Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 583

Volume 1 Chapter 583 Worry

"Aunty, how come you're here?" Sora asked in surprise.


Hiratsuka suddenly forgot about her nephew's unhealthy relationship and seemed very angry when she was called an aunty. "Aunty?!" She walked toward Sora and started to tickle her. "Who is your aunty?! I'm still 27 years old!" Even though she wasn't young anymore, she wasn't old.

"Stop! Stop! Stop!" Sora tried to move away from Hiratsuka.

"Call me, Big Sis!" Hiratsuka said.

"Ok! Ok! Shizuka-nee," Sora said while sulking.

Hiratsuka nodded and seemed quite proud. "Well, let's eat!" She sat down and said to everyone as if she was the owner of this house.


They were speechless but decided to eat anyway since they were quite hungry at this moment.

The dinner was quite fast and everyone seemed very satisfied with the dinner.

Hiratsuka wanted to take out her cigarette but stopped. "Haru, who are those two?" She looked at Seri and Ritsu at that moment.

"Let me introduce you to each other." Haru started to introduce them. "They're Ritsu and Seri. They're both my secretary and financial advisor."

"Secretary and financial advisor?" Hiratsuka couldn't help but sigh at this moment. She looked at her nephew once again who had done a lot of things in just one month.

"Also, she is the younger sister of my father, Hiratsuka Shizuka," Haru said.

"Hello," Ritsu and Seri said at the same time.

Seri looked at Hiratsuka curiously at this moment.

"Shizuka-nee, what are you doing here?" Sora asked.

"Isn't it because of your brother? He has done a lot of things in just one month." Hiratsuka seemed very annoyed and asked, "I've asked the father to stop the news about you in the newspaper and television."

"Why?" Sora asked.

"Because with the money that he has made in the past month, he will attract a lot of bad things." Hiratsuka looked at Haru and asked, "Have you thought of hiring a bodyguard?"

"Bodyguard? Isn't that a bit exaggerated?" Sora asked.

Hiratsuka shook her head and said, "No, in front of a large amount of money, there are a lot of people who will do anything to get them." She looked at Haru once again and said, "It is also a matter of your privacy and your life in the school won't be peaceful."

Haru smiled at this moment.

"Why are you smiling? Don't you think this is a serious problem?" Hiratsuka frowned.

"I'm just happy that you're worried about me," Haru said. He was wondering why there wasn't anyone who wanted to marry such a wonderful woman.

"...." Hiratsuka blushed at this moment and looked away. "O - Of course! You're my nephew! Who is going to take care of you when your parents have left?"


Sora and Haru looked at Hiratsuka and thought that their aunt was really cute.

"But you don't need to worry too much, Shizuka-nee," Haru said.

"Why?" Hiratsuka asked.

"Ritsu has helped me to make my identity hard to search and Sora has changed her last name into our mother's family name," Haru said. He didn't mind trouble on himself, but he didn't want Sora to be troubled by it.

The temptation of money is too big.

Haru wanted Sora to have a normal school life if possible.

"What? Sora has changed her last name?" Hiratsuka asked with a weird expression.

"What's wrong?" Haru asked.

"Well..." Hiratsuka scratched her head while thinking about something. "I guess it doesn't matter since the problem is in you." She looked at Haru and said, "It might be possible for Dad to make the media not put their attention on you right now, but if you succeed on your investment again then it'll be hard to stop them." She was also very surprised when she learned that her nephew had gained almost half-billion dollars in just one month.

The amount of money was so much that it caused a lot of people to pay attention to the investment company that was made by Haru.

Hiratsuka wanted her nephew to have a normal life until they had graduated from high school. After that, whether this naughty boy wanted to become a billionaire or something, it wasn't something that she should stop since it was the future that he wanted to do. She was afraid that it would affect Haru's mentality somehow since he had gained a lot of money.

"Shizuka-nee, do you want my investment to fail?" Haru asked with a frown.

"No! But a lot of attention will be put on you," Hiratsuka said. "I won't be surprised if a reporter or paparazzi is going to stop right in front of your apartment."

"This place isn't England or the United States, the reporter or paparazzi isn't that aggressive and I'm not that famous," Haru said.

"Haru-sama, can I say something?" Seri said.

"Sure," Haru said.

"If I need to correct you that you're very famous," Seri said.

Hiratsuka nodded and said, "Your face is handsome and better than any actor on the television, and along with your success on your investment, a lot of media will do anything to make you into their headlines."

Seri, Sora, Ritsu, and Megumi nodded at the same time.

"Haru, I want you to have a good normal school life," Hiratsuka said.


Haru felt that it was impossible to have a normal school life when he learned at Hyakkaou Private Academy. "I know that you're worried about me, but I don't need a bodyguard now. In my private life, you don't need to worry about anything since it won't be easy to get a scoop from me."

Hiratsuka raised her eyebrow and asked, "Why do you want to have a lot of money?"

"So in the future, I don't need to worry about money and can spend my time with my loved one," Haru said while holding Megumi's hand.

Megumi, who had been silent felt very sweet at this moment.

Hiratsuka sighed and said, "I guess that is impossible to stop you, but let me remind you that you really need private security to protect you."

"I will." Haru nodded.

"If possible, then you can buy this entire apartment for yourself," Hiratsuka said.

Haru only realized it now and said, "Buy the entire apartment?"


Hiratsuka's family name is different from Haru which is Kasugano because she is using her mother's family name which is Hiratsuka.

The reason why she does that? Well, it might appear in the future...

Another thing is his business, it is impossible to write with only a slice of life chapters when he's in his original world and I also want to make him rich.

His business won't be using advanced technology such as "I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World", or a "Start By Becoming Mangaka" who is only manga, anime, light novel, and game. In this novel, he's going to become the richest man in the world.

Hopefully, the copyright from the original world won't trouble me.....

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