Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 594

Volume 1 Chapter 594 End Of The Witch 2

"Sigh... I wonder why brothers have decided to send me to Magnostadt," Kougyoku said with a sigh inside the carriage.

"I'm sure the Princes have their own thoughts, Princess."

Kougyoku thought for a while and nodded. She stood up and said, "That's right! I can't let my older brother down!"

"Yes, Princess!"


Sinbad was in his room while thinking about what the Kou Empire to do after listening to Kougyoku's dialogue.

"Ja'far, what do you think the Kou Empire is going to do?"

Ja'far, who was one of Sinbad's trusted people, thought for a while and said, "Well, they might want to make their relationship with Magnostadt better, right?"

Sinbad didn't say anything and only tapped the table with his finger. He felt something strange, but he couldn't tell what it was.


Koumei was looking at Hakuei who was laying on the table with a lot of complex words around her body. He knew that the moment Gyokuen Ren lost her life, then his stepsister, Hakuei would become the next Gyokuen Ren. He couldn't change the very body of Hakuei at this moment, and that was why he decided to use magic and seal to stop Gyokeun Ren from entering Hakuei's body.

"Just wait for a while, Lady Hakuei," Koume said looking at Hakuei's sleeping face.

Then suddenly Koumei's subordinates ran toward him while telling him what had happened in the Imperial Palace.

"Is that so? The battle has started, huh?"

Koumei who was inside the laboratory was looking at the position of the Imperial Palace in the distance.


Kouen and Kouha stood up together along with a lot of soldiers by their sides looking at the Imperial Palace in front of them.

Then suddenly there was a pink aura that came out from the Imperial Palace then spread around the surrounding area.

"What is this?"

The soldiers were confused since they only heard that there would be a fight inside the Imperial Palace.

"Is it an enemy?"

Then suddenly some of them started to move forward, but they fell down on the ground while m.o.a.ning.

However, there were some people who looked at those people with a strange expression since they didn't feel anything after the pink aura touched them.

"Don't touch the pink aura! Especially those who aren't v.i.r.g.i.ns! The one who is a v.i.r.g.i.n helps those who have touched the pink aura!" Kouha said hurriedly.


This order made them feel strange and they weren't sure what to do for a while.

"If you don't help them then they will die," Kouen said. He looked at the Imperial Palance and really wanted to enter since he wanted to slay the witch with his own hand, but he knew that it was impossible. He had never thought that he really hated himself who had tasted that forbidden pleasure.


The soldiers who hadn't felt the forbidden pleasure hurriedly helped those people who fell down on the ground.

They didn't know what had happened, but they knew that the owner of this magic was incredible.


The pink aura that spread around and the people from Al-Thamen who were inside this aura felt struck by intense pleasure.


"W - What is this?!"

"S - Stop....!"

Haru closed his eyes while calmly using this magic.

This intense pleasure was so intense that it made them lose their lives in the process, those people who had lost their lives turned into matryoshka dolls and dropped them on the ground.

"I have seen this magic several times, but the effect is incredible, huh?" Judar said while looking around. He smiled when he saw those people starting to die one by one, but also felt that it was quite luxurious for them to die by pleasure rather than intense pain.

Judar smiled and said, "Hakuryuu, you're not going to let Haru become the protagonist of this battle, right?" He waved his hand and a lot of ice shards appeared around his surroundings making the temperature drop.

"DIE, REN GYOUKUEN!!!" Hakuryuu ignored Judar's words and charged toward Gyoukuen with his spear.

Judar only shook his head and shot out those ice shards toward those people of Al-Thamen killing all of them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gyoukuen was sitting on her throne while biting her lips. In her experience, it was her first time to see such perverted magic, but at the same time, her expression turned serious when she saw her subordinates die one by one because of this magic. "Die by pleasure, huh?"

Not even she could think that pleasure would kill her, but the result was the fact was right in front of her. She knew that she would die if she really didn't do anything right now. She looked at Haru and knew that she needed to end the life of that young man before she lost her life.

It was just at this moment, Hakuryuu swung her spear at Gyokuen.


A black spherical defensive wall suddenly appeared around her body protecting herself from Hakuryuu's spear.

Gyokuen smiled and said, "Dear Son, I'll kill you!" Then suddenly there was a change in her defensive wall. "Eight Headed Defensive Wall!" She created eight dragon heads from her defensive wall and focussed all of those heads toward Haru.

Haru, who closed his eyes, jumped away from his spot.


Gyokuen's attack was so fast and very strong that it struck him down in just a second.

Haru moved very swiftly dodging Gyokuen's magic. He wasn't sure how much resistance that this woman had, but he knew that it would take a few minutes more to kill her.

"F.U.C.K YOU, SHRIVELED OLD CUNT!!!" Judar swung down his wand while using his magic. "Black Thunder Spears!"

Black spear lightning struck Gyokuen.


However, that spear was blocked by Gyokuen's defensive wall.

Hakuryuu used his magic to trap Gyokuen with a wood.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Those woods were destroyed easily by the dragon head that was made by Gyokuen.

Gyouken tried to stand up, but it was very hard when she was hit by intense pleasure. Her breathing started to get heavier, but she didn't stop her attack. If this was a friendly battle then she didn't mind having fun with Haru, but it wasn't and this magic had decided to end her life.

"It isn't that easy to kill me!!"

Suddenly the surrounding Rukh (energy to use magic in Magi's world) was being absorbed and Hakuryuu couldn't use his magic anymore since he had lost his Rukh. "Judar!"

Judar hurriedly transferred Rukh toward Hakuryuu and asked, "Haru, you're alright?" He was a Magi and he had a lot of Rukh inside his body. He knew that the only person who could stop Gyokuen was Haru, and if Haru couldn't use his magic then their life would be over.

If that was the case then they could only use the second plan.

"I'm alright," Haru answered and thought that he might have underestimated Gyokuen's power, but it was alright since he knew that this woman wouldn't live that long.

Gyokuen who had absorbed the Rukh in the surrounding used her ultimate magic.

"Funeral Destruction!"