Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 580

Volume 1 Chapter 580 Mocking Bird

Haru didn't explain too much where he would go since he would go to another world. There was no way that he could tell them that.

It was lucky that they had arrived in the game company in a few minutes so he didn't need to explain too much.

The employee of this game company had been waiting for Haru to come and also greeted him with respect since they knew that they could only have this job because of him. Some people knew that Haru was a famous light novel writer, and couldn't help but think that Haru must have a good script to make a game, especially after they had heard his speech after deciding to buy this company before.

"Welcome, Boss!" Suguru said. He was the main programmer of this company and had been waiting for him to come since he knew that his boss had brought them a game idea to be made by them.

Haru nodded and said, "Gather everyone since I will talk about what kind of game we will make soon."

Suguru became excited and nodded. "Yes, Boss!"

Seri and Kosaka were behind Haru and they were also curious about what kind of game he would make since they hadn't heard of it before.

"Haru-sama, you have made a game before, right?" Seri asked.

"Yes, you might have played my game," Haru said.

"Really? What game?" Seri asked curiously.

"Flappy Bird," Haru answered.

"....." Seri was stunned when she heard it.

Kosaka couldn't help but sigh when she remembered Flappy Bird. "This guy only needed a few hours to make that game."

Of course, Seri knew about Flappy Bird since she had also played that game before. She remembered that the number of players in that game was very a lot and even though this game was very bad, it was a very addictive game. "I didn't know that you were the one who made that game."

"Well, you only have stayed with me for two weeks, it is normal for you to not know about it," Haru said.

"Haru-sama, can you tell me more about what business you have?" Seri asked.

"I still have a website, but let's talk about that later since I need to talk about the game project," Haru said.


Seri closed her eyes and didn't feel surprised anymore. However, she sighed and said, "If there is something important please tell me."

Kosaka shook her head and said, "Seri, you're too uptight."

Seri ignored Kosaka and kept looking at Haru.

"Yes, I'll tell you," Haru answered with a sigh.

Seri nodded with smile and seemed quite satisfied with Haru's answer.

Kosaka shook her head and looked at Seri. She was wondering whether this woman would go into his bed too late.

The three of them walked together and walked to the center of the office where Suguru had gathered everyone together.

"Boss, please..." Suguru said and looked at Haru. He didn't know why, but even though he hadn't seen Haru for a while, Haru gave him a really different feeling from normal people.

Not only him, but also another employee who had seen Haru before felt that Haru had changed somehow, but they couldn't tell what it was.

Haru nodded and smiled. "Thank you, Suguru." He looked at everyone and said, "Remember what I have said before that I have a lot of game ideas?"

They nodded at the same time since they remembered Haru's words before. They knew that the intention of Haru to buy this company was to create a game and Haru had a lot of ideas in his head.

"Before I tell all of you about what kind of game we will make, I need to make some announcements since I want to tell all of you what kind of development we'll aim for in the future," Haru said.

They looked at Haru with a serious expression when they heard it. They didn't feel that Haru was younger than them and felt that he had this aura that made it hard for people to ignore him.


It might be the right word to describe that feeling.

"The reason why I have decided to buy this company is that I know that all of you have experience in building a game for mobile phones, even though some of you might want to create a game for console or computer, but our focus is on the mobile phone."

"For the CEO of this company." Haru looked at Suguru and said, "Suguru, you'll be the one who leads everyone in this company."

"Yes, Boss!" Suguru bowed his head when he heard it. He didn't feel surprised since he had talked with him a few days ago.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Everyone clapped their hands when they heard it, but they didn't feel that surprised since they had expected Suguru would become their leader.

"Then the next one is that I want to create a healthy environment where all you can create a game that you love." Haru looked at them and said, "If you have a good game project then don't hesitate to tell Suguru about it."

"I promise you here that 40% of the net profit of that game will enter your pocket."

Clap! Clap! Clap!


"Long live, Boss!"

Everyone had become very spirited when they heard it. They knew that if they could really make a good game then they could become rich themselves.

Seri, Suguru, and Kosaka were surprised when they heard Haru's words since they didn't expect him to be this generous.

If it was a normal company then they wouldn't hesitate to squeeze their employees to create more profit for their company.

Even though Haru had a lot of ideas in his head, he was just one person. It was simply very hard for him to defeat an idea from a lot of people, rather than being stingy, it was better to share the benefit to the talented person since with such people in his company, even if he didn't do anything, the company would be prosperous.

With such a benefit, it would be also very hard for the competition to poach his employees since the benefit which he had shared was very much.

Besides, it would also make everyone became more spirited and happy, then they could create a better game for him and create money for him. Even though 40% seemed quite big, it was only from net profit, not revenue.

(If you don't know the difference between Revenue and Net Profit then let me explain... revenue is a total profit before being deducted from everything such as tax, cost of production, promotion, etc. Net profit is the opposite, it is the profit after being deducted from everything such as the thing which I've mentioned on the lines above).

It needed to be deducted before it reached the pocket of the creator of the game, but such amount of money was indeed a lot for normal people.

Haru suddenly learned that he had become a very smooth capitalist and seemed to be very kind and generous, but trying to squeeze down his employee in a more skillful way.

Interest and loyalty. That's the key.

"The next one is the name of this company."

"I'll rename the name of this company Mocking Bird!"

"In the future, everyone will know that all of the high grossing games are coming from our company!"

Clap! Clap! Clap!


You might hear some company which he has bought or created in real life.

Haru is living in our world during 2009, however, there is some change and difference in some sense it is also a parallel world...

He is going to buy a lot of companies using the money he has gotten from stock and forex to build his ambition that marries Sora.....