Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 59

Volume 1 Chapter 59 Straw Hat Luffy

Haru walked around and he was still in his officer uniform. He felt very hot right now and he knew that he was on the fourth level of this prison.

Blazing Hell is the fourth level of the Impel Down in which prisoners are kept. At this level, a pool lies filled with boiling blood heated by a raging fire making it extremely hot. The heat caused by this is so intense that it also heats up the level directly above it.

Haru had quite a good resistance with hot temperature since his light magic also focussed on the high temperature.



"SHUT UP!!!"

Haru shook his head and walked calmly to not cause any suspicion on him. He wasn't sure when he would be able to meet Luffy. He didn't really want to invite someone from this place since he knew that they didn't have a lot of interaction with the story. He greeted some of the jailers and decided to look around since he was quite curious about this place.


Sadi woke up from her sleep and she took her whip while observing her surroundings. She couldn't find him and she clenched her whip tighter.

"Damn!!" Sadi slapped her whip wildly until she calmed down. She took a deep breath and went out to pick the jailer beasts to find him.

"Head Guard Sadi!!"

Sadi snapped and slapped her wh.i.p.s, "Call me, Sadi-Chan!!!"

The soldier who was slapped fainted on the ground.

The other soldiers sighed with this scene and started to tell the information about someone who had escaped from the jail and caused trouble on the Impel Down. They told her that the one who caused this trouble was Straw Hat Luffy, Buggy, Galdino, and Bentham.

"Please help us as soon as possible."

"Chief Warden Magellan has told us to gather together."

Sadi nodded and told them not to worry. She could catch him later and gave him a punishment to become a naughty child.


At the third level, both Mr. 2 and Luffy had just finished their fight with one of the jailer beasts.

"The fourth level is easy, you can see it on that giant wall," Mr. 2 said.

"Eh, really?" Luffy jumped toward the giant wall but he suddenly felt very hot, "Hot! Hot! Hot!"

"Yes, the fourth level is the blazing hell, this place is similar to a giant kettle if you descend what awaits you is a boiling lake of blood and a blazing sea of fire!!!" Mr. 2 explained.

Luffy listened to his explanation and asked, "You want to meet someone in this place right?"

Mr. 2 nodded, "Yes, I want to meet the Queen of Okama, Ivankov!!!" He started to explain to him why he wanted to meet this person.

Luffy listened curiously until he heard someone run toward them.


Mr. 2 and Luffy turned their heads and saw both Mr. 3 and Buggy run away from the jailer beasts that they had beaten earlier. Neither of them expected the endurance of this beast to be very strong.

"HELP US!!!" Mr. 3 and Buggy shouted at the same time.

The four of them didn't attack them, rather they ran away together. They were complaining to each other until they decided to attack this monster together.

It took the attack to stop this monster from attacking them.


The four of them were really happy since they could beat this monster.

Luffy explained to them that he wanted to go the fourth level to save his brother.

Mr. 3 and Buggy rejected his idea as soon as possible since it was very dangerous.

Luffy ignored them and Mr. 2 decided to dance around since he knew that both of them didn't have guts.

The four of them started to fight each other until the floor started to crack and they fell down together.




Sadi had been waiting on the floor between level 3 and level 4 together with everyone. She led her jailer beasts and was ready to catch the prisoner who had escaped from their jail.

Magellan was in his special place and ordered everyone to split into three groups. He would go to the fourth floor, left Hannibal to protect the stairs to the third floor and ordered Sadi-Chan to protect the fifth floor.

Sadi wanted to protest since she didn't want to defend and wanted to torture those prisoners. She also wanted to find him too.

"Not satisfied?" Magellan said while releasing his poison.

"N - no," Sadi and Hannibal said at the same time.


Haru heard a loud sound earlier but he wasn't sure what it was. He was still on the fourth floor since he wanted to see this place. He wanted to use his phone to start the group chat but he couldn't do it and he could only see the quest panel. He needed to complete his quest and came back to his world until that time he couldn't use his group chat.

Haru was glad that his time in the world stopped during his stay in this world. He didn't feel sympathy toward those prisoners since he knew that they had done a lot of crime before. But he later learned that they had been used during the prison break.

Haru knew that Luffy had entered the Impel Down when he heard the news from the walkie talkie that he had stolen from the guard earlier, "Hmm, they should have arrived on the fourth floor." He suddenly heard someone was running toward him. He turned his head and saw the main characters of this anime.

"Gomu Gomu no Pistol!"

Haru saw his hand became longer and moved very fast toward him. He twitched his lips and didn't expect his first meeting with him would be like this. At the same time, he wanted to test his power to fight him.

"Sticky Fingers!"