Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 601

Volume 1 Chapter 601 Traditional Culture Club 1

Haru hurriedly closed the door of the student council room and sighed in relief.

"Hey! Let me enter!"

Haru opened the door and Runa also entered the room.

Runa sighed and said, "You have a lot of fans."

"I'm not a public figure..." Haru said with a tired expression.

"Is it? But you're very famous for short-selling gold," Runa said. She was also surprised when she knew how much money this guy had gotten and this guy had really bought a railway. She knew that Haru could become her husband's candidate, however, she knew that even though she was very close she was very far away.

Haru shook his head and walked toward the sofa inside this room resting since he couldn't get a proper rest in his classroom with a lot of people that tried to kiss his ass.

Even though there were a lot of children from rich people who came to this school, there were also normal people too. If this was a normal school, then there wouldn't be any people who noticed him, however, this school was different from normal and all of them often read the newspaper.

Haru also knew that it was normal to curry favor with someone with high standing since it was the easiest way to get the ticket to become the life winner.

Becoming a trusted person in Haru then when they had graduated, they would join him in his company.

They didn't have many wishes in their life and only wanted a stable life.

Haru was sure what those people were thinking. He didn't mind that since it was one of the ways for people to survive in this world. Becoming the subordinates of the strong, he didn't think that it was wrong, however, it was tiring to listen to how hard they were trying to praise him.

Runa also sat down on the sofa and laid on the side while taking a PSP. "Do you want to play a game?"

"Well, do you have another game console?" Haru asked.

"Here you go." Runa took out another PSP in her pocket and gave it to him.

"Thanks," Haru said and smiled.

"No problem, I have bought a new Mortal Combat," Runa said.

Haru raised his eyebrow and said, "You sure want to challenge me in a fighting game?"

"Hmph! Do you know what my nickname was during middle school ?" Runa said.


"Runa the Unbeatable," Runa said.


Haru was wondering whether Runa had a Chuunibyou (middle two disease) during her middle school time, however, he wouldn't ask that question since he was sure that it was part of her dark history.

Both of them started to play the game together.

The student council room was very quiet since the members in the second and third grade were pretty much boycotting against Kirari since they didn't accept that she had become the student council, however, that didn't really matter for Kirari since she had gotten the position of student council president, and whether they agreed or not it didn't really matter.

"I - I lost..." Runa said with disbelief expression. "D - Damn, let's play once again!" She couldn't accept this loss no matter what.

"Good, let's go to it," Haru said then the door of the student council was opened.

Kirari and Ririka entered the room together and they put their attention on Runa and Haru immediately.

"Now I understand why there are so many people along the way here," Kirari said.

"Yeah, sometimes becoming a famous person is quite troublesome," Haru said.

"Vanity isn't that bad, right?" Kirari said.

Haru nodded and said, "Vanity isn't that bad, however, too many people around are making you tired." His EQ was really high, and even though he could ignore them, he didn't do that since ignoring people wasn't good and smiling was also free. He could get their good favor with just a smile and why didn't he do that? He suddenly thought that with his popularity it wouldn't be hard for him to become a cult leader.

"Is it? Why you're not happy with a lot of girls who are coming at you?" Kirari asked with a smile.


Haru who saw this smile felt weird since it was scarier than her cold face that she had shown during the gamble with the previous student council president. "Happy? No, it's quite troublesome." He told the truth since it was really troublesome since sometimes someone had stolen a straw that he was used to drinking which made him think that there were a lot of creepy people around him.

If it was a girl then he didn't mind, but what if it was a guy? He shuddered when he thought about that possibility.

Kirari sat down in her chair and said simply, "I'll tell them to stay away from you."


Runa and Ririka thought that Kirari had become a dictator.

"No, you don't have to do something so troublesome. Besides your image might turn bad if you do that," Haru said.

"Well, after what you have done, it is quite normal for you to become very popular," Kirari said. She looked at Haru and said, "You should stay in this room then since the students of this school don't dare to enter this room."

Haru knew that, but he felt that it wasn't good to keep doing that. He thought for a while and said, "I might try to get one of the clubs in this school."

"Club? You're going to go for a gamble again?" Runa asked.

For the students in the student council, they didn't really need to gamble since they had also gotten money from managing the money circulation in this school.

It was also one of the reasons why the students in this school wanted to become part of the student council.

"Which club?" Kirari asked.

"Traditional Culture Club," Haru said. He had researched the club in this schools and felt that this traditional culture club was the most suitable one for him to steal since the location of this place was quite far from the main building and there was also a beautiful scenery in its surroundings.

However, the gamble in this club was quite bad and the result of the club was quite common.

"Is it because all of the members of that club are girls?" Runa asked.


Suddenly the room became quiet and all of them looked at him with a cold gaze.

"Let me explain...."