Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 602

Volume 1 Chapter 602 Traditional Culture Club 2

"Do you need to follow me?" Haru asked.

"Why not?" Runa squinted her eyes and said, "Do you think that we're going to bother you making a harem palace?"

Kirari and Ririka didn't say anything in response, however, they agreed with Runa's words.


Haru sighed and said, "Just follow me then, it is also good that there won't be any students who will bother me."


They walked together toward the traditional club culture and there were a lot of people who greeted him along the way, however, they moved away when they saw Kirari's cold gaze making them squirm in fear.

"You're very popular," Kirari said.


Haru wasn't sure, but her tone didn't seem to be that happy.

Then they arrived at the location of the club and had to admit that this place was very beautiful.

It was being separated by a bridge and located in the middle of the pool where there were a lot of beautiful koi fishes swimming around.

The building was made of sturdy wood, and the design gave a feeling that they had entered a different timeline.

This place was very quiet and also gave them a peaceful feeling.

Haru had to admit that it was a very good spot to sleep. He knocked on the door of the clubroom and opened it. "Excuse me."

Everyone inside the clubroom was attracted by this voice and turned back.


'Kasugano-sama?' Haru raised his eyebrow since he felt quite weird being called by this name.


One of them suddenly said something to the girl who had called him 'Kasugano-sama'.


Everyone in the clubroom nodded in agreement, then they were quite surprised when they saw that the four new members of the student council suddenly came to their clubroom.

"My name is Tsugumi Kuraiha, and I'm the Head of the Traditional Culture Research Club," Tsugumi said.

Tsugumi is a fairly beautiful woman with long black hair that reaches her back and wears a red and white kimono with a flower pattern on it. She is also wearing glasses giving her a quiet and bookworm girl image.

"It is quite rare for the new president to come here," Tsugumi said while looking at Ririka, however, kept glancing at Haru from time to time.

"It isn't me who is searching for you, but him," Kirari said while looking at Haru.

"Oh?" Tsugumi was quite surprised.

"Yes, I want to gamble with you," Haru said.

"Really? You want to gamble with such a small club like us?" Tsugumi opened her eyes wide. She knew how good Haru was at gambling, but she didn't expect him to suddenly come and ask him for a duel. "Umm... We're pretty much a weak club, why are you aiming for us?"


Haru felt that he had bullied them somehow. "Just listen first, I'll bet my student council position then you bet your position as a Head of the Traditional Culture Research Club."

"Umm..... why me? Aren't there a lot of stronger clubs?" Tsugumi was pretty much unconfident to have a match with Haru, especially when she heard about the amount of bet that he usually did had reached a billion numbers. She would be lying if she didn't have an interest in the position of the student council, however, if she lost then she was afraid that the money that she was going to pay was something that she couldn't pay in her lifetime.

Then suddenly she entered an imaginary state where she imagined that she had become Haru's slave and she was being toyed with every day. She turned ruddy and raised her long sleeves to cover her mouth because she felt she had become very naughty. 'I'm so naughty.'

"Your club is very good, and the location is very quiet, I like this place," Haru said.


Tsugumi wasn't sure what to say at this moment.

"Of course, if I have become the Head of the Traditional Culture Research Club then, I'll make this club become one of the major gambling dens in this school," Haru said.


"Umm... can I talk with my members first?" Tsugumi said.

"Sure," Haru said.

Tsugumi walked toward her members of the club, the number of members in this club wasn't much and there were only seven students including her.

"Kasugano-san wants to become the head of this club, what do you think?" Tsugumi asked.

"Isn't that good? I can see him every time then!"

One of them suddenly agreed without hesitation.


They were speechless at her words, but they didn't deny it since it was good, however, they were more clear-headed.

"After he has become the head of the club, what is he going to do?"

They liked this club since it had a very beautiful building and a very quiet atmosphere making them relaxed in this crazy school.

If Haru really became the Head of this club then they wouldn't mind, however, they were afraid of being forced to resign from this club.

"Umm.... "He has said that he is going to turn this club into one of the major dens in this school," Tsugumi said.


"What are you waiting for? Just agree with it!"

They also nodded when they heard it. They knew what was important in this school was the ability to not become housepets in this school. If Haru could make this club into one of the major gambling dens, then they would agree without hesitation since it meant that they would be protected in this school without worry to become a house pet in this school.

"I'll accept his proposal," Tsugumi said.

They nodded at the same time.


Haru was waiting for a while for the members of the Traditional Culture Research Club to discuss with each other while looking at the koi fishes that were swimming in the pool below the building.

"Ano, Kasugano-san," Tsugumi said.

"Yes?" Haru turned and looked at Tsugumi. "What's your decision?"

"Yes, we agree," Tsugumi said.

"Agree? Then, what kind of gamble do you want to do?" Haru asked.

"No, no, I mean we agree to make you the Head of the Traditional Culture Research Club," Tsugumi said.


Haru was speechless and didn't think that it would be very easy for him to become the Head of this club.