Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 578

Volume 1 Chapter 578 Helper

It had been a month since Haru stayed in Hyakkaou Private Academy.

There were a lot of things that were happening in the past 12 days after he had teleported back to his original world.

From 22 October to Euro had fallen from 1.5024 to 1.4710 on 28 October giving him a profit of $ 65 million after being cut by a tax.

Haru had to sigh at how big the tax that was being placed on the forex was.

But that wasn't the only thing since he had also successfully bought the Shin-Keisei Electric Railway and Media Factory, Inc.

The process of buying two big companies was quite troublesome, but it was good that his team was the one who had made the transaction.

Haru had to admit that making Seri Awashima into his financial advisor was one of the best things that he had done before. He also needed to be thankful to Ritsu since she had done a lot of things for him.

Yes, a lot of things.

Success on forex and gold trade, buying two big companies and buying newspaper companies that almost in each prefecture in Japan, and there was a lot of more that had happened.

Haru's life was fairly peaceful since his information was very secretive and it was almost impossible for someone to know the address of his house or his cafe's address.

Everyone was very curious, but it was hard to search for any information about him.

However, all of that was being known in the Hyakkaou Private Academy and they didn't expect the transfer student who had just transferred for one month had done a lot of things in just one month, especially after he had appeared in the big newspaper and being debated on the television.

Haru didn't go to the school and stayed in either house or cafe, but he didn't go to meet with the customer directly and went to train his body here. He would go to Kouha's world soon and decided to stay out of his school for a while since the impact of the thing that he had done in one month was just too surprising.

No one would think a high school student would be able to do all of those things, but it had really happened.

Even though it was good to have money, it also wasn't good to have too much money since it would attract a lot of bad intentions.

That was why his information had been disclosed and it was very hard to search for his information.

Haru had decided to be low key in this situation and had prepared everything with Ritsu's help, but the situation was different from what he had imagined.


All of the things that were mentioned above didn't happen and all of his information wasn't being mentioned at all in the news. He thought that it might be because his grandfather had helped him secretly, and he was grateful for that.

The thing that was mentioned was only his Longinus Investment, Haru knew that someone had helped him secretly, and he was very thankful for that since he wanted to have a quiet life before he graduated from high school, but he knew that it was only momentary and once he had done something big again in the future then it was impossible to hide his identity, however, it was possible to hide other things such as school, home, cafe, and anything which might cause harm on himself or his closest person.

However, if his identity was being known then he had already prepared himself. He was the youngest billionaire and it was impossible to hide like a hermit during an internet age, especially when he was also a famous writer.

"You're not going to school?" Iwasawa asked.

"Not today."

Haru answered while punching the sandbag in front of him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


Iwasawa looked at Haru's body and blinked her eyes for a while. "It seems that being in school isn't as troublesome as I have thought since you can skip anytime."

Haru stopped and looked at Iwasawa. "Do you want to enter a school?"

"Well...." Iwasawa thought for a while and felt that she might regret it if she didn't go to school since she had a chance. In the past, she didn't, but when she thought about Haru who had helped her along giving her quite a good salary,

Iwasawa didn't think that it was impossible to reach her dream while she was in school.

"I might not be able to enter a good school such as Yuri's targeted school," Iwasawa said.

Haru shook his head and said, "Who says so? Shuchi'in Academy is recruiting either very smart or talented ones, you have a talent in music and you can enter that school easily."

Shuchi'in Academy is a very famous school in the country since it is only accepted by either very smart people or someone who has talent.

Different from Hyakkou who accepts children from rich, politicians, and influential people.

Both schools are very famous but their purpose is different.

Shuchi'in Academy's purpose is to nurture the students into the best, but Hyakkou's purpose is to make the student have a very tough mentality.

Both of them are very good schools and it is very hard to enter those two schools.

"Hey..." Iwasawa was quite surprised.

"That is why you need to give your everything during a winter concert," Haru said.

"Winter..." Iwasawa nodded.

In the winter, the game which was being made by Haru and Kosaka would be sold, and to attract the people during the Winter Comiket, they would also perform a concert there.

It was during that moment that Iwasawa would perform for the first time.

"What? You're nervous?" Haru asked with a smile.

Iwasawa snorted and said, "No, I have been waiting for this time."

"That's good." Haru nodded in response.

"Still, you're not tired?" Iwasawa asked. She knew that Haru had spent a few hours in the gym. She was wondering what kind of stamina this guy had.

Haru was quite tired since he performed shadow boxing while making his body heavier using his gravity magic.

It was at this moment that suddenly someone appeared beside them.

"Haru..." Shiina appeared and wanted to say something to him.

"What's wrong, Shiina?" Haru asked.

"Someone is looking for you," Shiina answered.

"....." Haru was wondering whether Shiina could be more talkative at this moment. He nodded and walked out with both Shiina and Iwasawa.

They went out and saw Iwasaw who was waiting for him there.

"Boss, you need to go to the Game Company since they have been waiting for the first project," Seri said.

"Calm down, Seri." Haru sighed since the only thing that made Seri quite troublesome was that she was too serious. "You're telling me that I'll go with this sweaty body?"


Seri looked at Haru who was full of sweat at that moment and looked away. "Then, hurry up and take a bath. You also need to go to school too!"

Haru felt that he had hired a nanny rather than a financial advisor at this moment. "Yes, yes."

"You only need to say 'yes" once!" Seri reprimanded Haru.


Haru was speechless.

Iwasawa looked at Seri and whispered, "This woman is very uptight."

Haru nodded in response.

"I can hear you," Seri said.


Haru shook his head and was going to the bathroom, but suddenly Kosaka appeared from the 2nd floor.

"I'm going to follow you to the game company!" Kosaka said with a serious expression.

Haru nodded and said, "Alright." He thought to show Kosaka why the smartphone game was a very profitable business.