Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 605

Volume 1 Chapter 605 The Change In The School

Hyakkaou Private Academy, after Kirari had become the student council president, everyone hadn't thought too much, however, there was a big change that had happened after just a month she had become the president of this school.

The first who were affected were the students who had failed to pay the debt or lost in the gamble in this school.

Those students who had debt or lost in the gamble would turn into a housepet which was known as "dog" (pochi) and "cat" (mike).

In the past, their treatment was quite normal, even though they had failed to pay their debt, they didn't feel that bothered, however, it was different right now since their treatment had become very severe, especially those who had failed to pay their debt.

Kirari had prepared a special life plan for them so they could handle their debt easily.

The beautiful one would become the wife of the rich businessman or politicians, and of course, the one that they needed to marry was an old man with a big belly in their stomachs.

However, Haru felt that this treatment was kinder than letting them work in night service.

For the men, they were either becoming slaves until they could pay all of those debts.

If their parents were rich, then they would be very lucky since in this country it was normal for the children to inherit the profession of their parents, especially the children of those politicians and rich businessmen since they would inherit their parents' wealth.

It might be very hard for them to pay those amounts of money when they were in high school, however, it was possible to pay it when they were working.

Then the students who were very good at gambling and those normal students, they didn't care much about the students who had become housepets had been suppressed by Kirari, and even some of them bullied those housepet students without caring about them.

Haru didn't think that what Kirari was doing was wrong since when the situation of the school was very tense everyone would be filled with anxiety and stress.

The students in this school were under huge pressure and of course, they needed to release that stress and pressure somewhere.

And the housepet was a perfect target to relieve their stress.

The teachers ignored what had happened since they were paid by the student council. If they really tried to become a hero of justice in front of the housepet then Kirari didn't mind firing them directly since in this school the student council president had the highest authority.

At this moment, this school had become a private aquarium for Kirari. Everyone inside this school was her fish and she could take them out directly killing them. Their life and death were in her hands.

For the members of the student council and the students who were very good at gambling, this school had become their little paradise since they could do whatever they wanted in this school.

However, for those who lost in the gamble and had a debt, this school had become a hell where they needed to live for three years, no, even if they graduated they couldn't take off the chain in their neck until they paid all of their debts.

Of course, some of the student council members didn't accept it, such as Aoi Mibumi.

Aoi Mibuomi is the treasurer of the Student Council at Hyakkaou Private Academy. He has light brown short hair that seems to be a bit messy and blue eyes. His popularity among the students is very high, especially those among housepet students since had protected them and treated them like a normal student.

However, Haru could see that this guy wanted to usurp Kirari's seat for the student council. He didn't like such a hypocritical person that would smile and laugh during the meeting of the student council then would plan to become the student council president himself later and such a person was similar to a snake.

Haru felt that if Miboumi wanted to become a student council president then he should ask for a gamble against Kirari since he was sure that she wouldn't reject his proposal, however, that guy didn't do it rather that guy planned in the dark.

Now if the reader asks what is his opinion of this school?

Haru didn't care much and felt this school wasn't that much different from the a.d.u.l.t world.

If Esdeath was here then she would only say that the weak would die and the strong would life. If the weak wanted to live then they could only rely on the strong to become a good dog or a good subordinate.

For the Traditional Culture Club, all the things that had happened in the housepet or even in this school didn't really matter since they were being protected by Haru and the new gambling method that he had given to them had made their popularity increased and they also got a stable stream income from the gamble.

Tsugumi who was the previous head also received a lot of applications to enter this club, however, she didn't accept them unless they had passed the test.

Haru also had seen the new members of this club, and he was the only male student in this club making him quite speechless for some reason, however, no one said anything and he also wouldn't say anything.

The only thing that he was worried that this club might change its name into his harem palace or something.

Even though the school was in the middle of chaos, for Haru, it was a very peaceful day.

Haru was in the clubroom while reading a book about property management on the sofa while lying lazily.

The door was opened then suddenly a voice came to his ears trying to reprimand him.

"Kasugano-kun, you can't use this place to play!"

"Yes, Mom....." Haru answered lazily.

"I'm not your mother!"