Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 608

Volume 1 Chapter 608 Silent Confrontation

Haru was teleported then he was suddenly inside a normal room which was quite dirty and he could see a p.o.r.n magazine which was scattered around the floor.


Haru looked at Korosensei and Korosensei also looked at Haru.

Haru sighed and said, "You know that we'll be teleported to your place, right? Korosensei."

"Ugh..." Korosensei slapped his forehead with his tentacle and said, "Help me!" He needed to clean his room along with the p.o.r.n books in his room. He seemed to be very desperate at this moment as if he would lose his important thing.

"It's too late," Haru said with a sadness in his eyes since he also wanted to read one of them, but he knew that he couldn't do that since one after another the members of the Group Chat appeared inside Korosensei's room.

"Wait! Wait! Wait!" Korosensei screamed in horror.

Then everyone teleported inside Korosensei's room and they saw a dirty room with a lot of p.o.r.n magazines scattered around.

Shinobu, Tsunade, Kuroneko, and Esdeath frowned and said, "We'll go out." They went out without hesitation from this room.


Yajima and Gintoki walked toward Korosensei and patted his shoulders.

"You guys...." Korosensei was moved by both of them.

"Don't worry, lend me one later," Gintoki said.

"Hmm..." Yajima nodded.

"How stupid," Kouha said while shaking his head.

"Haru! Kouha!" Luffy smiled and hugged both of them.


Their reunion was quite happy.


"Let's go to the food festival!" Luffy said and went out too.

Kouha nodded and also went out following Luffy.

Haru looked at the three of them and asked, "How about the three of you?"

"We're going too!"

They answered without hesitation.


Haru was familiar with some of the important people in this world since he had helped during the disaster event known as the Four-Beasts. He was also the participants of the Cooking Festival and it was very easy for him to arrange the accommodation for all of them in this world to go to the Cooking Festival directly.

The Cooking Festival, or Cooking Fest, is a quadrennial food festival established 200 years ago. Visitors from all over the world gather on Cooking Island to experience the finest ingredients that the world has to offer. However, the main event of the festival is a competition held at Cooking Stadium that only the top 100 chefs in the world partake in. Here, the chefs are challenged to the limits of their cooking abilities.

About 1 billion people visit the opening ceremony, and the live broadcasts of the festival average a rating of 95%. However, the rating goes up to 99% (or 29.6 billion viewers) during "Deciding Battles," thanks to the event's popularity and the "Cooking Holiday" that accompanies them.

Everyone was very excited to go to the Cooking Festival since it was a very famous festival in this world, however, it was a shame that Teppei couldn't join them since he had become a spy in the NEO organization.

They were inside a missileproof limousine and inside this car, they were fully pampered by a lot of delicious foods and beverages.

In the Group Chat, everyone had to admit that in terms of making money, no one was better than Haru.

Even though they had also gotten a lot of tips from him, it was quite hard for them to manage it since they had always splurged it to gamble such as Tsunade, Gintoki, and Korosensei. The three of them were known as useless a.d.u.l.ts in terms of making money, however, in other things they were very talented.

For Luffy, in his head, he had never thought about money too much since he was only interested in adventure and food.

Yajima was much better than everyone since he owned a restaurant and also a very big guild in his world.

The Infinite Guild had become the strongest guild in Fiore and there were a lot of people who wanted to join this guild, especially when it was led by Sting and Rogue who were part of the Sabertooth in the past.

There were a lot of people who wanted to join this guild, especially when they wanted to know about the rest of the mysterious members who went on the mission in another country. (Yajima is lying to his group members, of course).

However, Haru also knew that sometimes wealth would also change someone, especially for someone such as Gintoki and Korosensei. He was sure that both of them would become and spent their time in cabaret club drinking with a lot of beautiful girls. It wasn't that he felt that it was wrong since they had money and they could do anything that they wanted, however, it wouldn't be fun to gather with such a person again since they had been blinded by wealth.

For Haru, wealth was only a secondary thing and what was most important was to him able to spend his time with his girls without being bothered by a matter of economic since a lot of couples had divorced because of economic matter.

Everyone inside the car was having fun eating and drinking together, however, Haru was very quiet at this moment since he was sitting between Esdeath and Tsunade. He could see that there was a silent confrontation between the two of them. The only thing that he wanted to avoid was that both of them would fight each other.

Kuroneko also felt quite jealous and had to admit that Haru was a harem protagonist. She looked at Shinobu and asked, "You're going to join?"

"Huh? Why should I join? What he did doesn't really matter to me!" Shinobu said while raising her voice slightly then continued to drink tea.

"What a Tsundere..." Kuroneko muttered.

"I can hear you!"

Haru looked at Tsunade and Esdeath and knew that he needed to solve this matter as soon as possible.