Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 591

Volume 1 Chapter 591 Avenger

This question caused the four of them to look at Haru with a strange expression.

Hakuryuu, Judar, Koumei, and Kouen suddenly thought how close the relationship was between both Haru and Kouha. They knew that Kouha had a quite feminine appearance and suddenly wondered whether both of them had that kind of relationship.


The four of them moved back for a bit from them.

"You can do whatever you want."

"I won't judge you."

"You should keep your relationship a secret."


Kouha and Haru frowned with their reaction.

"Why did you move back?" Kouha asked.

"You have that kind of relationship with Haru, right?" Koumei asked directly.

"That kind of relationship?" Kouha and Haru were confused.

"You're dating?" Kouen asked.


Kouha and Haru suddenly shuddered at this moment.

"Don't joke around!"

They said it at the same time.

"We're only close friends," Haru said.

Kouha nodded and said, "He has married someone." He looked at Haru and hit his shoulder. "Damn, why didn't you invite me to your wedding?!"

Haru twitched his lips and said, "I'm on a quest, right? That place is dangerous and my wife is also the big villain." He also didn't want to make too much mess in his kingdom in the world of "Akame Ga Kill".

"Anyway, what's with that question? Why do you need to ask that kind of question?" Hakuryuu asked. He didn't care about the relationship between Kouha and Haru since he thought that it was better to think about how to defeat his own mother.

"My magic only works best on non-v.i.r.g.i.n, for a v.i.r.g.i.n, they can resist my magic," Haru said.

"Is that true, Kouha?" Kouen asked.

Kouha nodded and said, "Yes, Brother."

Haru looked at Kouha and knew that Kouha was lacking some confidence in front of both of his older brothers since Kouha had a different mother from both Kouen and Koumei. "I can control my magic and the one who can follow me to fight against Gyoukuen Ren is only a v.i.r.g.i.n."


Hakuryuu nodded and said, "I'm a v.i.r.g.i.n, and Judar too."

"....." Judar was silent and didn't say anything since he didn't have that much interest in the opposite gender.

"Well, show me your magic first," Kouen said. Even though Kouha had said that Haru had an ability to defeat Gyouen Ren, he wanted to confirm it with his own eyes since in that case, he could think of another plan if Haru was unable to defeat her.

Haru nodded and said, "I'll start it now." He knew that it was better to show his magic as soon as possible.

Then suddenly a pink aura started to come out from Haru's body.

They felt weird, then suddenly both Koumei and Kouen shuddered and fell down on the ground at the same time.

"Big Brother!"

Judar and Hakuryuu were surprised.

Kouha looked at Haru and asked, "How many girls have you defiled with this magic?"


Haru twitched his lips and said, "Don't say it like I'm a criminal!"

Judar and Hakuryuu didn't care about their conversation and looked at both Kouemi and Kouen, however, the reaction of Koumei and Kouen made them startled and shocked.

Koumei and Kouen showed a lewd happy smile on their faces making losing the dignity that they often showed to them.

"S - Stop....!" Kouen tried to fight back, but he understood why Kouha was confident in Haru's ability.


Koumei couldn't think straight when he was hit by this magic since all he could feel was pleasure.

Judar and Hakuryuu only looked at both of them weirdly then looked at Haru who had made this situation happen.

Haru stopped his magic and felt a bit sick at this moment. He really didn't like to use this magic, especially on men since it felt very weird. He sighed and felt tired when he thought that he was using this magic on those two guys.

Kouha only patted Haru's shoulder and felt that he could understand what this guy was thinking.

Koumei and Kouen stood up once again with a bit of stagger before sitting down back at their seats. They looked at Haru with a serious expression and knew that Haru had very powerful magic, and they were sure that they shouldn't let Haru meet their wives and concubines in the future.

"Your magic is very powerful," Kouen asked.

"What is this magic?" Koumei said and felt a bit curious wondering whether he could learn it.

"This magic is known as "pleasure magic"," Haru said.

"Pleasure magic?!"

Kouen, Koumei, Hakuryuu, and Judar were surprised and knew that it was very incredible magic.

"So what is the effect?" Hakuryuu asked since he didn't feel anything from that magic earlier.

"The effect of this magic is simple and that is to put the target on extreme pleasure until they leave this world," Haru said.


Koumei raised his eyebrow and asked, "You mean to die by pleasure?" He knew that it wasn't something uncommon since a lot of people in this country, especially those rich people, died because of too much pleasure.

Haru nodded and said, "Yes, but the drawback of this magic is clear."

"Your magic isn't working on v.i.r.g.i.ns, right?" Koumei said.

"That's right."

Koumei nodded and said, "Then that isn't a big problem since Gyokuen Ren isn't a v.i.r.g.i.n."

Of course, Gyokuen Ren wasn't a v.i.r.g.i.n since she was a mother of five children. If she was a v.i.r.g.i.n, then where were her children coming from? Egg? Hospital? Well, the answer is clear, right?

Kouen smiled and said, "Interesting, then let's start the attack in five days." He looked at Haru and said, "I'll leave that woman to you."

"Don't worry, I'll help you," Haru said. He thought that he should visit another world to visit his friends after he had done with the matter in this world.

"I'll go with you," Hakuryuu said.

"Me too," Judar said.

Both of them were v.i.r.g.i.ns and Haru's magic wouldn't have an effect on them.

"Haru, is it?" Kouen looked at Haru.


"Do you think is it possible for you to control your magic so it won't affect me?" Kouen asked. He wanted to slay that evil woman by himself.

Haru shook his head since he didn't really train his "pleasure magic" that much. "I can't. I know that woman is very strong, and I need to use all of my power to do that." He had read "Magi", and knew that Gyokuen Ren was very strong.

"Is that so...." Kouen closed his eyes for a while before looking at Hakuryuu. "Kill her for me."

"You don't need to remind me of that."

Hakuryuu had been waiting for this moment and he wouldn't let go the chance to avenge his siblings.