Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 577

Volume 1 Chapter 577 How To Make The World In Peace?

The school was over, and everyone went back to their house.

Haru was quite free at this moment, but he decided to go back early since it had been a while since he had met Sora and Megumi. He had missed them for a while and decided to cook dinner for both of them.


Haru was in his house and cooked a chicken curry while looking at the Group Chat.

Korosensei: "Incredible..."

Everyone agreed with Korosensei's reply at this moment after they heard the story of Haru from Esdeath.

The female members were surprised at how Haru had conquered the Empire, but the male members were more surprised at how Haru had made a woman who wanted to kill him into his wife.

They thought that they needed to learn something from him.

Kouha: "Haru, you're ready, right?"

Suddenly Kouha chatted with Haru since the day of the revolution in this army was quite nearby.

Kouha had confidence in Haru's skill to defeat that witch.

Haru: "There are still two weeks, right?"

Kouha: "Yes, but my brothers have told me that you better come early."

Haru: "I know. I'll come to your world, you don't need to worry."

Kouha: "I'll reimburse you with a point after you have come here." He had asked Haru's help and of course, he was going to reimburse him when Haru had come to his world.

Haru: "You don't need to worry about the teleportation since I have gotten a good gift from my last quest."

Kouha: "Oh-ho? What is it?" He was quite curious about Haru's reward."

Haru: "It's a free teleportation app."


Kouha didn't understand what Haru's gift was.

Haru started to explain about "Time and Teleport application Group Chat" that he had gotten from the last question.

This app is an app that is able to give him the ability to teleport to the world from the world without paying points.

In other words, it is free!

That isn't all of them since this app is also able to control the time difference in each world.

Haru had been troubled by this matter since if he left Esdeath's world then he would be leaving a long time and a lot of people would be very annoyed by him to leave a lot of things to them, but after he had gotten this app, he didn't need to think too much since he had set up that his world was 10 times faster than Esdeath's world.

In other words, if he stays in his original world for 10 days then he only leaves Esdeath's world for one day.

Well, but most importantly that he didn't need to pay anymore if he wanted to teleport from world to world and he also could bring someone to teleport to another world with him.

Even though he didn't receive a weapon, it was alright when he thought that he had gotten this gift from the Group Chat.

Kouha: "........"

Kouha: "Well, I don't need to worry about paying you a reimburs.e.m.e.nt to teleport to my world."

Haru: "You're not going to give me something after I have defeated your step-mom?"

Kouha: "She isn't my step-mom!"

Kouha: "She is a witch!"

Kouha: "Well, but I'll ask my brother to give you something, what do you want?"

Haru thought for a while and he didn't really have something that he wanted. "Well, maybe information about magic since I need to learn more."

Kouha: "I'll ask my second brother to do that."

Kouha: "But I'm surprised at how you have become an Emperor." He was very surprised when he heard how Haru had conquered the Emperor. It might sound dumb, but it was very effective, especially the part where Haru had deceived everyone that he was Esdeath's husband at first.

If he was the one who was sent to the quest, then he would send a meteor right away making everyone submit to him in an instant then invite someone who seemed strong enough.

Kouha also started to think about his brother's dream who wanted to end the war in his world.

Kouha: "Haru, what do you think about my world?"

Haru felt a bit weird because of this question.

Haru: "It's good, but it is a bit messed up somehow."

Haru's words were right since Kouha's world was being controlled by someone and every fate of people couldn't be decided by themselves, but it was being decided by that person.

It was quite messed up when someone couldn't even decide the fate of their lives and could only become a doll of someone on the high place.

Kouha: "Yes, but that matter can't be solved now since we're not strong enough."

Haru: "Well, what you need to do is to solve the problem in your country first then you can start with other else."

Kouha: "That's true, but I have one question for you."

Haru: "What?"

Kouha: "If you're one of the King in my world, how are you going to erase the war and bring peace to my world?"


Haru twitched his lips with this question.

Haru: "What's wrong with this serious question?"

Kouha: "Just answer me, I just wanna know your answer since you're also a king."

Haru raised his eyebrow and thought for a while.

Haru: "War is inevitable, and if someone has the power to dominate the world then they will start a war."

Haru: "In my world, the war is stopped because there is a nuclear weapon and people are afraid of war because of a nuclear weapon since that weapon is very dangerous."

Kouha: "So only power can solve the war?"

Haru: "No, my answer is different."

Haru: "You might think that my answer is dumb, but it might be possible to make peace between people if you're a family."

Kouha: "Family?"

Haru: "Yes, create a harem full of Queen in your world then the world will be at peace and if there is a problem you can solve it under a dinner."


Kouha: "That's quite a dumb answer."

Kouha: "But I like it."

Haru: "Well, the number of Queen in your world is quite low and most of the leaders in each country are male."


Sora and Megumi went back together and entered the apartment at the same time.

Haru smiled and said, "Welcome back."

Haru: "I'll talk to you later."

It had been a while since he met Sora and Megumi and he really missed them.


Kouha, who was with his brothers, was thinking about something.

"What do you think?"

Kouha thought that Haru's plan was quite feasible, but he knew that one variable that made turning everything into a mess.


Kouha wouldn't let himself and his brother trapped by that guy's trap no matter what.