Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 592

Volume 1 Chapter 592 Before The Attack

Haru stayed in the room prepared by Kouha. His appearance didn't cause that much of disturbance in the Imperial Palace, however, some of the servants were curious about him since Kouen, Koumei, and Kouha had told them to serve him fully.

Haru twitched his lips when they wanted to give him some maid to help him to handle the matter in that area, however, he decided to decline it since it felt strange for some reason. He took out his phone to chat with Tsunade since he would go to her world.

Haru: "You awake?"

Tsunade: "What's wrong?"

Haru: "I'm going to visit you."


Tsunade: "What?! What's wrong?"

Haru: "I miss you."

Tsunade: "Hmph! you are married, you don't need to care about me!"


Haru knew that this woman who was at the age of his grandma was very jealous when Esdeath announced that both of them had married to each other.

Even both Kuroneko and Shinobu didn't even talk to him, only Tsunade who seemed alright with it.

However, Haru knew that this woman smelled very sour of jealousy.

Haru: "I really miss you. I'll go to your world after the matter in Kouha's world is over."

Tsunade: "You're in Kouha's world? Why? How come that you're there?"

Haru: "I'm helping him with something about his Empire."

Tsunade: "I'm not sure what you're going to do, but be careful."

Haru: "Thank you, I'll be careful since I need to see you soon."

Tsunade only snorted in response.

Both of them chatted with each other for a few hours before he decided to sleep since it was already night.


Haru woke up in the morning and opened the window in his room. He was only wearing shorts and thought that this place was quite beautiful. He took his phone and chatted with Esdeath.

Esdeath: "Dear, when you're going to come back?"

Haru: "I have just gone for a few days, right?"

In his original world, Haru was only staying for two weeks, however, in Esdeath's world, he had only left for a day and a few hours.

Haru thought that he was very lucky to get this app reward since it made him able to teleport to another world while also controlling the time difference between the world with a maximum of 10 times difference.

The only thing that he was worried that he might get old quite early, but he thought that he might get a lot of reward in the future and it might make him able to live a quite long life while also maintaining his youth.

Esdeath: "I'll go to your world." She knew that she could teleport to another world and she was quite curious about Haru's world.

Haru: "I'm not in my world now." He also hadn't told Sora and Megumi that he had married someone and even though he knew that Esdeath wouldn't mind about either of them, he wasn't sure about the reaction of both Sora and Megumi, especially Megumi since he had hidden a lot of things from her. He needed the right timing to tell everything to Megumi.

Esdeath: "Huh? Where?"

Haru: "I'm in Kouha's world to help him with someone."

Esdeath: "Oh, fight?"

Haru: "Yeah, just a little war."

Esdeath: "I'm a bit curious about the power of the people in the world where you're staying."

Haru: "They do not match you." He knew how powerful Esdeath was, and how talented she was.

Esdeath: "How boring..."

Esdeath: "I've tried the Tower Game, is it very interesting and I've also gotten a lot of things."

Haru suddenly remembered the new feature of Group Chat which was known as Tower Game. Even though he knew that he would fight a monster, he hadn't tried it. He thought that he might try it after he had come back.

Esdeath: "I also want to go on a mission with you."

Haru: "The mission is dangeus."

Esdeath: "Is it more dangerous than saying that you're my husband when you enter my world for the first time?"

Haru was speechless and unable to answer for a while.

Then it was at this moment that there was a group of people who were wearing a white turban along with clothes that covered half of their faces. They also wore white clothes that covered every part of their bodies making it hard to see their appearance.

In the middle of them, there was a beautiful youthful woman wearing luxurious clothes.

Haru who saw this woman understood why the Emperor of this Empire seemed to fall in love with this witch since her appearance was beautiful.

It was also at this moment that they were looking at each other.

Those groups of people along with Gyokuen Ren looked up to see a young man who seemed to not be wearing anything.

Haru also looked at them, but only smiled and waved his hand before realizing that he was shirtless and hurriedly went inside to wear his clothes.


"Who is that?" Gyokuen asked.

They looked at each other and were unable to answer since they didn't know who this person was.

"If I'm not wrong, he is Kouha's friend," one of them said.

"Kouha's friend?"

They were quite surprised since Kouha had a very strange personality among the princes, no, all the princes in the Kou Empire had a strange personality.

Gyokeun only shook her head with a smile and said, "Let's go."

They didn't say anything and followed her back. They didn't know who that young man was, but it didn't really matter that much since they thought that Haru was really Kouha's friend.

In their minds, it had never crossed them that this young man could defeat them.


Haru who was inside the room wearing his clothes then suddenly the door was opened.

"Haru, let's go out! I'm going to give you a tour of this Empire," Kouha said.


Haru was speechless and continued to wear his clothes without changing his emotion.

"Let's go."

Haru was also quite curious about the Kou Empire since he hadn't come here and thought to buy some souvenirs before he went out.