Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 606

Volume 1 Chapter 606 The Tower

Haru looked at the new member of the Traditional Culture Research Club whose name was Yuriko Nishinotouin.

Yuriko has long brown hair that has streaks resting over her shoulders and bangs that are parted on both sides.

Haru's opinion that this girl was also quite beautiful, however, he had always been wondering why she always closed her eyes.

'Can she see without opening her eyes?'

For the first time, Haru thought that there was someone who owned a Byakugan in this world.

"Did you think something rude?" Yuriko's eyes, which were slanted, turned sharper.

"No, I just think that you're quite cute," Haru said.


Yuriko looked away and said, "Just don't play around the clubroom! You're going to give a bad example for everyone!" She calmed herself then looked at Haru again.

"Nishinotouin-san, it is alright, the club has become better because of Kasugano-kun," Tsugumi said trying to stop Yuriko.

The reader might ask why Tsugumi is very polite to Yuriko? The answer is simple.

Yuriko had defeated everyone in the club and had become the strongest member of this club besides Haru.

That was why everyone was polite toward her even though she was only 1st year like Haru.

If they had a good ability at gambling then they would be respected.

If Tsunade decided to stay in this school then without a doubt she would be slaughtered by everyone.

Haru thought that he was glad to build a casino for Tsunade. He looked at Yuriko and smiled. "I can give you this club if you defeat me with a gamble."


Yuriko and Tsugumi were surprised, but they were silent when they thought about his ability to gamble.

"I - I....." Yuriko suddenly became nervous. She wasn't sure if Haru was very lazy then she could be brave, but when he became serious she became very nervous.

"I was joking, you didn't need to get that nervous," Haru said and placed his book on the table stretching his body. "Is there some trouble?"

"No, it's just that there is a rumor that this club has become your harem," Yuriko said after she had calmed herself.


Haru was speechless and twitched his lips.

"It is alright, it is just a rumor," Tsugumi said then blushed. "E - Even if I enter your h - harem... it is alright...." She said in a low voice so that they wouldn't be able to hear them.

"Yes, your fans are very troublesome." Yuriko sighed and said, "I have limited the number of members in this club."

"Thank you, I know that I can rely on you," Haru said.

"T - Then you should help me!" Yuriko said while looking away.

Then suddenly someone entered Haru's private room in this clubroom.

"Haru, let's play a game!" Runa said while bringing her console.

"Yomozuki-san, do you know the only people who are able to enter this place are members of the club?" Yuriko was annoyed by Runa.

"Eh... Yuriko-chan, you're too strict!" Runa said while sticking out her tongue.

Haru looked at both of them and knew that it would take a while for them to argue with each other. He took out his smartphone and opened the Group Chat. Then he looked at the Tower feature that had appeared before. He knew that this feature would teleport him to another place where he needed to fight a monster inside the tower.

Haru wasn't sure how big this tower was, however, if he didn't remember wrong then Esdeath had reached level 35 in this tower. She could reach further, but she wanted to solve this tower together with him.

However, he had never tried this feature and that was why he was going to try it now.

Haru didn't need to get worried for anyone to notice him that he had entered the Tower since the time in his world would stop when he entered this place. He pressed the button and suddenly he disappeared from his location.

Haru had been teleported and he saw that he was inside a long large hallway that was made from stone then right in front of him there was a large gate.

Without hesitation, he walked toward the large gate and opened it.


The gate was opened and the light started to brighten the darkness inside this room.

Then suddenly there was a huge figure that appeared in the middle of this room.

A monster with over two meters tall, muscular, covered in red-grey fur and had bloodthirsty, copper-red eyes seemed to look at him with a bloodthirsty expression. It also held a large bone ax and a leather shield on both of its hands then behind its waist there was a meter and half long sword.

"Illfang the Kobold Lord" was written on the top of this monster's figure.

"RAAWWRRRRRRRR!!!!" Illfang roared loudly before charging toward him.

Haru raised his finger and sent out a laser of light.


Illfang suddenly saw something right in front of it, however, it was too late to dodge.


The hit point bar of the Illfang suddenly turned red in just a single attack.

Haru sent out another laser and ended the battle easily.

[Ding! Congratulations, you have gotten 100 points!]

Haru raised his eyebrow when he got the reward. He felt that it was too easy and decided to continue.


Haru teleported back right into his clubroom once again then the world once again started to move. His haul in the Tower was pretty good since he had gotten a lot of points after raising his level to 30. He felt that after every 10 levels there was a significant difference in power of the monsters, and that was why he decided to stop until he had reached level 30.

If he continued it was possible for his uniform to get dirty or even destroyed in the process and of course, he didn't want that to happen.

Haru looked at Runa and Yuriko who argued with each other until Runa decided to ignore her before sitting down next to him playing a game.

Yuriko wanted to get angry and threw Runa away, but she sighed when she thought that Runa was also a member of the student council.

"Well, Runa, don't be so noisy in this place," Haru said while showing a quiet gesture using his finger.

Runa nodded while giving him an "OK" gesture with her fingers.

Then both of them started to play a game together quietly.


Yuriko who saw this wasn't sure what to say at this moment, however, suddenly she felt that someone had patted her shoulder. She turned and saw Tsugumi smiling at him. "Tsugumi-senpai?"

"Don't mind."