Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 582

Volume 1 Chapter 582 Grandfather?

"Is it alright for me to be heard?" Seri asked.

"Why not? I'm going to tell you what business that I have after all and it is better for you to stay for a while," Haru said. "You can take one of my cars later when you go back to your apartment."

Seri nodded and had gotten used to riding one of his cars, but it was her first time staying in his apartment. She looked around and felt that this apartment was fairly normal even though he had a lot of money. She looked at Haru who was in the kitchen cooking dinner. She knew that Haru was very proficient at cooking, but she wasn't comfortable sitting down on the sofa while her boss was doing the cooking. "Haru-sama, is there something that I can help with?"

Haru thought that Seri was uncomfortable to sit down while looking at him who was cooking. "Then, please wash the vegetables."

"Yes." Seri nodded.

They started to cook together and Seri had become more and more curious about him.

"What's wrong? You seem quite restless," Haru said.

"Do you live here alone?" Seri asked.

Haru shook his head and said, "No, I live with my cousin." He thought that it was better to introduce Sora as his cousin.

"Cousin? Where are your parents, Haru-sama?" Seri asked.

"They have left me first from this world," Haru said while cooking.

"I'm sorry!" Seri hurriedly said.

"No problem, you don't know after all," Haru said.

Seri looked at Haru and looked around once again. She thought that his reason why he often to go out for a woman was that it was too lonely in this apartment.

Haru talked to her to ease the strange atmosphere before and made Seri, who was usually very serious, laugh at this moment.

"Haru, I'm back!"

Suddenly the door opened, Sora and Megumi entered at the same time. However, they were surprised when they saw that there was someone beside him there.

"Who are you?" Sora became hostile when she noticed Seri there.

Megumi only looked at Seri curiously.

Seri also noticed them and bowed her head. "My name is Awashima Seri and I'm Haru-sama's financial advisor."

"Financial advisor?" Megumi and Sora remembered that Haru had talked to them before about his financial advisor, but they didn't expect that it was to be such a beautiful woman.

Haru nodded and said, "Well, I need to tell her what kind of business I have."

Megumi and Sora also became curious.

"Can I listen to it?" Megumi asked.

"Why not?" Haru smiled and said, "The dinner is almost ready, you should change your clothes first."


They nodded and went to Sora's room at the same time.

Megumi often had to stay in their house since her parents often left her on business trips.

"Two of them are your cousins?" Seri asked. She felt that Haru's type of woman was someone older and didn't think that they were his girlfriend.

"No, one of them is my girlfriend," Haru said.


Seri was speechless looking at Haru.

Then the door was opened once again and this time it was by his artificial intelligence secretary.

"Haru, I'm back," Ritsu said.

"Ritsu, welcome," Haru said.

"Ritsu, good evening," Seri said. Her relationship with Ritsu was very good and she also liked Ritsu. "The dinner is almost ready soon."

"That's good." Ritsu nodded and thought that she needed to tell Seri that she was a robot since it was troublesome to clean her body after eating human food.

Before long everyone gathered together in the living room with a lot of food on the table.

Haru had decided to make a hot pot since the temperature of the city was quite cold and it was almost winter soon.

"Let's eat first," Haru said.

They nodded and started to eat, but suddenly the bell of the door was being pressed.

Haru twitched his lips and stood up. "I'll answer it." He was wondering who had come to his apartment this late, but he was surprised when he saw the one who was coming to his apartment. He opened it right away and said, "Aunt, what are you doing here?"


Hiratsuka knocked Haru's head and said, "Don't call me, Aunt! Call me, Big Sister!"


Haru caressed his head and said, "Well, let's enter first. I have cooked a hotpot here."

"Brr..." Hiratsuka rubbed her body with her hand and said, "That's good! Do you have a beer?"

Haru rolled his eyes and said, "No, I'm a minor, right?"

Hiratsuka rolled her eyes and said, "Is there a minor who has a net worth of more than hundreds of million-dollar?"

Haru was a bit surprised and asked, "Do you know?"

"Of course! You little rascal! What have you done in the past month!" Hiratsuka was very startled when she saw the information that she had gotten from her father about him. She knew that her nephew was smart, but didn't expect to be a genius in the trade. "It is very hard to ask someone to hide your information." She knew a lot of people would have bad intentions after they learned his information.

"Grandfather?" Haru twitched his lips.

"That's right! You should come to Chiba sometimes," Hiratsuka said.

Haru didn't really want to meet his grandfather since his grandfather was very strict.

His grandfather was quite wealthy since his family owned a hospital in Chiba, but most importantly his grandfather was a very famous politician with quite an influence on the Liberal Democratic Party in Japan.

Haru had only met his grandfather during the new year every year when his parents brought him back to Chiba for a family gathering. He didn't really want to meet his grandfather because after what he had done in the past, his words might have been quite impulsive after his parents' deaths. He had also rejected them to go back to Chiba since it would mean both he and Sora would be separated and they also felt reluctant to leave this house too.

"He isn't going to ask me to live in Chiba, right?" Haru asked.

"Well, he is a very awkward man after all, and he won't bring you back to Chiba. You don't need to worry," Hiratsuka said with a sigh. "Let me enter first and let's have a talk after we eat." The temperature was quite cold and she wanted to enter the house.


Haru closed the door and took Hiratsuka's jacket before walking with her inside.

Hiratsuka looked at Haru and felt that he had grown up after she left him for a while before. She patted Haru's head and smiled before entering the apartment, but suddenly a word stuck on her mouth when she saw a lot of women inside the apartment. Her expression turned bad at this moment thinking that her nephew had a lot of unhealthy relationsh.i.p.s with women.

'Is this the reason why he doesn't want to go to Chiba?'

Thinking that of his nephew having fun with a lot of girls and women made her mood become gloomy all of sudden.

'I need to educate him more....'