Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 610

Volume 1 Chapter 610 Cooking Festival

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Fireworks covered the entire sky.


Everyone was very excited and shouted at the same time since the Cooking Festival had started.

Korosensei, Gintoki, Kouha, and everyone in the members of the Group Chat were sitting together in the audience seat waiting for the festival to start.

Esdeath and Tsunade seemed quite tired, but their eyes were very spirited at this moment.

Shinobu and Kuroneko blushed the entire time while trying to look away.

The male members of the Group Chat seemed to not notice them and talked about the Cooking Festival with excitement, especially Luffy who couldn't stop eating the entire time.

"Where is Haru?" Korosensei asked while showing a nervous expression. Even though he wasn't the one who entered the tournament, he was very nervous at that moment. "I wonder whether his cooking skill can defeat everyone here?"


Everyone was a bit speechless at Korosensei's reaction, however, they had to admit that Korosensei was a very good teacher that cared about their students.

"Still, why Toriko has a very good seat location." Kouha couldn't help but feel jealous of Toriko and his group.

Toriko and his group were sitting in a very spacious space with a lot of foods within their table while everyone was sitting next to each other along with other's guests who came to this Food Festival.

"It's a matter of connection." Tsunade yawned and said, "If I'm not wrong his teacher is the owner of IGO, right?" She didn't think that it was strange since she who was also the grandchildren of the first Hokage also had a lot of privilege in her village.

However, if Haru was given time to stay in this world, then Tsunade thought that it was possible to build an industry that wouldn't lose to IGO after she saw what he had done in Konoha making it more prosperous.

The International Gourmet Organization, or simply IGO, is the global organization responsible for maintaining order in the Gourmet Age, and defending civilians from dangerous animals and gourmet criminals. It administers the Eight Gourmet Laws, and possibly other food-related laws, in the territories under its jurisdiction.

Toriko, Sunny, Coco, and Zebra were the students of the president of this organization making them able to get a lot of privileges that normal people usually didn't have.

Kouha sighed and also knew about it since he was a prince in his country, however, he couldn't help but get jealous in this matter.

"Well, the festival is about to start and this place is also very good," Esdeath said since she felt that it was better to watch with a lot of people like this since she felt that it was more comfortable and she had often to eat together with her soldiers in her world.

Everyone turned their attention toward the arena and saw the MC announce the festival had started and 100 chefs who were the participants of the festival started to enter one by one.

"Oh, that's Haru!" Luffy said.

Everyone was attracted by Luffy's voice and saw Haru who was in his black chef uniform entering the arena.

Esdeath heard the scream of the female around and couldn't help but felt proud since she knew that the person who entered this festival was her husband.


Haru walked toward the arena and he couldn't help but sigh. He closed his eyes for a while to raise his confidence in this battle since he was the youngest chef to enter this festival. He felt that he was using Komatsu to enter this tournament, but he was also very excited when he thought that he could fight against the incredible chef in this world.

Haru also started to wonder which was one stronger, the chef from Toriko's world or his world. Even though his world was quite normal, the development of the culinary was very good, especially with the support of the Tootsuki Academy who taught a lot of students to become superb chefs around the world.


Haru turned and saw Komatsu. "Komatsu-san, why do you say that I'm the co-producer of the Century Soup?"

Komatsu smiled and said, "Because you're the one who has told me about the last ingredients of the soup!"

Haru looked at Komatsu's expression and could see a sincere expression on his face. He understood why this guy was being loved by four protagonists in this world. He patted Komatsu's shoulder and said, "Thank you." Truthfully, he also wanted to try his chance to fight against those incredible chefs in this world.

"No problem," Komatsu said with a smile.

Then there were a lot of chefs that started to chat with them talking about a lot of things such as food, tournaments, and the Four-Beast incident that had just happened before.

Some people also asked Haru how strong this monster was since they knew that Haru had personally fought the Four-Beasts.

The Chef in this world was quite strong since they also needed a good strength to handle their ingredients since some of the ingredients could weigh at least a ton or more. Some of them also decided to catch their ingredients by themselves since they didn't have a partner or didn't believe the quality of the ingredients that they had brought from Gourmet Hunter.

Haru then talked with Setsuno and Yuda and they asked him where he had gone after the Four Beast incident. He simply said that he went to marry his girlfriend since he knew that the world was in danger.

"Congratulations," Yuda said and felt very happy when he knew that Haru had married.

"You sure are cruel enough to not invite us," Setsuno said while sulking.

"I'm sorry."

What could Haru say in this situation? Since the one who he had married was living in another world.

"Where is your wife? Is she among the audience?" Setsuno asked.

"She is over there," Haru said while looking at Esdeath.

"Oh, that beautiful woman." Setsuno was surprised and said, "She is very strong."

"Hmm...." Haru sighed and felt a bit worried if Esdeath would become stronger than him.

Setsuno smiled and patted Haru's shoulder. "Marriage is very good, I have also married my Jiro-chan for a long time."

Haru only nodded since he also knew that Setsuno had been married to Jiro "The Knocking Master" for 500 years or more.

They talked for a while until Haru looked at the direction of the ranking one chef in this Cooking Festival.


Zaus also looked at him for a while before looking away.

Haru shook his head and knew that they would be an opponent later, however, it was better to think about it later since the festival was about to start.