Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 584

Volume 1 Chapter 584 It Has Been A While

"Ritsu, what is the valuation of this apartment?" Haru asked.

"It's about three billion yen," Ritsu answered. "Do you want to buy it?"

'Three billion yen...' Haru thought that it was more expensive than he had thought, but considering the land price in this country and the location of his apartment was at Chiyoda ward. He felt that it was normal, and decided to grit his teeth nodding. "Yes, can you help me?" He felt quite sad when he thought he would use half of his gain on the transaction before buying this entire apartment building, but he felt that it was necessary and it wasn't a bad investment since the price of a house would keep increasing in the future.

"Why not? I'll talk with the owner of this apartment," Ritsu said.


Sora was speechless, even though she knew that Haru had a lot of money, but it was very surprising to hear that he was really going the entire apartment. She thought for a while and decided to not think too much since she would stay with him forever. Rather than thinking that it was surprising, it was better to think about how it was a natural thing since Haru was awesome.

"What is your plan with your money?" Hiratsuka asked. She knew that her nephew was smart and decided to listen to what he was going to do rather than give him advice.

"I plan to both invest and buy some property," Haru said.

"House? That's good, you can become a landowner and rent your property," Hiratsuka said.

"No, railway," Haru said.


Hiratsuka was speechless and asked, "Really?"

Haru nodded and said, "I have wanted to buy one of the major sixteen railways."

"Why?" Megumi suddenly asked.


Everyone was very surprised at this moment and they looked at Megumi who was sitting right next to Haru. They were wondering since when she had been sitting beside him.

"She's been with us since the beginning," Sora said.


They were surprised that they didn't realize that she was right beside them.

"Investment isn't something stable and I need a stable income for my family in the future," Haru said.

Megumi nodded and understood.

Hiratsuka massaged her head and said, "Do you have a beer? I'm tired of this conversation." She knew that her nephew was a genius and it was better to not think too much.

"Is there something that you want to buy again?" Sora asked curiously.

"Hmm... I guess football club, baseball club, television network, movie, energy, and a movie theatre maybe," Haru said.


"I'm going to sleep here tonight," Hiratsuka said and went to the guest room.

"Haru-sama, can you talk about the details of what kind of company you want to acquire?" Seri asked.

"Let's do it tomorrow, I'm not in a hurry and it is already very late, why don't you go back soon?" Haru said.

"If you have bought the entire building of this company then can you let me live in one of the apartments? Of course, I'll also pay the rent," Seri said.

"Why?" Sora asked.

"Because it's going to make my work easier," Seri said. She didn't have anyone in her apartment and she was alone. It was better to live nearby to her boss and it had been a while since she had such a warm dinner.

"That's alright then," Sora said. She knew that it was hard to stop a female from getting close to Haru, and it was better to strengthen her fortress. She could see that Seri was very uptight and didn't feel that worried about her.

"You don't need to pay it though," Haru said. He wasn't stingy enough to let his subordinates live in one of the apartments in this building. Of course, it was also because Seri was a beautiful woman. He started to think that he needed to get more GT Robot from Toriko's world to become the bodyguard and security of this apartment.

They didn't talk too much since it was quite late.

Sora also decided to sleep early since she was grabbed by Hiratsuka. Even though sometimes she was annoyed, she also liked this aunt of hers.

"Haru, let's see the sky," Megumi said.

Haru nodded since he knew that it was one of the things that they had often done together.

Megumi sat down between Haru's legs and rested her head on his chest and hugged one of his hands.

Haru kissed her hair and whispered, "I love you."

Megumi smiled and said, "I love you too." She suddenly felt relaxed at this moment when she heard him whisper such words to her. She knew that nothing had changed after he had succeeded, but she also didn't feel that it was strange when he succeeded. "What about your game company, Haru?"

"Well, I have prepared five projects and you can play them later when you're being ignored by people," Haru said. He knew that Megumi loved to play games since she was often ignored. "It hurts! It hurts!"

Megumi stopped to pinch him and snorted, "Don't tease me." She had become more playful since she had dated him.

"You should show this kind of emotion more in the future since it won't make you be ignored again," Haru said. He was also helpless at how to make her presence more noticeable.

"It's okay as long as you keep noticing me," Megumi said.

Haru raised his eyebrow and hugged her. "Isn't it a bit cold here?"

"It is a bit warmer after you have hugged me," Megumi said while holding his arms.

Haru was wondering how a girl could be this cute. He had to admit that he really loved this position since her smell was very good. "You smell really good."

Megumi felt a bit embarrassed and tried to move. "Don't smell me."

"Don't move, just stay for a while," Haru said.


Megumi blushed at this moment and the temperature on her body also became hotter. "Haru..." She titled her head and looked at him with a shy expression.


Haru moved his head closer and kissed her lips tenderly.

Their kiss started with a chaste one then they kept playing until it started to become more playful.

They stopped and continued to look at the start while feeling each other's warmth.

Megumi felt very blissful and happy at this moment.