Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 587

Volume 1 Chapter 587 The Development Of Video Hosting Website

They went to the publishing company right away.

Media Factory is quite a famous book publishing company, however, its scale is smaller than the first-tier book publishing company in this country since it is fully focussed on publishing both manga and light novels.

Haru also had thought to publish a normal book in the future, but for now, he wanted to focus on both manga and light novels and made it the best company that would produce anime, manga, music, and games.

Why is he interested in this business?

Because the market of this business is very big and he also needs the IP (Intellectual Property) of the story in this company.

Haru knew that the quest in the Group Chat might be related to the work of something in the manga, anime, or even a movie in this world.

That was why he decided to win the company since he could learn the plot of each story faster than being a consumer. Being able to learn the plot faster meant that he could prepare the quest better before he entered another world for the quest.

The trip was quite good and the four of them went to the Media Factory since it had officially become his.

Haru had entered the company before and the employee of the company had also known him since it was also shocking news when they learned that their new boss was very young. However, at the same time, they were relieved since they knew that their boss was a writer and wasn't someone who was clueless in this industry.

Haru along with Utaha, Seri, and Machida went together and entered the office together before being greeted by the receptionist. They went directly to the meeting room where the executives of this company had gathered together.

Haru didn't change the personnel of this company that much since the result of this company was quite good, however, he also needed to check them and put his team into the department of finance.

The executives of the company had gathered in the meeting room and they had been waiting for him for a while, however, they didn't have an annoying expression on their faces since in their opinion this little company was only a toy for Haru. They had also met him a week ago when he went to visit this company and they wouldn't think that he was a high school student.

"Truth be told, that I'm very satisfied with this company," Haru said.

Seri, Utaha, and Machida were beside him and didn't say anything.

"I'll also put my novel in this company too," Haru said.

They knew about Haru's novel which was known as Sword Art Online and 5 Centimeters per Second since they had also tried to poach him from other companies, however, they didn't expect him to buy this company directly.

The talk between them was very smooth since everyone was familiar with the publishing book, especially light novels.

Haru didn't only want this company to publish a light novel, but also an anime, music, and games. He knew that the IP from the company was very valuable, especially those high sales light novels.

Then he also told them about his website that he had made and wanted them to take care of it.

His plan had always been to create a video hosting website, however, that website wasn't something similar to a youtube, rather it was more similar to a Twitch, Niconico, or Bilibili.

What is so special about this video hosting website and what makes it different?

Bullet screen.

Haru wrote those words on the board.


Everyone was confused by these words since they weren't familiar with it.

Haru started to explain about "bullet screen"

Bullet screens are a feature on video sites that allow real-time comments from viewers to fly across the screen like bullets.

Haru told them with this feature it would make the viewers on the website think that they were able to talk to each other (which they don't...).

They were very surprised by this video hosting project and felt that it had good prospects.

"But it needs a very big server."

One of the executives who was quite knowledgeable about the internet was quite concerned that the website would crash when there were a lot of people who accessed it.

"For the server, you don't need to worry since I own a computing cloud," Haru said. "No matter how many people will access our website, it won't cause a lag or crash."


Everyone was very startled at this moment.

"Haru-sama, tell me why you have never told me about cloud computing," Seri said with a serious expression.

"....." Haru blinked his eyes and said, "Let's talk about that matter later since I want to focus on this matter first."

"Yes." Seri nodded.

Haru continued with his talk to create the biggest community for animation, games, and music (ACG).

Everyone became more excited the more that they heard it.

Haru told them how to operate this website along with how to get revenue such as advertis.e.m.e.nt and subscription.

The conversation had become quite long and he also talked about a special method for someone to become a member of this website with answered 100 questions that they had prepared.

For the content, Haru said to use all of the anime that they had made in the company with also inviting a famous dancer, voice actress agency, idol agency, mangaka, and a lot of more while also explaining the benefit of joining their website such as more income and to advertise their new work.

Haru told them to discuss the regulation of the website with themselves along with setting up the price of the subscription.

The price of the subscription is very important since it can't be too expensive, but it also needs to give them a benefit

Haru thought for a while and said, "How about 540 yen per month?"

They thought that it was very cheap to only pay that much each month, but they also thought that it was quite a good price for the subscription.

If they multiply 540 yen to 10 million people then it means that their income can reach 5.4 billion yen each month.

It is also possible to become bigger in the future.

They also didn't need to pay the server since Haru had a cloud computing making the cost of the website less since it was Haru's company. (They need to pay too since it is a different business, but of course, the price is cheaper).

Of course, to attract people to subscribe to their website, they also need to have good content.

Their talk was quite long, but their eyes were full of spirit and they couldn't wait to set up a new division in this company.

"The next one, I want to set up a weekly manga magazine," Haru said.