Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 612

Volume 1 Chapter 612 Gourmet Corp. Invansion 1


Haru sighed in relief when he saw that he had successfully reached the 2nd round. He had never felt this feeling before since he knew that it was only luck that made him able to reach the 2nd round since he knew himself that he wasn't a true chef. He was only cooking for his family and even if he owned a cafe he used a robot to cook the food in his cafe.

Different from everyone who had put all of their lives into this profession, Haru couldn't help but felt that he wasn't worthy to stand in this place when he saw the tears of the chef who hadn't passed in the next tournament.

Haru also felt weird with this emotion since he was usually quite merciless and didn't care much about the other people like in this school and thought everything that had happened to them was because they were too weak.

'Is it because of the tournament's atmosphere?'

Haru shook his head and thought maybe because he had never considered himself as a chef and he who had entered this tournament didn't feel that he was worthy to stand in this place. He suddenly felt quite complex and didn't expect that cooking would affect him this much.

"Like I said, you need to believe in your ability," Komatsu said with a smile.

"Komatsu-san, I'm only cooking for my family, not for the customer....." Haru sighed and said, "I can't match you in terms of cooking."

Komatsu shook his head and said, "No, you're a chef, Haru!"

"Even if you don't have a restaurant and only cook for your family, however, you want to make delicious food for your dearest person."

"As long as you have that feeling, you have become a great chef in my eyes."

Komatsu had a serious expression on his face.


Haru understood now why four people had wanted to make Komatsu into their partners. He sighed and said, "Thank you, Komatsu-san."

"No problem." Komatsu shook his head and said, "That's why you need to get serious in every event in this tournament and win this tournament!" He was caught in excitement and also wanted to win this tournament.


Haru nodded and smiled looking at Komatsu.

"But can I win the next event? I - I'm just a normal chef, but everyone here is amazing... There is also Setsuno-san, Zaus-san, Yuda-san, and a lot of more....." Komatsu suddenly chickened out when he thought about his opponents in this tournament.

Haru was speechless at the change of his attitude and patted Komatsu's shoulder.

"Don't worry, Komatsu-san, you can do it."


"Who is that small guy?" Esdeath asked.

"His name is Komatsu, he is the best chef in this world," Tsunade answered.

"Hmm... Is he Haru's teacher?" Esdeath asked.

"No, but Haru often learns from him," Esdeath said.

"But Haru's food is the best," Esdeath said.

"Agree." Tsunade nodded.


Kuroneko and Shinobu rolled their eyes together hearing the words of two women.


The next event had started and the name of this event was Scale Death Cooking.

This event is pretty simple since it is testing the speed of the chef to cook the food before bringing it to the customer.

This event was pretty simple, and Haru had an upper hand in this event since his cooking speed was very fast with his dexterity and the speed of his body.

It didn't take him a long time before he had successfully entered the next event.

The 3rd event was known as Entire Island Cooking.

This event is a competition testing the chefs' ability to cook big proportions of foods.

Haru understood that the 2nd and 3rd events were quite easy since the author didn't even draw how Komatsu had successfully done this test, and it was his luck that made him able to reach the last event of the tournament making him a bit speechless.

Haru sighed and thought that he was only ranked 99th in this tournament, however, he didn't expect to reach the last event in this tournament.

Haru and Komatsu stayed together and watched the billboard to see who would become their opponent in the next event.

"Z - Zaus...." Komatsu became pale when he saw that his opponent in the next event would be the champion of the Cooking Festival.

"Setsuno...." Haru twitched his lips when he saw his opponent. He looked at Setsuno who also looked at him.


Komatsu and Haru sighed at the same time, both of them looked at each other and at this moment they could feel that they were in a similar situation.

Just do our best in this match," Haru said.

"Yes, let's not have any regrets." Komatsu nodded.

They separated from each other to meet their friends.

Haru went with everyone in the Group Chat.

"Haru, let me eat your food!" Luffy jumped toward him.

Haru moved his body and dodged Luffy who wanted to hug him. "Remember, what we're going to do after this."

"I haven't read the story," Luffy said.


Everyone was speechless looking at Luffy.

Kuroneko looked around and whispered to Luffy. "We're going to have a huge battle afterwards and we need to stay alive in this event."

"Huh?!" Luffy was surprised.


"Is he really alright?" Esdeath asked.

"It should be alright, his luck is very good," Haru answered.

"Well, if you say so...." Esdeath started to let out her bloodl.u.s.t making everyone in her surroundings start to move away.


Even Toriko, Sunny, Coco, and Zebra were surprised by Esdeath's bloodl.u.s.t.

"W - Who is she?"

They were surprised.

Komatsu as if he didn't feel the bloodl.u.s.t from Esdeath said, "She is Haru's wife. He has just married before....." He told them about what Haru had told him before.


Toriko, Sunny, Coco, and Zebra were speechless because Haru decided to marry such a woman.


Haru tried to calm Esdeath, however, at the same time, the guy in the Group Chat realized how dangerous Esdeath was and had to respect Haru who dared to marry such a woman.

The next event had started and the first one who entered the arena was Zaus and Komatsu.

Haru saw them enter the tent for the match, however, suddenly there was something in the sky.

Everyone was looking at the sky then saw a black dot which started to get clearer slowly then it turned out to be a huge monster.

Then there was a lot of monsters on the sea sending out a bomb toward the monsters in the sky, and the tent which was entered by Zaus and Komatsu was set ablaze by blue flame making, however, most of the people's attention was looking at the monster which soon fell into the ground.

"GOURMET CORP.!!!!!!!"

Haru took out his chef uniform showing only a black t-shirt inside ready for the battle with the Gourmet Corp.