Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 607

Volume 1 Chapter 607 Participant Of Cooking Festival?

Haru had promised Utaha to help her with the perverted novel that she had created that caught the attention of large publisher houses in this world.

They planned to meet with the representative of Penguin Random House on Saturday tomorrow.

Haru had called his lawyers team to go with them later since he wanted Utaha to have a good contract for her book.

It was just that Utaha was quite surprised since the quality of her book was very average and the content was quite perverted since it contained a lot of her imagination with Haru. She suddenly became embarrassed when she thought her identity was being known after she signed the contract.

Haru told her to calm down and he would help her to hide her identity since if Utaha became well-known then as her boyfriend then he would become very famous, no, he might have already become very famous, but with Utaha's book, his image would become quite weird since a lot of people couldn't help but thought that both himself and Utaha had this dominance and submissive relationship.

Utaha had kept this a secret from her parents since she didn't want them to think that she was perverted, however, she couldn't hide this thing from Haru's secretary since Seri and Ritsu also would help her in this matter.

For some time, both Seri and Ritsu looked at him with a strange gaze.

Sora also knew about this matter and she secretly bought something from an online shop.

Haru was too afraid to ask what she had bought even though he knew what it was. He didn't want to open the Pandora box since it would be very dangerous.

However, Haru didn't know what Sora had also invited Megumi to read Utaha's online novel which was written on another country website and the English language.

Then it was then suddenly there was a notification on Group Chat.

[New Quest of the Dimensional Group Chat]

[Quest 1: Stay alive]

[Participant: all members of the Group Chat]

[Reward: 2000 points and a random reward]

[System Note: The time will stop in the participant world]

[Countdown: Before the start of the Cooking Festival]

Haru felt that it was quite rare and it had been a while for everyone to go for a quest.

Teppei: "Well, I can't join all of you."


Some of them turned silent since they knew that Teppei had become a spy in the NEO organization or the organization of the main antagonist in Toriko's world.

Teppei didn't change the story since he felt that it was the safest way for him to save the world, rather than changing the story, it was better to follow the story since he knew that the opponent that he needed to fight was very strong.

Toriko's world had the highest difficulty compared to everyone's world who was a member of the Group Chat.

In Toriko's world, there were a lot of monsters or people who were able to destroy the world with only a punch.

Such a feat was impossible to do in Fairy Tail's world, or even Akame Ga Kill's world.

Haru also didn't have the confidence to defeat those monsters or the main antagonist in the Toriko's world.

Teppei: "Just protect my grandma."

Korosensei: "Don't worry, we're there."

Then suddenly Haru had gotten a private chat from Esdeath.

Esdeath: "Dear, is this quest dangerous?"

Haru: "Have you read Toriko's story in Group Chat?"

Esdeath: "Is there?"

Haru: "Well, you need to read it first, and you will know how dangerous this world is." He thought for a while and said, "Information is important in the battlefield."

Esdeath nodded in agreement on the other side and replied, "I'll read it right away."

Haru: "For your information, you can read the information when you have entered the quest, so it is better to read it right away."

Esdeath: "Alright."

Haru didn't continue to chat with Esdeath since everyone had become very noisy in the Group Chat.

Kuroneko: "Well, don't worry, I'll show you the power of the princess of darkness!"

Esdeath: "What is Princess of Darkness?"

Kuroneko: "It's a princess who can control darkness!"

Kouha: "Isn't your magic lightning magic and those creepy creatures?"

Kuroneko: "My servant isn't creepy!"

Yajima: "We know this quest is dangerous."

Gintoki: "Can I skip?" He was only a normal guy who felt that it was better to read To Love-Ru in his free time rather than going on such a dangerous quest. Even though he could use "Kamehameha", he didn't think that it was enough to defeat the monster in Toriko's world since he had heard what Kouha, Haru, Luffy, Korosensei, Teppei, and Tsunade had fought in Toriko's world.

Luffy: "Yay, food!!! Let's go!!!" He was the most excited of everyone.

Haru: "I'm also curious about the biggest event in your world Teppei."

Teppei: "You should come since you have become one of the main characters in this Cooking Festival event."

Haru: "Huh? What do you mean?"

Korosensei: "Let me explain, I'll post a picture on Group Chat."

Everyone had become curious about what Korosensei wanted to show them and suddenly they saw a list ranking of the chef in Toriko's world along with their description. They were wondering why Korosensei had uploaded this photo.

Korosensei: "Look at the ranking 99."

"Rank 99?"

Then they were surprised when they saw a familiar face on the list of the chef ranking.

Ranking 99. Co-producer of Century Soup. The Rank One Chef I'd Like To Be My Husband Rankings, Kasugano Haruka.

They saw Haru's picture who was normal clothes with an apron seemed to be smiling gently and seemed to be very handsome giving a very gentle aura then there was another photo which showed his fight against the Four-Beasts, however, Haru's nickname made them very speechless.

Korosensei: "Husband candidate? I should be ranked number one!"


Everyone ignored Korosensei's words and continued to read Haru's description on the list.

Haru was curious where they had gotten his picture then suddenly he received another private chat from Esdeath.

Esdeath: "Dear, what is Century Soup?"

Haru: "It's a very good soup, I have some and I'll give it to you later."

Esdeath: "I can't wait..."

Then everyone became very surprised and the chat in the Group Chat had exploded when they saw that Haru had become one of the participants in the Cooking Festival which was known as the most prestigious cooking tournament in Toriko's world.

Everyone had decided, even though this quest was dangerous, but also pretty simple.

Staying alive.

It might be the most difficult thing to do in Toriko's world.