Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 603

Volume 1 Chapter 603 Life Or Death

Everyone gathered together in the room of the club and looked at Haru curiously since he had told them about the new gambling method that would be used by them later.

Kirari, Ririka, and Runa were also curious about it.

Haru looked at three of them and said, "You're going to listen to my explanation?"

"Is that not?" Kirari asked.

"Well, it doesn't really matter, but please don't spread it around." Haru looked at everyone and said, "I hope that you can keep this method a secret; the development of this club depends on all of you."

They nodded in response and felt a bit excited when they heard it.

"Okay, the name of this game is Life or Death," Haru said and took out quite a large board which was numbered from 1 to 30, one small board with a lot of small holes, a dice, small miniature swords, and also a cup.

"This game is pretty simple and it is a modified dice gamble."

"How do we play it?" One of the members of the club asked.

"Well, I'm about to explain." Haru nodded and said, "Like what I have said before that this game is pretty simple."

"The game starts with an agreed upon bet by the two players who are then given ch.i.p.s that are equivalent to their agreed upon bet. For the chip, we can discuss it later after I have explained the rules of the game."

"Now, let me tell you about the rules of this game."

Haru took the small miniature swords and put them into the cup.

"Ten sword pieces are placed in a cup that is then placed down onto a board that is numbered from 1 to 30."

Haru shook the cup and placed it down into the small board.

"Then the players then have 10 seconds to place their bets using the ch.i.p.s they have by either dividing them up into separate groups to place on differing numbers or by placing all of their ch.i.p.s on a single number."

"The dealer then lifts the cup up revealing the position of the swords," Haru said while revealing the positions of the swords. "It's a pretty simple game, right? The combination of Dice and Roulette."

"Then what about the Life and Death that you have mentioned before?"

"Good question, If a sword is seen facing upward in a number, the player gets "life" meaning that the total number of ch.i.p.s that were bet on that single number gets multiplied by 30," Haru said while pointing at the sword which was facing upward on the board.

"If the sword is facing downward, the player gets "death" which causes them to lose the ch.i.p.s they bet on that number that is then multiplied by 30 as well. Before the game begins, both players must agree on the number of ch.i.p.s that are going to be used for the bet."

Everyone was quite surprised when they heard that the people who joined this game could get their bet multiplied by 30, and felt a bit pale when they thought that they needed to pay that much, however, their expression became very excited when they heard that the people who joined this game could also lose their bet while also being multiplied by 30.

Now, they understood why this game was being called Life or Death.

If the sword faced upward then they would live, and even become very happy, however, if the sword faced downward then they would die by the money that they needed to pay when they lost.

'If either player places a bet on a single number that doesn't show up then the players gain 0 ch.i.p.s, the difference between their balance is settled and the game is over.' Haru looked at their reaction and said, "Pretty interesting game, right?"

They nodded and thought that it was a very good game.

"I have to admit that it is a pretty good game," Runa said in surprise since she didn't think that Haru could make such an interesting game, however, when she thought that he was also the one who made the Coupling Party.


Runa didn't feel that surprise anymore and thought that Haru really did a lot of interesting things.

"What about the trick?" Tsugumi asked.

Haru smiled and said, "Yes, there is a trick in this game, however, this trick isn't absolute and there is a chance of you missing it."

"Why? Why did you not make it absolute?"

"Because it won't be fun, and people might find it pretty weird quickly," Haru said.


The first reason made them speechless, but the second reason was that they agreed with his decision.

Well, who made him into the Head of this club? Well, it was them.

Haru took out a small accessory from his pocket and said, "This is the trick that I have told you about."

Everyone looked at two small balls which were as big as one rice or even smaller than that.

"You put this into your hand." Haru showed the accessory and said, "It's a magnet, and it allows you to manipulate, to some degree, the position of the swords by sliding their hands along the outside of the cup."

"Like what I have said before, this trickery, however, isn't guaranteed to give any player an advantage as the dealer can't fully manipulate the sword(s) into the slot they want and there may already be a sword in the slot."

"Do you understand now?" Haru asked.

They opened their mouths and felt very surprised by this method since they had never thought about it.

"This is the prototype and you can make it by yourself later," Haru said and gave the gambling tools to Tsugumi.

"Yes, I'll properly make them and also practice with everyone before we open this place again," Tsugumi said.

"That's good, I won't bother the management of the club that much and only come from time to time, you can decide who will be managing this place by yourself," Haru said.


They were in a very happy mood right now since they knew with this gambling method their club would rise into the major club in this school.

Haru didn't stay too long and decided to go out.

Runa, Kirari, and Ririka also didn't stay in this place after he went out following him.

"It's good that you have made this place your own," Kirari said. She thought that Haru had decided to own a club because he wanted to support her.

"Well....." Haru didn't expect that Kirari would misunderstand him since his first intention to own that place was to lazy around. "So what are you going to do after this?" However, he didn't think much since it was also very troublesome to explain it.

"Hmm, I'm going to put those cats and dogs into their place now," Kirari said with a smile.


Haru only shrugged his shoulders and didn't think much as long as this girl was happy. He suddenly thought that he had forgotten about something, but he couldn't remember what it was then decided to ignore it since he didn't think that it was important.

However, Kirari, Runa, and Kirari were wondering why one of the members of the club had earlier called him 'Haru-sama'.