Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 588

Volume 1 Chapter 588 Weekly Manga Magazine


Everyone was silent after they heard it. It wasn't that they didn't want to open a weekly manga magazine, however, it was too hard.

The competition between manga publishers is very fierce, especially the one that is published weekly.

In the past, they also wanted to open it, however, it was very hard to search for a good manga that could be used for their weekly magazine.

"Boss, we have a monthly magazine, however, the weekly magazine is very difficult to publish since other's publisher's weekly magazine's popularity is very big."

"There is also a matter that it is very hard to search for good manga."

Haru nodded and said, "So as long as we have a good manga, then is it possible to open a weekly magazine, right?"


They looked at each other and nodded.


If they had a good manga to publish then it was possible to make a weekly magazine, however, it was very hard to find them and most of the good mangaka had made a contract with other publishers.

"Boss, don't tell me that you're going to poach them?"

It was normal to think so since it was the easiest way to get a good mangaka into their magazine.

Haru shook his head and said, "No, I don't want to waste my money on them." He wasn't saying that the mangaka in this country was bad, but there was a lot of popular work in his original world that hadn't been published in this world. "I have planned a story here and you can hire an ill.u.s.trator letting them draw." He looked at Seri who brought his doc.u.ment.

Seri nodded and took out several manuscripts to the table.


Everyone was surprised when they saw a lot of manuscripts on the table.

"Go and make a copy of them then you can tell me your opinion about those scripts."

They nodded and hurriedly ordered their subordinates to create a copy of those manuscripts. Then after they got the copy, they started to read the title of those manuscripts.

One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Toriko, Slam Dunk, Hunter X Hunter, Fullmetal Alchemist, Yu Yu Hakusho, Pokemon, and Eyeshield 21.

Their hands trembled when they saw that there were 11 scripts right in front of them.

All of the executives in this meeting room had a lot of experience and they could see that each of the scripts in front of them was a masterpiece.


Even Machida, his novel's editor, was stunned since she didn't expect him to be able to create a lot of good script at once.

"You can handle the rest, right?" Haru asked them.

The 11 manuscripts that he had taken out were a manga with a hundred millions of sales, and the IP (Intellectual Property) of those mangas would create a lot of money for his company since it could be used to create an anime, game, music, merchandise, etc.


They answered without hesitation. They knew that the script was prepared by their boss, and they only needed to hire an ill.u.s.trator to draw them. They knew that the profit from those mangas would be very awesome.

Then they continued to talk about the weekly magazine and would target a young teen male as their market.

Haru also told them to make a weekly magazine for older people, but he told them to search the manga themselves. He was too lazy to write those manuscripts again and it was better to enjoy life.

They nodded and didn't mind it as long as they had a lot of popularity it was possible to create more weekly magazines.

There was also a video hosting website that they needed to prepare later. It would be very easy to advertise their product as long as this video hosting website was successful.

Haru had money, and it was better to use it for his business rather than letting it sit still on his account. He also introduced Machida who would become a senior editor in the light novel department, however, everyone in this place knew that they would need only to wait for a time before this woman would become the chief editor since she had his backing.

Seri also put her team to manage the finance team into this company.

Haru decided to go back since he didn't have anything to do now. "Let's go back."

Utaha nodded and seemed very docile at this moment. She thought that her boyfriend was really awesome and she didn't say anything in the meeting earlier since she was shocked when she heard his plan along with 11 scripts that he had brought out. However, she had to admit that he was really handsome when he was working.


Machida and Seri didn't go with them since they needed to work first in this company. However, they looked at Utaha with jealous expression at this moment and thought that the luck of this girl was really good. They looked at each other and felt that their charm didn't lose to Utaha and the thing that they lost to her was only their age.

'Is it age?!'

Machida and Seri looked at each other for a moment.

"Let's have a drink after we have got out of work."

The two women decided to have a drink later since they had a lot of things that they wanted to talk about and a lot of things that they wanted to complain about to their boss.


Haru was in his car and noticed that he had been stared at by Utaha.


Haru felt weird by this silent stare.

Utaha looked at Haru and wondered what was inside his head.

Haru looked at Utaha who was staring at him before moving closer, kissing her lips. He didn't kiss her too long and asked, "We're going to your house?"


Utaha nodded with a red face and thought that this guy was a bastard, but she loved this bastard.