Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 613

Volume 1 Chapter 613 Gourmet Corp. Invansion 2

The sky was covered in shadow, not because of a cloud, but because there were too many enemies falling down covering the entire sky similar to a big shadow which gave an ominous feeling.

Everyone was in a panic when they saw a lot of grotesque monsters fall down from the sky. Screaming in panic, everyone ran as fast as possible toward the shelter to save themselves.


However, the guard of this event wasn't just going to let those Gourment Corp. invade this place.

They had prepared a lot of monsters with a giraffe appearance that shot out a ball of energy toward the monsters in the sky, however, Nitro which turned into invisible slashed all of the monsters from IGO.

(Nitro are a species of humanoid Monster Trolls with bird-like faces that possess incredible physical abilities and high intelligence).

But when the heads of those giraffe monsters were cut by Nitro, their heads regrew into a different animal such as gorilla, lion, cat, etc; and continued to attack the Gourmet Corp's monster which fell from the sky.

The group of Nitro was ready to kill these monsters again. But there was a bald man with huge muscles who suddenly appeared with a grin. The name of this bald man was Mansam who was one of the strongest people in IGO.


Roaring loudly, it was ready to kill this baldy.

"Hehehe, did you call me Handsome? But I won't forgive you even if you call me handsome!

"Frying Pan Punch!"

Mansam slammed his punches toward a group of Nitros, killing them in an instant.



Mansam kept killing and once again turned into the bandit which had caused chaos in this world.


The group of strange beasts that guarded the tournament kept shooting out a blast of energy, however, it couldn't stop the group of grotesque monsters and soon it reached the land to cause more chaos.

But at that very moment...

"Djinn Equip!"

Kouha's hair grows longer and its color changes to light purple. He has pink spikes coming out of his back that take the shape of wings. He gains a sideways third eye in the middle of his forehead. Both his arms and legs become clad in the same spikes which take the shape of armor. He wears a necklace and arm bracelets on both arms.


"Yes, yes," Haru said and created a wall of gravity in the sky which stopped the grotesque monster that was about to land on the ground.

The group of grotesque monsters felt as if it touched an invisible wall and it tried to destroy it or ran from that location, but a large magical circle suddenly appeared on the top of the "wall of gravity" which was created by Haru.

"Lelazzo Madraga!"

Kouha, who had floated in the air, slammed his hammer down, creating a powerful force that pressing the group of monsters into the "wall of gravity".

*Splash!* *Splash!*

The group of monsters turned into flat and decided in an instant by their combination attack. Blood kept dripping from the wall of gravity and a painful scream could be heard, but those groups of monsters could do nothing.


They were trapped and being squeezed thoroughly until it turned into flat meat.


Everyone was surprised by the attack of both Haru and Kouha. But that attack wasn't enough to stop the group of monsters from landing on the ground since their numbers were too high.

The group of monsters was about to land on the ground, but Korosensei moved very fast toward them and scattered a lot of anti-matter bombs.


Explosion, explosion, and explosion, the sky turned red because of the explosion which was caused by Korosensei's bomb. The shockwave of the explosion caused everyone to close their eyes and a lot of debris was blown away in a random place.

Everyone tried to protect themselves and their legs felt very weak dropped on the ground. Because of that, they weren't being hit by the debris which was blown away by the shockwave.


Gintoki shuddered when he saw a group of monsters in the sky and said, "Let's just hide." He was just a normal human, even though he had "Kamehameha", but he didn't think that he could help everyone in this situation. Rather than being a burden, it was better to hide until the battle was over.

"Shinobu, Kuroneko," Yajima said trying to get them away from here. He pulled off both Shinobu and Kuroneko trying to get them to a safe place.

Kuroneko and Shinobu were shocked when the battle had begun. They sighed and knew that they couldn't do anything in this battle which made them vexed by their weakness.

"Hide quickly."

