Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 590

Volume 1 Chapter 590 Who Is V.i.r.g.i.n Here?

Imperial Palace of the Kou Empire.

There were four people who stayed in this room.

They were Kouen, Koumei, Kouha, and Hakuryuu. The four of them were the princes of the Kou Empire and they were waiting for someone inside this room.

"Brother, I have asked Kougyoku about Magnostadt," Kouha said.

Kougyoku had been manipulated by Sinbad, however, they wouldn't do anything to her and decided to use that to manipulate Sinbad with false news.

Magnostadt which was the country of the magician had become quite relaxed since Mogamett who was the leader of that country had decided to make up an alliance with other countries, especially both the Kou Empire and Reim Empire.

The Sindria Kingdom, which was led by Simbad, didn't say anything in their alliances until Simbad had invited all of the leaders of both the Kou Empire, the Reim Empire, and Magnostadt for the world conference.

The Kou Empire knew that it was a trap for them since inside they had a tumor inside their country known as Al-Thamen.

Once every country in the world knew that the Kou Empire had let the terrorist organization inside the country, then they would become the enemy of the world, especially with Sinbad who would initiate everyone to attack them.

They didn't fear them, however, it was troublesome to have a war once again since they had decided to make peace with everyone.

"When is your friend going to come?" Kouen asked.

Kouha looked at his smartphone and said, "It should be in a few minutes."

"He's going to appear here?" Koumei asked.

"Yes." Kouha nodded.

"Can this friend of yours defeat that witch?" Hakuryuu asked with a frown. He wanted to end the life of that witch who was also his mother since that person had caused a lot of disaster for his family.

"His magic is very powerful," Kouha said.

Kouen nodded and said, "Let's wait for a while." He looked at Hakuryuu and said, "Hakuryuu, the only problem is your big sister now."


Hakuryuu was silent right now and wasn't sure what to do.

"The only thing that we can do is to prison her for a while until we can change her molecular composition," Koumei said.

Hakuryuu nodded and said, "That's the thing that we can do now."

They had prepared everything to end the life of the witch that had invaded their country.

This witch was known as the queen of this country and also the leader of Al-Thamen, Gyokuen Ren.

"Hehehe, why not let me kill that, Old Hag now?"

The one who had said those words was Judar who was also the Magi of the Kou Empire.

Judar was very happy when he knew that the four brothers in front of them had planned to end the life of Gyokuen Ren since, in his childhood, he had been tortured by her and her subordinates.

Kouen looked at Judar and asked, "Can you change Hakuei's molecular composition (Hakuryuu's older sister)?"

Judar snorted in response since he couldn't do it. His magic was strong, but he wasn't that knowledgeable in that type of magic.

"Gyokuen Ren is very strong and she has been living in the era of David and Solomon," Koumei said. He looked at Kouha and asked, "Until the end, this woman is still alive, right?"

"Yeah, that woman has lived in the era of David and Solomon or thousands or millions of years ago in the past," Kouha said, sighing. "She is immortal." He knew that Gyokoku was still alive until the end of the story, however, that woman would leave this place.


Kouha was quite speechless with the ending of the "Magi" since the world was being destroyed then the world had become a mess, but it was good since they wouldn't be controlled by something known as Sacred Palace.

The Sacred Palace is the realm where Ill Illah (lump of power without a will, which is responsible for all of the creation and phenomena of the world) originally was.

In another world, once someone controlled this place they could control the life and fate of everyone in this world.

"But this friend of yours, can defeat her, right?" Koumei asked.

Kouha looked at his smartphone and said, "Let's ask him since he is coming right now."


Everyone was confused by his words, but suddenly there was a bright light that suddenly appeared in the center of the room. They closed their eyes unconsciously before they heard someone fall down on the table.


"The heck?"

Haru who had been teleported to Kouha's wold was surprised that he had been teleported on the top of the table making his situation a bit awkward.

With the teleportation and time app in the Group Chat, Haru could teleport to the world where his friends were staying, however, he would be either to be teleported on the location where he had been there or the location where his friend was using the smartphone on their hands as a mark where they would be teleported.

Then he could also control the time difference in a different world.

Haru had decided to take a week's worth of trip, but it was worth 70 days since one hour in his original world was 10 hours in this world. He might decide to visit another world again when Kouha's problem is over.

The only downward of this app was that it gave him a bit of a headache and he could only teleport to the world where his friends were.


Kouha smiled and hugged him.

"Do you need to hug me?" Haru twitched his lips and sighed. He noticed that there were four people who were looking at him with a weird gaze.

"His name is Kasugano Haruka, and he is the helper that I have been telling you about," Kouha said with a smile. He wasn't sure, but he felt that everything was alright with Haru around him.


"You're that Haru?" Kouen looked at him for a while and thought that Haru was very young.

Koumei had seen him before and wasn't that surprised.

Judar snorted and said, "Kouha, I don't think that your friend can defeat that Old Hag!"

Hakuryuu looked at Haru and asked, "Show me your power." He wanted to know what kind of power made Kouha confident in Haru.

Haru looked at them and thought that it was a normal reaction since they had never seen him.

"Sure, but can you tell who is a v.i.r.g.i.n here?"