Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 595

Volume 1 Chapter 595 End Of The Witch 3

Magic attack from Gyokuen destroyed everything in front of her, however, that attack had missed since Haru had grabbed both Judar and Hakuryuu dodged that attack.

"Damn," Judar said.

Hakuryuu was quite surprised since Haru could dodge Gyokuen's attack, however, he started his attack once again by creating a dragon of wood moving toward Gyokuen with an intention to kill her.

Gyokeun bit her lips tightly until it bled, but she could feel the pleasure kept attacking her body intensely. She knew that she couldn't stop this pleasure and decided to run away from this place.

However, Haru didn't let her go and used gravity magic to make her body heavy.

Gyokuen felt her body was heavy then a wood dragon opened its mouth eating her whole, but she controlled the dragon head that was made using her defensive wall meeting this wood dragon.


Hakuryuu lost almost all of the Rukh in his body after using that attack.

Judar decided to become a support and transferred the Rukh inside his body into Hakuryuu. "You can keep using this perverted magic, right?" He looked at Haru at that moment.

Haru nodded and said, "Leave it to me." The only thing that he didn't lack was stamina and energy.

Gyokeun was unscathed from this battle, however, she knew that she couldn't win this battle and forced herself to run away from this place.

Haru frowned and kept using his gravity magic to stop her, however, Gyokuen could move away from this place.

"This stinky old hag is gonna escape! Do something!" Judar shouted.

Hakuryuu was panicked when he saw that Gyokuen wanted to run away and knew that there was only one thing that he could do to stop this woman from running away. "ACTIVATE THE SEAL!!!!"

Suddenly there was a golden light covering the entire Imperial Palace and sealed all the magic inside this place.

Haru twitched his lips at Hakuryuu who was too panicked, and suddenly he couldn't use his magic anymore. "Damn, why do you use this seal?"

Judar also couldn't use his magic anymore and also twitched his lips.

Hakuryuu looked at Haru and felt a bit wronged. "Don't you say that you can't stop her?"


Haru shook his head and looked at Gyokuen who had taken a sword from out of nowhere. He knew that Gyokeun was a master of swordsmanship rather than magic.

Gyokuen was beyond angry and charged toward Haru with her sword.

Haru took out his knife and raised it to block Gyokeun's attack.

Gyokuen was right on the top of Haru and said, "If you're not an enemy then I'm going to make you a toy for my pleasure."

"Get out of me, Old Hag!" Haru said and kicked Gyokuen away, but stopped right away since Gyokuen swung her sword and almost cut down his leg.

Hakuryuu came while thrusting his spear right into Gyokuen, however, Gyokuen blocked him and started to swing down her sword at her son.

"Come to your mother, Son," Gyokuen said while swinging down her sword.


Outside the Imperial Palace, they saw a golden light enveloped the entire place and caused the pink aura to disappear.

Kouen and Kouha looked at each other and knew that the situation had changed.

"Let's go inside and kill the witch that has invaded our Empire!" Kouen shouted loudly.



Gyokuen swung down her sword from the front, right, left, and it was very hard to predict her movement.

Hakuryuu knew that Gyokuen was very proficient in swordsmanship and he wasn't matched in sword against her.

Judar, who was in a situation where he couldn't use his magic, was useless since he had never trained his muscle and he was very weak in combat using his physical body. He could only stand on the side watching this battle unfold.

Hakuryuu and Gyoukuen kept fighting to each other using both spear and sword, however, Gyokuen had an upper hand in this fight.

"I'm not going to die in this place!"

"Can you hear that person's voice?"

"Are your ears so bad that you can't hear anything?"

"That person's voice has called me and I'll answer it!"

Gyoukuen as if had become crazed changing the sword in her hand turning it into a halberd.

Hakuryuu who lost his balance almost let go of his spear, but he grabbed it tightly and blocked Gyoukuen's halberd, however, Gyoukuen's swordsmanship was too fierce that made the hand which was holding this spear blow away.

Gyoukuen pushed Hakuryuu on the ground and smiled at him, however, suddenly she felt that she couldn't move her body. "What?!" She suddenly noticed a thin thread had trapped her entire body and made her unable to move.

Haru was holding Cross Tail at that moment and had laid a trap around this hall. "Judar, go and have your revenge, I have trapped her using my thread." He was very lucky to bring a Teigu in his body since he could use it for battle. However, he also realized his weakness and needed to think about how to fight when he had lost his ability to use his magic.

Judar laughed and said, "Good! I know that I can leave my back to you." He walked toward Gyoukuen and started to punch and kick her with a satisfied expression since he remembered a lot of things that this woman had done to him. "This is for what you have done to me!"


Gyoukuen didn't look at Judar; rather, he looked at Haru, who was using a thread to trap her. "YOU....!" She turned her head toward Hakuryuu who walked toward her while holding a spear. Her expression turned gentle and disbelief. "S - Stop, Hakuryuu, I'm your mother...."


Suddenly Gyouken's expression turned clueless and said, "Hakuryuu...? Hakuryuu... You... Where am I... What happened until now...."

Judar and Haru knew that Arba, who was residing inside Gyoukuen, had escaped.

"It seems that you don't understand." Hakuryuu swung down his spear and said, "I don't care anymore!"


Gyoukuen's head dropped to the ground then suddenly smiled before biting her tongue.

Haru read the future and knew what had happened after this. He hurriedly used Shambala and teleported to both Judar and Hakuryuu before leaving the hall right away.



Arba who had come out from Gyoukuen's body moved toward Hakuei, however, she was surprised when she couldn't enter Hakuei's body.


Arba saw that there was Koumei along with a lot of magicians around him then suddenly there was a hexagonal portal that appeared and teleported them away. She knew where they had teleported, but she didn't dare to go there since she knew that her opponent was stronger than she had thought and she couldn't handle them. She could only move away from the Kou Empire to go somewhere to obey what that person had told her.