce you to our new member. She is the strongest person in her world and also the General of the Empire. Esdeath."

Haru: "For your information, we have married each other during my mission."


Sadist General: "Nice to meet you."

They had a premonition before, but it still surprised them when they heard from Haru's mouth that Esdeath was his wife.

Kuroneko: "H - How....?"

Haru wanted to answer, but his shoulder was shaken by Kirari.

"Haru, let's go," Kirari said with a soft voice. She thought that Haru was quite tired after crashing the car that had followed yesterday.

"Alright." Haru nodded before he replied to the chat.

Haru: "I'll answer later since I'm a bit busy right now." He placed his smartphone back in his pocket and followed Kirari along with all of the members of the student council to announce their new president along with the new members.

In the group chat, they saw that the light which showed that Haru was active on the Group Chat had turned off. Even though they were curious about how Haru and Esdeath had become a wife and husband, they were also curious about how Haru had conquered the Empire. They wanted to ask, but it was hard to ask Esdeath since they were unfamiliar with her.

Tsunade: "Esdeath, is it?"

Sadist General: "Tsunade, right? I have heard of you from Haru."

Sadist General: "You're also his woman, right?"


Everyone was speechless at this moment, and Shinobu and Kuroneko were surprised at this moment.

Tsunade: "Let's talk about that later, can you introduce us more? Tell us how Haru has completed the mission and married you in the process?"


Esdeath, who was in her room, smiled and thought that it was very interesting.

Sadist General: "I don't mind, though, it'll be a long story, is that alright with you?"


They answered at the same time and waited for Esdeath to start her story.

Sadist General: "First Haru is coming to Capital of the Empire deceiving everyone as my husband to gain a position in the Empire...."

The moment they heard this sentence they knew very well that choosing Haru to enter this quest was the right decision.