Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 598

Volume 1 Chapter 598 Pleasant Talk

Two days later the head of the famous Clan in Konoha village gathered together in a meeting since Tsunade had invited them together.

From the Clan of Inuzuka, Hyuuga, Nara, Yamanaka, Akimichi, and Aburame sat on their seats waiting in the meeting room. They came quite early from the appointment time since they were very curious.

They were a bit curious about what Tsunade wanted to say, however, they were surprised when the one who initiated this meeting was Tsunade's boyfriend who had become a gossip in the entire village.

It quite surprised them when they heard that Tsunade had a boyfriend and it also made them doubt since Tsunade didn't have that much interest in a relationship for a long time and also considered her age, however, their doubt disappeared when they saw the gossip boyfriend was walking around the village.

They understood that it was an old cow eating fresh grass. The old woman was eating a handsome young man and was quite speechless.

"Did you think something rude?" Tsunade said while frowning at them.


They answered at the same time.

"Tsunade-sama, where is your boyfriend? It is very rude to make us wait," Tsume who was the head Clan of Inuzuka said.

"He is bringing the miniature of his plan to this meeting place with Shizune and will wait for a while," Tsunade said.

"Miniature of the plan?"

They became curious when they heard it.

Then the door of the meeting was opened and they saw both Haru and Shizune brought something with a black curtain covered in the outside of this thing made them unable to see what they had brought inside.

"Thank you, Shizune," Haru said.

"No problem," Shizune said with a smile and walked toward Tsunade.

"Hello, everyone, I know that all of you are unfamiliar with me, and that is why let me introduce my name."

Haru was wearing a blue kimono with glasses on his face making it very professional.

The Clan head of the family who saw him could feel the aura from a leader and made them unable to look away, at the same time, the only female clan head, Tsume Inuzuka felt jealous for Tsunade to be able to make such a young and handsome boyfriend.

"My name is Kasugano Haruka and I want to talk about business with all of you here," Haru said.

"Business?" They felt confused when they heard it. It was their first time to hear that it was about a business rather than a mission.

"Yes, a business where all of us are win-win having fun and profit together," Haru said with a smile.

"Why should we believe in you in this business?" Hiashi Hyuuga asked with a frown. He had only met Haru for the first time and he couldn't believe in him so suddenly.

Haru didn't feel angry and smiled. "Because I can do this business myself, however, I'm sure when I'm successful then all of you here are going to envy me then going to trouble my business."


"Okay, I can do this business myself with Tsunade as my backing, however...."

"I didn't do that since I knew that it was very bad to eat something alone by myself." Haru looked at them and said, "That's why I'm sharing this plan with you."

"Do you really have that confidence in your business plan?" Hiashi asked.

Haru sighed and felt quite annoyed by this Hiashi. "It's alright if you don't have an interest since I don't force you to be here." He looked at them and said, "Then, before I have started my presentation if any of you don't have any interest in this talk, you can go back since I won't any of you."


They didn't say anything since if it was really a good business talk then they would very much regret their decision. They decided to listen then if they didn't have an interest they could go back since Haru didn't force them to stay.

"Good, I believe that you won't regret your decision," Haru said and took out the black curtain that had covered the thing that he had brought.

The moment the black curtain was opened, they saw a miniature of Konoha village inside a box of glasses, however, they saw some building that they had never seen before.

Then Haru didn't make them wait and started to tell them about his plan. He had wanted to create an apartment inside Konoha since Konoha was known as the safest village in the world. He also made many kinds of apartments that gave a different value depending on the safety.

The deeper the apartment inside the village making it more expensive, and the apartment in the outer area was cheaper.

The head of each Clan became very interested in this plan.

Haru also talked about them regarding the department store that he had planned to build. He told them that there would be a lot of entertainment businesses along with a food court with a lot of food stores inside.

The head of the Akamichi Clan started to salivate when he heard about this food court.

Haru also wanted to talk about energy, but he didn't know much about the energy in this world and only knew that the people in this world were using chakra for their electricity made him quite jealous since it was free pollution.

That was why he was only doing an infrastructure business inside the village with all of them since it was one of the most profitable businesses and easy to do with a lot of people in authority.

Everyone in this meeting room could see that this business could bring them money. They didn't lack money, however, they had a lot of family members and to take care of those families the needed money.

Then they talked about their shares in this business, and of course, Haru and Tsunade had the highest shares, even though the difference wasn't that much since it was being divided by eight people.

Their conversation was very pleasant and they would start this plan right away as soon as possible.