Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 579

Volume 1 Chapter 579 Educating Him

Seri looked at Haru and Kosaka who were sitting in the front seat of the car. She was sitting in the back since she was sorting out the doc.u.ment on her bag. She had been working with Haru for more than two weeks and she realized that Haru was a genius.

Yes, genius.

Seri knew that Haru could lead this country and even the world in the future, especially when she saw all of his information was being hidden after what he had done in the past month. She knew that Haru must be coming from an influential family after seeing such an action.

However, at that same time, she realized how sloppy Haru's life was.

Seri didn't know how many times Haru had skipped the class, but that was inevitable since his business was quite a lot. She didn't need to worry too much about his school since he knew that his school was in one of the most famous schools in this country and that school also gave him a lot of special rights since he was part of the student council. She didn't know how Haru could become part of the student council with only one month of his transferred time, but what really troubled her was his sloppy life.

Seri knew that Haru was a playboy and she hoped him to change since she knew such a thing wasn't good for him.

In the past few months, she realized that there were a lot of things that were impossible to be done by her alone and the feeling of being helpless was something that she didn't want to feel that kind of feeling anymore.

It was when she had worked with Haru and saw him who was a genius at making money by speculating on gold and forex exchange, and also other keen business sense. She wanted him to become the most powerful person in this country and even in the world too.

That was why she didn't want him to turn into bad because of women's problems.

Seri had decided to educate him since she was older than him and it seemed that her education had worked since she didn't see him sleep with her neighbor again in the past two weeks. She knew that she couldn't do it in a hurry and needed to be patient.


Kosaka looked at the back mirror of the car and saw Seri's serious expression. "Your secretary is very serious."

"Her talent is undeniable though," Haru answered.

"Can we stop to fast food restaurants for a while? I want a Cola," Kosaka answered.

"Sure." Haru drove to the nearby fast-food restaurant and bought three Colas for the three of them.

"Drinking a soda right in the morning?" Seri asked.

"It is good, why not?" Haru said and drank the soda.

"Yeah, you're too serious," Kosaka said.

Seri shook her head and asked, "Haru-sama, what do you about the person that you have invited from other publishers? Is she going to agree with your offer to work in Media Factory?" She knew that Haru was inviting his past editor on another publisher to work at his company.

"She has answered, yes, we'll meet her tomorrow," Haru answered. He knew that Utaha had talked to Machida several times and he also helped her make her give up.

Machida would make her decision after she had confirmed that he really owned the Media Factory.

"Games, manga, novels, and music." Kosaka looked at Haru and said, "You need anime then you can conquer the otaku business in this country." She thought that her luck was good to meet him when she was drunk at that time.

"Do you have a plan to enter the anime industry too?" Seri asked.

"I have that plan, do you remember Evangelion's miracle?" Haru asked. He had to admit that Evanglion's ability to create money was incredible.

If he didn't remember it wrong an Evangelion franchise had made around seven billion dollars revenue. It was a very incredible amount of money for a work which was being made from an anime and it might be the only one in this world.

"You want to make an anime that is similar to an Evangelion?" Kosaka was surprised when she heard it.

"It is hard to create a masterpiece," Haru said with a sigh. He didn't remember that there was an anime that could produce a lot of money besides Evangelion in the past, but he knew that there was another anime that could create a similar phenomenon. He had decided to create that anime in this world and wondered whether he would also go to the world of that anime in the future.

Seri and Kosaka nodded, creating a phenomenon anime were very hard.

There were a thousand anime that had been created, but only one or two of them had created a legend.

"In this game company, you have decided to create a smartphone game, right?" Kosaka asked.

"Yes, I have made a plan for five games for now," Haru said.

"That much?" Kosaka was surprised.

"There are a lot of people there and is it better to make more," Haru said.

His Flappy Bird had become a great success, and the profit which was brought by this game was quite abnormal.

Kosaka felt strange why this bad game could create a lot of money, but she also understood how addictive this game was.

For Seri who was sitting in the back, she didn't think much since the price of this game company was quite cheap, and compared to Haru's net worth, it was something insignificant. She could think that it was also his hobby and she also knew that she had the talent in this area too. That was why she supported him to do this.

Seri also knew that 10% GDP of this country was being supported by the work of the creation of ACG (Anime Comic, and Game).

If it became a great success then it was good.

"Oh, right, I almost forgot that I'll go out for a trip later," Haru said.



"Well, to my friend..."