Esdeath leaped toward the arena and very quickly joined the battle. Her bloodl.u.s.t rose to cause the people around her to shudder. Her mouth turned into a curve showing excitement. Taking out her sword, she entered the battlefield killing enemy after enemy without any hesitation creating a river of blood on each of her steps.


The monsters were about to attack her, but they were being struck down by icicles right into their throat killing them in a painful way.

Looking at Esdeath, most people were shuddering because they were scared and felt cold being around her.


Tsunade sighed and said looking at Esdeath from afar.

"What a battle maniac."

Tsunade was wondering how Haru could marry that woman. She took a deep breath and also joined the battle as support for tending and healing all of the injured people on the battlefield. Stopping one person, her hands glowed in a green light while asking the injured person, "If you're alright, then hurry up and run away."

"T - Thank you!"

Tsunade didn't waste her time and went to another person to help as much as possible.


Luffy jumped from the audience seat toward the arena and joined the battle. As he jumped, he bit his thumb before blowing it, making his fist bigger and turning it black using an Armament Haki.

After using his points to strengthen his body it was possible for him to use this Haki. Luffy's strength was a lot stronger than during the Magic Festival and he was ready to help everyone.

"Gomu Gomu no...."

Luffy stretched his arm as far as possible before launching his fist toward the group of enemies.

"Elephant Gun!!!!"


The ground cracked, creating a large crater along with a powerful shockwave.


The group of enemies screamed and their bones were being broken by Luffy's attack and some of them were blown far away by it.

The battlefield had become a mess, a group of Gourmet Hunters, security guards, and a group of powerful chefs joined together fought against the army of Gourmet Corp. which had invaded this event.


The tent which was used by Zaus and Komatsu for a competition suddenly was burnt in a blue fire. The fire was so powerful that no one dared to get close to it, but the tent was suddenly blown away showing a figure of Komatsu, Toriko, and Starjun.

Komatsu was only a cheerleader screaming and supporting as a cheerleader to Toriko who fought against Starjun.

Not only Toriko; Coco, Sunny, and Zebra also joined this war.

"Voice Death!"

Zebra whispered in a low voice, but suddenly a group of monsters dropped on the ground lost their life as if a marionette doll lost its string.

Coco and Sunny also used their respective techniques to kill the group of monsters along with low-ranking members of Gourmet Corp. before going against the high-ranking members of Gourmet Corp.


Yajima, Gintoki, Shinobu, and Kuroneko ran toward the shelters since they knew very well about their powers. They didn't want to become a burden and the only thing which they could do was to stay away from the battlefield as far as possible and stay alive until the end of this war.

However, the reality was harsh, they were about to run away, but a large monster appeared right in front of them forcing them to stop.

Yajima, Shinobu, and Kuroneko were ready for the fight.

Gintoki swept his arm wide before cupping his hands together while chanting, "KA - ME - HA - Me....." Blue light gathered within his cupping hands and sweat kept dripping from his forehead putting all of his energy into this attack.


Gintoki brought his hands forward and fired a blue wave of energy.


The wave energy was so strong that it created a large hole in the large monster.



The monster dropped to the ground and died.

Gintoki had used the power of the main character to defeat this monster. His energy was drained, his face was very pale and he breathed heavily showing how tired he was after using that technique.

"Ha... Ha... Ha... I hope I can get Zanpakuto after this quest...."

Gintoki had never wanted to become strong but he changed his mind after this war. He needed to become stronger to protect everyone, at least, he needed to reach the power of Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach. He really wanted to scream out "Bankai!!" or swung a lot of blade wave energy such as "Getsuga Tenshou".

Gintoki couldn't handle it anymore and felt that it was very hard to stand up. His legs were weak and he was about to fall on the ground, but he was caught by both two beautiful girls.

"Go, and have a rest."

"Thank you."

Gintoki felt really glad that he wasn't being caught by an old man, but two beautiful girls which made his heart very comfortable.

Looking at Gintoki, Shinobu, Kuroneko, and Yajima also felt that they needed to get stronger.