Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 609

Volume 1 Chapter 609 How Shameless

They had arrived at the location of the Cooking Festival, and even if the festival hadn't been started, there were a lot of people who had gathered in this place such as a food vendor, tourist, television crews, and a lot of more.

"One billion people..." Shinobu sucked a deep breath. She started to imagine if a demon had entered this world, then the consequence would be unpredictable, no, it would turn into a downright disaster.

Haru was also quite surprised by the population in Toriko's world.

32 billion people.

Compared to his world, the population in this world was very large.

They didn't go to the festival right away, however, they went to their hotel first.

The organizer had prepared Haru's room in the 10-star hotel inside the island, however, it was different for his friends.

It was pure luck that he had enough money from his gambling before and could rent more room for everyone.

Luffy couldn't wait to go to the festival and wanted to grab Haru together with him. "Haru, let's visit the festival!" However, he was suddenly stopped by Kouha. "What's wrong, Kouha?"

"Can you see that?" Kouha said while pointing at Haru, Esdeath, and Tsunade.

"What?" Luffy asked with a confusing expression.

Kouha felt dumb to ask an idiot. "Let's go, I'll go with you, don't bother him for a while."

"Alright!" Luffy nodded without hesitation.

Kouha thought for a while and wondered whether his money was enough. He suddenly remembered that he didn't have a habit to bring money anywhere with him since he had a servant. "Wait! Haru, give us some pocket money!"


Kouha knew that it was too late since he saw that Haru had entered his room together with Tsunade and Esdeath. He looked at Luffy who had this curious expression on his face and could only sigh. He suddenly felt whether it was the feeling of his servant when they had taken care of them. "Let's go!"


Kuroneko looked at Shinobu and asked, "Do you want to go with me?"

"Where?" Shinobu asked.

"Eavesdropping on them," Kuroneko said.


Shinobu was quite awkward at this moment.

"Well, if you don't want to then I'll do it myself," Kuroneko said.

"Wait, I can't let you do that! I need to supervise you so you are not going to do something too excessive!" Shinobu said.

"What a tsundere...." Kuroneko shook her head.

"Who is tsundere!!!"


Haru was inside the room and took out the strongest alcohol that he had kept inside his zipper, however, it seemed that the situation wasn't as bad as he had thought since he could see that Tsunade and Esdeath were talking to each other with quite a friendly attitude. He was quite surprised and asked, "You seem to be very close."

Esdeath nodded and said, "I have talked with her in the Group Chat." She narrowed her eyes and said, "I have heard that you have spent a month in her world to build a business there." She didn't think that Tsunade was her opponent when she thought about Tsunade's age, however, she had to admit that Tsunade had two dangerous weapons on her chest that she couldn't even defeat her.

However, Esdeath was confident in her youthfulness and her body.

Haru nodded and didn't hide anything.

"Isn't that good? As expected of my husband," Esdeath said and seemed to be quite proud. She didn't like to manage such a complicated matter and what she knew was fighting against her enemy, however, she also knew the importance of money since it was necessary to maintain her army since her army needed to maintain a weapon, food for the soldiers, and the salary for everyone.

Esdeath wasn't good in that matter and she was glad that Haru could support her making her complete. She also loved how he had f.u.c.k.i.e.d her hard making all of her stress disappear without a trace. The only thing that she was dissatisfied with was how many girls he had outside, however, she also knew that she couldn't defeat him in both s.e.x and fight.

But she didn't give and the moment that Haru had shown an opening she didn't have an intention to share him with anyone and would put a collar on his neck making him into her own.

If Haru knew what Esdeath was thinking then he would train really hard, fortunately, it was better for him to not know about this matter.

Tsunade didn't mind Haru who had a lot of lovers and she also knew that her age wasn't that young anymore. Then she thought that her only weapon was her b.r.e.a.s.ts and her personality since she also knew that Esdeath was a downright sadist. (If Haru knew what Tsunade was thinking then he would say that Tsunade's personality was also crap).

"If both of you are good already, then why don't we go to the festival?" Haru was also curious about the festival and wanted to go to check it out. In his world, it would be troublesome since he needed to pretend to be weak, but in this world was different since everyone knew how powerful he was.

Haru had changed his clothes into an aloha shirt, shorts, and sandals. He had already entered his holiday state since it was better to enjoy this festival before it was destroyed later.

"Wait!" Esdeath said.

"What's wrong?"

However, Haru gulped at this moment since Esdeath and Tsunade had opened their clothes.

"Let's do it now, we're going to defeat you," Esdeath said.

Tsunade nodded and also knew how fierce Haru was. It was impossible to defeat him alone, but what if she worked together with Esdeath?

Haru blinked his eyes, then his eyes turned serious.

"I accept your challenge!"

Perhaps, this fight might be fiercer than the Cooking Festival that would be held soon.


Kuroneko who had sent out her servant to Haru's room listened quietly to what had happened in Haru's room together with Shinobu.

Even though Shinobu seemed to not care about what had happened, she didn't move away from Kuroneko.

Then suddenly they heard a strange voice, feeling confused, then turning into blush and knew what had happened in Haru's room.

"How shameless!"